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    Hey IG, Recently I have been thinking about myself and who I am and who I want to be. Not that any of you really care about that anyway, but when doing this I came across this nice website called 16 Personalities that you can help with who you are objectively (well as objectively as you take the test). It didn't really give me what I wanted, but I thought it would be nice to share it with the community. You don't have to share your results or anything, but I really thought it could be nice to share with you all. https://www.16personalities.com/ Here is mine I guess, I wouldn't call myself a mediator tbh, just what they called it. Its basically 'You don't like people but you can talk to them somehow.' Enjoy or something, I don't know.
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    id chin that cunt out on the left
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    bruh moment also why must I be a old person
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    This is a take me and my band Data cell did of the Song Nirvana - School School Data Cell.mp4
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    I'd do this to the bloke on the left
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    Steam Name: Frosty SteamID32: [U:1:206284460] Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/ Age?: 16 What Part of the community are you from? General Community Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): Map Development: - Hammer Modeling: - Propper - Blender Texturing - Substance Painter Lua - I know very basic GLUA. (Wouldnt be able to code much) What type of content do you want to create for our server? I would like to Map Develop for IG. This would entail making Base maps, Event Maps and Edits of already existing maps. I have a lot of experience in the Hammer Editor and I have helped troubleshoot map issues with IG Map Devs in the past. I have can also model, but i dislike modeling for gmod. Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about? I have my workshop page. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/myworkshopfiles/ I have a lot of unfinished maps that I either didn't want to finish or saw no need to finish which could be utilized for IG. These maps range from Tattoine - Scarif - Light Carrier ECT Do you accept the Terms & Conditions of this application? Yes Sorry, My application is short but I feel as if I have answered what the question asked to an acceptable degree.
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    The Egg Hunt As you may know, the Minecraft Ender Dragon was defeated on the Imperial Gaming Minecraft server on the day of launch. I took it upon myself to create an inclusive, community-wide event and do an egg hunt. It's a simple concept. The Dragon Egg is hidden somewhere in a certain region of the world, first person to find the egg wins! Of course, this is highly exploitable! I can't just place it on top of a tree somewhere and call it a day! Players can easily switch on an X-Ray resource pack and find it in no time. I am countering this despicable issue by placing down chests all over the area. Decide to use X-Ray? You'll be able to see the chests, but you won't find the dragon egg. You might be asking right now; "Kristofer, what is the prize if I manage to locate the egg?" Good question, the prize of being the first person to locate the egg will be a sum of credits on the Star Wars RP server. The sum is still, as of yet, uncertain (If you wish to donate funds, DM me). How to Participate Step 1 Go to these coordinates. Step 2 Find this spot. Step 3 Look for the egg. Step 4 Once you find the egg, take a screenshot of it with your Minecraft character in third-person (F5) and post it on this thread. Keep the egg if you want, I dunno. Have fun, and happy hunting.
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    gang shit bro INFP-T for life.
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    I could take this a billion times and get the same thing ;^;
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    +1, Honestly I have never had a bad experience with Frosty, I have seen him do some more questionable things but I am certain that he can and will maintain a good image of himself and IG through being a developer. Onto his developer skills in general from what I have seen he is very good at what he does and would be a valuable asset to the server.
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    Easy +1 It's clear to see Frosty has the skill and dedication of a map developer, all the content I've seen from him have been bloody golden (Add tropical base to rotation please IG big mans) & all interactions I have had with him have been pleasant. Hoping for Frosty to get this position as his addition to the development team would allow IG to further grow as he can provide new maps and creations to a currently stale map rotation & event map picking.
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    I remember doing a test like a good 3 years ago, whoever got me to do it (I assume it was part of some kind of school activity) told us their's a large chance if you gave it 6 months you'd get a different result. I'm surprised what these test can actually tell you about yourself (Unlike shit like your birth sign, moon runes, calendar date and if a pig died ten days before a flood you get bad luck) I recommend anyone who does the test to read through the info under your results and see what you'd apply to yourself or not, it's honestly quite insightful.
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    This is what I got Protagonists. "Protagonists are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivation their team with infectious enthusiasm"
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    Hey IG, Been a while since I shared a video or anything on the forums, so here's this. Its just a short film captured in BF2's engine using motion capture, looks real good and gives us a more evil side of the Ewoks (though, we all know they're evil as fuck anyway.) Enjoy.
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    I want to preface this by saying that I have absolutely nothing against you, and while I appreciate your presence on the server I cannot give this application anything other than a -1. There have been others that have come before you who have been a similar age, and have grown to have great reputations on the server, and obtained staff positions. However currently I believe that you lack the maturity or objectivity to be an effective moderator. While I certainly see that you could grow to become like these specific individuals, I do not believe that you have reached that stage yet. The fact that you have continued to pursue this application does show a dedication to the server as does your fairly long tenure within MT. Down the line, when you have rectified the issues that others have pointed out, I believe that you could perhaps be reconsidered. However at this point I do not think that you are remotely ready. I honestly don't believe that currently that you would be able to handle sits or conflicts that might come up as a Mod well. As others have said, it is clear that you have genuinely good intentions as well as being a prominent player. However, the other issues unfortunately outweigh these positives. Please do not take this feedback as a negative. Over time I'm certain you'll be able to mature into the mold of someone who would be able to hold a staff position within the future.
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