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    The second chapter and another wacky video with encounters from when on the server. - As always, volume gets... loud so you have been warned - Enjoy! - Pulse -
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    +1 Great app and great guy
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    DONT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY Afterall, its just a game man.
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    I disagree with your post, being someone who has been around for a fair chunk of time, through Clone Wars, through Santos, I'll have been here for two years next Month and I've been just about everything there is to be. This is just my opinion, but I think the Server is in a good place at the moment, while there are definitely things that need to be worked on. However, this happens with every Server and every community, players and people change over time, communities become new and have new values, ideas and things they'd like to enforce. Back in the day, you're right, 'fun' RP was a little more open, but ISB had way more power to PK whoever they wanted since they were all just Super Admins. However, this fun RP is, in essence, not RP everyone wants to take part in, stuff like infecting people with diseases, or having catgirls, or trying to kidnap Charli Damelio can be fun for the people involved, but can be annoying to deal with and trying to work around for people not involved within it. The Server is a SeriousRP Server, and while we do have a few things that take people out of immersion, such as Climb SWEP, Inferno Squad, Thrawn and the Inquisitors together, etc. etc. its for the sake of the Server and is a necessary evil. I think that you can definitely have some fun RP going on, but its something that the people around you need to be fine with, or understand not to get involved with it if they want fully SeriousRP, which many people do. I like SeriousRP, its fun, slow paced at times, but very fun. I myself aren't the most SeriousRP'er in the world, but that's the point, I RP seriously where I need to and I kick it with the blokes in my regiment (shout out to @Vadrian @Jalex @Planz @Neptune @Greyback @Elbows @Shepard and Kden who hasn't made a forums account) when I need to as well. Being someone who never RP's and gets in trouble then goes "Wtf, I'm just having fun." is bad for the Server (not saying you do this), as well as, being someone who is always in RP and is a hardass isn't good for the Server either because no one is going to like you. The Server is much the same as it was back then, trust me. However, people are no longer content with just standing around waiting for an Event, they want to RP, they want to be involved in places and they want to expand their RP. My regiment has a 5000 word MOS Handbook, ISC have an entire pilot license system, medics have an MRD system (headed by yourself), ISB have always had a lot of RP and its just that everyone else is finally catching up to them that it feels like everyone is becoming like ISB and checking on others. Its the Imperial Era, you've got to be watching your back and looking at others, you never know when a knife is being pulled and the person is taking your position. Also, I think the whole part about you 'not being to express your opinion' is a tad harsh considering what was said in the Discord and what I've seen, that wasn't your opinion, that was blatant disrespect and completely unnecessary, all things considered. The Server is doing fine, everyone is in a manic state at the moment due to COVID-19 and the change in lifestyle, as well as the amount of time spent at home bored shitless, school is now going back, work is going back, restrictions are being eased (except for victoria, rip the real boys) and people are finding that they don't have enough time for the Server, people see the pop slightly lower some nights than it has been the past few Months and immediately think the Server is going into the toilet and look for the reasons why. Everyone just needs to sit back, sip some tea and just enjoy themselves, do fulfilling RP for yourself and others, and if you think it might get you PK'd, speak to ISB OOC, they're not going to say no when you say "Hey man, I wanna do this, but if I get caught, is it cool if its just a name PK?". Just because something might get you in trouble doesn't mean you should completely avoid it on the Server, enjoy yourself. Sorry if I went off-topic a little, just wanted to address some stuff. Love you all, IG is still the second home that it claims to be.
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    Steam Name: yeff SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:198364012 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/VenomYeff/ In Game Name: Head Agent A. Bridges Time Played Imperial RP: 3 weeks. I had two weeks prior to that so I have five weeks total, but I was one of the unfortunate individuals who had their time wiped due an issue with the server a while ago. The playtime on the server is incredibly similar, but I can provide the metadata from the "prior to reset" image if required, as I believe I deleted the footage I ripped it from a while ago in a cleanse of my OBS files. I also still have images from the incident that caused those who logged on at the time to have their playtime reset proving that I was there. Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Playtime Prior to Reset Current Playtime Have you had any warns (If so state them)? No. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? No. Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying to be an Event Master because I believe that it would allow me to help create more interesting RP opportunities. I personally want to create more passive rp situations so that other players can entertain themselves between large scale combat events. I wish to create events which are less focused on combat, and more on creating opportunities. I believe that the events I want to create are events that the community would enjoy immensely. I desire to make events that have engaging concepts and the ability to transfer RP from the event into the downtime between the events. Creating events can be a lengthy progress and I am more than willing to put in that effort. I summary, I really just want to create events that people enjoy that allow for them to experience engaging rp. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? I believe I can bring a good amount of creativity and dedication to the Event master team. I have a good amount of document writing experience and I believe that I can create events that immerse the community, while allowing for events that's direction can be driven by the community. I believe that my events would be highly engaging and would make the most use of the powers granted to EM's. I am highly dedicated towards creating RP and love affording people opportunities to experience a world or event I've crafted. Slowly escalating events with raising tension that push players to their limits are something that I believe with practice I could perfect making, letting people feel like they're only just overcoming the obstacles in front of them by the skin of their teeth allowing for players to feel accomplished. I believe that I will be bringing dedication, great events and a unique outlook to the EM team with more than suitable event writing abilities. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? I believe that I would make the events that I was involved with fun, enjoyable and to a certain degree inclusive. I believe that I would excel with more compact events, eg, Event Example 1, where a regiment, or smaller number of players is utilised. Obviously, Event 1 is tiny in player scope, but it is designed to provide RP to a group that rarely receives any full on regimental exclusive event. Most of my events would be written around a key idea or concept that would simulate players and hopefully standout. While I definitely would create events that focus on combat, I would frame such events in a manner that provides incentives for players to engage in a variety of playstyles instead of just rushing towards the enemy. I want to create events that act as a sandbox for player expression and decision making. Events written and executed by me would be malleable and avoid limiting players in how their players can interact with the world. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? It is a rather basic knowledge of ULX as I only began to look into it during the creation of this application. I've previously written an operation for ISB which was run by Kristopher. The event can be viewed here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RR-odEWmTF3S0SqWAFih6nx5XZRupZpB9rgkIOAn-P0/edit# Event Ideas Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1afDMxxDWKVvrn4X3QNEuxewd41diP7bt22TwzWMV9kU/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iQj6pYcplgKctGjONRDE-LK8zqzLBLmauPSxat8UGkU/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Neutral. Haven't had many run ins with the player in game but from what I've seen seems like an alright bloke as well as seems relatively active. However the application its self is lacking in detail and the event idea's need a more solid backstory to make it a more immersive story for players to immerse themselves into. Willing to change it to a +1 if I see more detail in the application and more backstory to the events. "There appears to be a small detachment of troops who have gone rogue on Orto Plutonia." Should add more to the story such as a reason or a goal they have in mind instead of just "There's hostiles here" Good luck with the application, hope to see a bit more detail in the future.
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    Neutral Great Guy. Play's a lot. If he got t mod probably would be the most active t mod you would ever see. Need's to be more descriptive. Get's angry or Jealous easily. Overall everyone makes mistakes in the past so i'll say give him another chance to fix all these mistakes up in the future.
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