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  1. So I'm leaving the community once and for all, I doubt many of you know who I am, or might just think I'm a minge but I am human and shit happens, so I'm sorry to anyone I disappointed as only on Monday I was prepared to become the CO of Engineers, but before I became CO I was considering leaving the server, I was gonna stay but I just can't for my sake. Remember this server doesn't mean anything really in terms of life so if you ever feel like shit or you don't like to play anymore don't think you are forced to play and you can always leave. Remember to take care of yourself and your mental h
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  2. This Lothal post will cover the imperial compound. The layout has been custom designed to meet the needs of this community so I hope you can all appreciate that. With this in mind, the layout may still be subject to change, so if you have any suggestions you feel will improve the facility, please share them below. While @Cracked has tried to make the floor plan images as easy to interpret as possible, we'll both be happy to answer any question you may have. As per the last post, I'm still looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the
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