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  1. Now I know CFP currently looks a bit like... ... but looking into the past! When we're thriving with actual members, I assigned myself one tired afternoon to create as many menu items for the cantina as possible. For context on how far back this was when there was a slim chance we would actually get posters in the server ( I have made several, they're laying dormant somewhere on this device ), this is when the Jawa Meal was still a thing and I personally say that removing the jawa mega meal is the reason why the CFP fell and will be the downfall of the Empire. Anyway, here is t
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  2. +1 Ban was from awhile ago, you seem genuine in wanting to come back and rp properly. Good luck with your appeal.
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  3. +1 Joel has been apart of the community for a long time and i think he deserves a chance at being a staff member for the server, he has shown that he is dedicated to the server.
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  4. +1 - Sufficient detail - Ban was from a long time ago - Appears to have reformed - Deserves a second chance
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  5. +1 for unban. Appeal seems kinda short but that's expected for this kind of appeal.
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  6. Look, I haven't been around to see what the server has become, or what it's currently become. My experience reading the changes that have been made, in theory sound quite nice. Buying your own ammunition, adding an important aspect to the credit system. Then you think deeper about certain stuff like "Why is the Military forcing me to buy my own ammo?". Anyway, I agree with a lot of your points, the server when I played, became more strict. Hell, to even have some fun I went through 28 Names in like 3 Months. The amount of people, who think they're Ranger Rick, and are about to save the whole e
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