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    hello i go by the name Maddy Lauren on the server my steam name is sinko20102 which im having trouble linking. im new to this community and type of server. hope maddy lauren can do what the imperials need
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    DONT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY Afterall, its just a game man.
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    Welcome to Imperial Gaming!
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    Welcome to the community and server!
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    Star Wars RP is one of those things that's always been a fine line between a casual FPS, and an actual MMO. It's never really been solidified in any particular genre apart from "GMod RP", purely because the roleplay aspect of it allows for virtually anything to happen at any given time. What I will say, is that everybody's playstyle is different. I'd be lying if I said that their characters, whilst in-character, aren't inspired on / draw from their own IRL personalities. I know that I do. When I first joined IG in late 2017, I can confirm that what you say about old IG is true. It was a lot more casual, chill, laidback... It was a fun experience. That's not to say you could just run around casually screaming "Death Star!" down the hallways, but you could, well, have fun. Upon rejoining IG a few months ago, I can definitely confirm that the experience has changed. The Serious RP of the server has really begun to develop in full-strength, particularly with all voice chat now being considered as in-character, it's now difficult to discern the difference between whether somebody's actually saying something in-character, or if they're saying it OOC, which is where I think a lot of the accusations about 'personal attacks' are coming from. Whilst there is no particular remedy for this, at least not without putting the server's currently good place at risk, I will say this. Star Wars RP, for me at least, is an experience. At the end of the day, when I come onto the server, I don't come on just to roleplay. I come on to meet new people, get to know them, actually talk with them and enjoy being around them, and then maybe go on to use that to create something truly distinctive in-character. It's all a part of this unique camaraderie that SWRP brings out in all of us, that at the end of it all, we're all physical human beings sitting behind a computer screen enjoying a universe created by two simple words. Our regiments are our family, this community is our home, and I think it's safe to say that a lot of very real blood, sweat and tears are spent when it comes to maintaining either their position, their regiment, or their OOC reputation as either an individual or a Staff Member, let alone even running the server. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - J.R.R. Tolkien Star Wars RP isn't just a video game. It is an experience. It's a place where people like you and I can come to escape from reality, and do or be essentially anything you want to. It's a place that you can call your second home; to hang out with other like-minded people to enjoy the one thing that brings them together, especially during a time that threatens to push people apart. It's a place where race, gender, religion and politics are completely ignored, and the day-to-day events of life are put asunder to the side... Where you can meet new people and create new memories. People from all over the world, they come together and they live for this sort of thing. Take one look at the IG veterans; or the lurkers like me who have been around but have never truly, properly, really settled down; or the completely utterly dedicated obssessors like @Bailey who grind, tooth and nail, to make a place like this mean something so much more than just what it is on the surface. The very definition of community resides here, and at the end of the day that's a hell of a lot more important than security regiments going around abusing their powers. I know some of you might not completely appreciate this post or see things the way I do; I don't blame you. Some of you might not have had the same experience that I have, seen the things I've seen, but a place like this is one of the few things that matters in this day and age. And not just Imperial Gaming... Several other servers and communities are just as important as ours. But anyway, I digress. Everybody's experience is different. You might have more lows than highs, or hold specific grudges that impact on your gameplay, but whatever it might be I hold no judgement. However, I don't think that passing judgement to other individuals, for living out their experience, is the best way of going about it. What I would suggest to you, and anyone reading this, is to make an experience out of their experience. Try not to take petty things like AOSes to heart. Live out the moment as they may have intended, but create your own bit of RP around it. This is a roleplay server, after all. You are as much your own person as much as they are theirs.
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    Maximillion Thoughbred the IV was minding his own business when the Grand General decided to remove a donut from his office. Maximillion, being the resourceful type decided to ask what he could do to get his donut back. The Grand General told him to do 100 laps of MH1. Maximillion being the dedicated ISB member that he is, then did this. At about lap 52, Emperor Palpatine decided to show up to help Maximillion get through the exercise in a faster fashion. After a few warm ups, he dispatched the Royal Guard to motivate Maximillion.
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    As someone who has been in ISB for 550 days (God help me) and have experience first-hand on everything ISB has to offer for the past year and half, I can confirm that there are many on the server who try to be ISB and get into other people's business (Including ISB's business). I've witnessed this on many different occasions ranging from NCO personnel from regiments to even high command. I've seen this in the past with Shock when they tried to begin a Military Intelligence regiment, investigating members within the military. That got immediately shut down by ISB. This issue had also arisen when the new COMPNOR regiments were introduced and when many, including those within COMPNOR, believe that COMPNOR = ISB. They're not. The server is very-very sensitive recently. It's almost difficult for me to RP effectively as Director Krennic or a member of the ISB. Our regiment is built around writing documents against other players and making sure all personnel behave accordingly - which is why many people say ISB are the 'Fun Police'. As of recently, a lot of players take things OOC. Mostly if things don't go their way. RP has not been the same ever since every little negative thing gets brought to a staff sit and eventually voided. Many forget that this server is a role-play server. That means every single RP action we take will result in some sort of RP reaction. If you mess up and face RP consequences, don't immediately take it to a staff sit because it's all RP. As Director Krennic, I fully expect to get punished in-character for all the dodgy things I do in-character ranging from killing an entire regiment to blatantly murdering two generals, and if I do I always keep things within RP unless absolutely necessary. Went a bit off-topic. But that's my opinion on this whole thing.
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    I have to agree with this post, the server just feels more restrictive than ever before and I've recently found myself having less and less motives to play, having the longest burnout yet despite the fact that I should be really happy in the position I have. The only enjoyment I've had around the server (without RP to do) was my interactions with Kristofer as it was lighthearted banter and fun, however since then it's just been standing around and not really seeing much new stuff going on. I would rather play a server thats more fun rather than more immersive, but before you tell me to switch to another server, IG has done serious RP well before anyways and still felt immersive. Definately some points to be taken into consideration to make things better before they become worse, to benefit everyone.
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    I thought I was the only one thinking this 6 months ago. Server felt different round Christmas. The vibe was and still is just off. #Bringback2018-2019IG
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    To be entirely honest, I agree with some points you've raised. I believe you can definitely still have fun on the server. It's about how you do it though. So for instance, I believe in most circumstances fun / messing around should be fine and if anything maybe an in role-play warn is given to said person instead of an AOS / KOS. The part where you claim the whole server acting like ISB or trying to impose like ISB, I believe this is entirely true. However, the reasoning for this is the new COMPNOR branch which I'm sure you've heard of. With this has come more security branches and more discipline. Additionally, where you say everyone tries to make each issue theirs, I can agree to a certain extent with this. But, from experience, most of the time these situations are dealt with and the party that may not need to be involved is removed from the situation. (Literally happened yesterday with INQ, Nova/IHC & ISB) Another point you raised was the server population being sensitive to constructive criticism or generalised advice. I suppose if you really want to go deep with this thread you could say the world in general is this way. Society as a whole has become extremely sensitive and no one can take jokes or even simple irony. It's an issue that has only become recent with all the different cultures clashing with ideologies and ways of life. (Not going to go more in detail with this, as you said some may get offended) Other than that Kamelieon, you've always been a good friend of mine on the server and if you want to chat feel free too! I'm more than happy too.
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    The award for the most exaggerated comparison to the server goes to you.
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    I disagree with your post, being someone who has been around for a fair chunk of time, through Clone Wars, through Santos, I'll have been here for two years next Month and I've been just about everything there is to be. This is just my opinion, but I think the Server is in a good place at the moment, while there are definitely things that need to be worked on. However, this happens with every Server and every community, players and people change over time, communities become new and have new values, ideas and things they'd like to enforce. Back in the day, you're right, 'fun' RP was a little more open, but ISB had way more power to PK whoever they wanted since they were all just Super Admins. However, this fun RP is, in essence, not RP everyone wants to take part in, stuff like infecting people with diseases, or having catgirls, or trying to kidnap Charli Damelio can be fun for the people involved, but can be annoying to deal with and trying to work around for people not involved within it. The Server is a SeriousRP Server, and while we do have a few things that take people out of immersion, such as Climb SWEP, Inferno Squad, Thrawn and the Inquisitors together, etc. etc. its for the sake of the Server and is a necessary evil. I think that you can definitely have some fun RP going on, but its something that the people around you need to be fine with, or understand not to get involved with it if they want fully SeriousRP, which many people do. I like SeriousRP, its fun, slow paced at times, but very fun. I myself aren't the most SeriousRP'er in the world, but that's the point, I RP seriously where I need to and I kick it with the blokes in my regiment (shout out to @Vadrian @Jalex @Planz @Neptune @Greyback @Elbows @Shepard and Kden who hasn't made a forums account) when I need to as well. Being someone who never RP's and gets in trouble then goes "Wtf, I'm just having fun." is bad for the Server (not saying you do this), as well as, being someone who is always in RP and is a hardass isn't good for the Server either because no one is going to like you. The Server is much the same as it was back then, trust me. However, people are no longer content with just standing around waiting for an Event, they want to RP, they want to be involved in places and they want to expand their RP. My regiment has a 5000 word MOS Handbook, ISC have an entire pilot license system, medics have an MRD system (headed by yourself), ISB have always had a lot of RP and its just that everyone else is finally catching up to them that it feels like everyone is becoming like ISB and checking on others. Its the Imperial Era, you've got to be watching your back and looking at others, you never know when a knife is being pulled and the person is taking your position. Also, I think the whole part about you 'not being to express your opinion' is a tad harsh considering what was said in the Discord and what I've seen, that wasn't your opinion, that was blatant disrespect and completely unnecessary, all things considered. The Server is doing fine, everyone is in a manic state at the moment due to COVID-19 and the change in lifestyle, as well as the amount of time spent at home bored shitless, school is now going back, work is going back, restrictions are being eased (except for victoria, rip the real boys) and people are finding that they don't have enough time for the Server, people see the pop slightly lower some nights than it has been the past few Months and immediately think the Server is going into the toilet and look for the reasons why. Everyone just needs to sit back, sip some tea and just enjoy themselves, do fulfilling RP for yourself and others, and if you think it might get you PK'd, speak to ISB OOC, they're not going to say no when you say "Hey man, I wanna do this, but if I get caught, is it cool if its just a name PK?". Just because something might get you in trouble doesn't mean you should completely avoid it on the Server, enjoy yourself. Sorry if I went off-topic a little, just wanted to address some stuff. Love you all, IG is still the second home that it claims to be.
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    We’ve got a lot of younger players here, let’s not use age as as insult, we’re better than that.
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