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  1. @Ragetank Can we please add this exact image, at this exact resolution, to the loading screen?
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  3. Damn it has been a long time, 3 years on this server and so much has changed, so many friends have come and gone and it has been an amazing experience to be apart of the server. Ever since I join the server I have seen it as a way find my own fun as well as meet new people with similar interests. For the time I have spent on the server I have enjoyed every bit of it. Here are some top dogs @Pro Your a real lad ever since we started doing 501st joint trainings and ops @Wombatiacus My first CO on the server during the 212th golden era, will never forget those awesome days @B
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  4. And he made the right choice by joining CompForce.
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  5. I am well aware I made one of these already however that was not a permanent thing and almost acted like an LOA of sorts. Around about in February my older brother sustained quite a traumatic injury linking to mental health issues in which he self amputated his hand with a drop saw at his home. Since then he went through a lot of recovery and has been deemed safe to come out of the hospital however he is currently unable to work or drive or do much as a matter of fact and as such he's going to be living with myself and my girlfriend for quite an extended period of time as I have no other
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  6. Hi all, Never really thought this would happen but life tends to show you otherwise so i'll keep this short. For those who don't know me, I'm Archer, I joined IG in early 2018 after leaving a previous community and since then I dedicated a good portion of my time to enjoying the server and the great community that also play this server, I rose in ranks, got into trouble (occasionally), got shot at (a lot *cough* jman *cough*), became a member of staff, saw some of the best moments, saw some of the lower ones and met some great people along the way. My journey with IG has unfo
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  7. Neutral learning to -1 Based on my interactions with you have not been positive, Often you've been incredibly rude and your attitude has been very distasteful. After recent events of you calling your commander a 'gay fag' as well as telling me to 'grow a pair' when telling you player disrespect is unacceptable due to this I've come to the conclusion that when working with someone you do not like or disagree with you'll resort to your emotions rather then being professional. At this current time I believe you are unfit to be near a staff position as you currently do not have the best inter
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