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    Maximillion Thoughbred the IV was minding his own business when the Grand General decided to remove a donut from his office. Maximillion, being the resourceful type decided to ask what he could do to get his donut back. The Grand General told him to do 100 laps of MH1. Maximillion being the dedicated ISB member that he is, then did this. At about lap 52, Emperor Palpatine decided to show up to help Maximillion get through the exercise in a faster fashion. After a few warm ups, he dispatched the Royal Guard to motivate Maximillion.
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    I agree with the statement that people try to be ISB, I've witnessed it first-hand, and very few things on the server are more agitating than that. Looking cool within ISB? Definitely not, no one in ISB does something for the sake of looking cool - Yeff couldn't be cool if he tried (<3). In regards to being the center of attention, this impression is generally given by the regiment because their tasks are very role-playing heavy. They have a diverse range of scenarios that they're trained to handle, which lands them in the eyes of other players. Now, sucking up to ISB? I don't think I've ever witnessed someone suck up to the Bureau. More often than not, individuals attempt to undermine the regiment as opposed to "sucking up" to them. Your post seems to focus on having too many security personnel, which really shouldn't be an issue. A server's fun capacity isn't determined by what regiments people enjoy. It's the role-play and opportunities associated with the regiment. Having a player base that enjoys the security regiment play-style shouldn't be, and isn't an issue. At that point, it's just a lack of respect for other peoples interests. What I do agree with, however, is that people are really sensitive these days. Just from my perspective, players can sometimes view in-character arguments as a personal attack. RP is sometimes ruined by this mentality, sometimes someone will break off from an RP situation just to throw an AOS at them. Personally, I'd prefer if players wouldn't immediately slam an AOS down at the slightest hint of disrespect, instead trying pursue the opportunity for more RP, get creative and throw some shade. Just my take on it
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    @Bailey @Kamelieon That is an excellent point. I have been playing on this serer since Jan 2017. I been through so much but it always comes back to the fucking grey hallways and now more than ever people dont speak to you. No one speaks. As @Auzii said everyone for at least 6-8 months now is sucking up to ISB and tries to be ISB. Everyone fucking wants to be the centre of attention and everyone wants to look cool within ISB. I have been in ISB ( admittedly for only a week because I accused the Emperor of insurance fraud) but people suck up to ISB. Everyone is either some type of security battalion now, theres like 200 death troops and 1000000 shock and everyone is just trying to arrest people or be so strict about everything. In 2018, the role play was still immersive and serious but people are taking it now like it was a fucking military position which it isnt. I was in air force cadets for 3 months and nearly 3 years in Regular Army Cadets and none of the NCOs or officers ever fucking treated military cadets as seriously as Imperial gaming officers do ( that should say something huh). The server used to be a fun rp server with rules and laws but now everyone has a fucking stick up their ass and uses their position like their own job. Also, like I said before there is no fucking interaction everyone just stands around in hallways or hiding in fancy bunks or offices where no one can speak to you. They dont speak to you because they see you as a low rank and think your a idiot or if they do speak to you they try to AOS or they take you to ISB. The amount of times ive seen this happen to people blew my mind. People have to realise that it is a serious RP but it is also a GAME. If people have more adventures and more spontaneous events like in 2018 and 2019 it wont feel like hallway walking simulator. The server feels stale, like a old piece of bread. Everyone is constantly trying to become more and more important and they believe that they need to be super duper serious in every situation which makes everyone that does this seem like a tight ass and dull. These are just my opinions but dont get me wrong. I love IG and everyone in it. @Welly- also welly is right, playing on the server feels like your in authoritarian Argentina in the fucking 1970s
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    I can't stress this enough. People nowadays don't realise as much, that once something happens in RP, it's best to be kept in RP. I've see it from all kinds of people in the Community, ranging from staff to users, but trying to get RP voided is the worst approach possible. If someone is doing something wrong, all that you don't like, there is always also a good RP approach to take in response to it. People just tend to give up very quickly. I think if you go get results in RP rather then taking stuff OOC it will almost always be more satisfying and a better result. I've had people take sketchy stuff I've done OOCly before, and rather then me getting PK'ed or Demoted, it was all just voided.
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    Steam Name: Frosty SteamID32: [U:1:206284460] Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/ Age?: 16 What Part of the community are you from? General Community Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): Map Development: - Hammer Modeling: - Propper - Blender Texturing - Substance Painter Lua - I know very basic GLUA. (Wouldnt be able to code much) What type of content do you want to create for our server? I would like to Map Develop for IG. This would entail making Base maps, Event Maps and Edits of already existing maps. I have a lot of experience in the Hammer Editor and I have helped troubleshoot map issues with IG Map Devs in the past. I have can also model, but i dislike modeling for gmod. Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about? I have my workshop page. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/myworkshopfiles/ I have a lot of unfinished maps that I either didn't want to finish or saw no need to finish which could be utilized for IG. These maps range from Tattoine - Scarif - Light Carrier ECT Do you accept the Terms & Conditions of this application? Yes Sorry, My application is short but I feel as if I have answered what the question asked to an acceptable degree.
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    DONT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY Afterall, its just a game man.
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    As someone who has been in ISB for 550 days (God help me) and have experience first-hand on everything ISB has to offer for the past year and half, I can confirm that there are many on the server who try to be ISB and get into other people's business (Including ISB's business). I've witnessed this on many different occasions ranging from NCO personnel from regiments to even high command. I've seen this in the past with Shock when they tried to begin a Military Intelligence regiment, investigating members within the military. That got immediately shut down by ISB. This issue had also arisen when the new COMPNOR regiments were introduced and when many, including those within COMPNOR, believe that COMPNOR = ISB. They're not. The server is very-very sensitive recently. It's almost difficult for me to RP effectively as Director Krennic or a member of the ISB. Our regiment is built around writing documents against other players and making sure all personnel behave accordingly - which is why many people say ISB are the 'Fun Police'. As of recently, a lot of players take things OOC. Mostly if things don't go their way. RP has not been the same ever since every little negative thing gets brought to a staff sit and eventually voided. Many forget that this server is a role-play server. That means every single RP action we take will result in some sort of RP reaction. If you mess up and face RP consequences, don't immediately take it to a staff sit because it's all RP. As Director Krennic, I fully expect to get punished in-character for all the dodgy things I do in-character ranging from killing an entire regiment to blatantly murdering two generals, and if I do I always keep things within RP unless absolutely necessary. Went a bit off-topic. But that's my opinion on this whole thing.
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    I have to agree with this post, the server just feels more restrictive than ever before and I've recently found myself having less and less motives to play, having the longest burnout yet despite the fact that I should be really happy in the position I have. The only enjoyment I've had around the server (without RP to do) was my interactions with Kristofer as it was lighthearted banter and fun, however since then it's just been standing around and not really seeing much new stuff going on. I would rather play a server thats more fun rather than more immersive, but before you tell me to switch to another server, IG has done serious RP well before anyways and still felt immersive. Definately some points to be taken into consideration to make things better before they become worse, to benefit everyone.
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    Yes made ISC training more enjoyable
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    +1 Has had a mixed past with The community and the people itself From what i've seen and heard about you, you seem more than competent with Deving Lacks Detail, but sometimes thats all it needs. Maps look amazing and well designed
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    Maximillion rn I reckon old mate deserves a scatter gun and a can of Bonk! Atomic Punch
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    +1 - PAC examples are mint - Has a understanding on how to use PAC - Trustworthy with PAC - Responses are slightly lacking detail
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    Show some photos of them, I know you're good and you make a lot of good stuff but a lot of people haven't seen photos of your light cruiser, Scarif, Tatooine, etc. +1 still because I know what you do is good shit and you'd 100% be a good addition to the team. You are, however, a dev at a competitor's community (I think, let me know if this has changed) and that somewhat worries me, though its not a dealbreaker. My opinion is subject to change. Good luck with your application.
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    I definitely agree with a lot of the points you've made, the server has changed a lot and gotten more serious. However, there are still a lot of fun and non-serious moments on the server from time to time.
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    Look, I haven't been around to see what the server has become, or what it's currently become. My experience reading the changes that have been made, in theory sound quite nice. Buying your own ammunition, adding an important aspect to the credit system. Then you think deeper about certain stuff like "Why is the Military forcing me to buy my own ammo?". Anyway, I agree with a lot of your points, the server when I played, became more strict. Hell, to even have some fun I went through 28 Names in like 3 Months. The amount of people, who think they're Ranger Rick, and are about to save the whole empire, by bossing people around on the server cause they recently got promoted to Warrant Officer II, was one of the most annoying parts of the server. The vocal minority, who reached a higher power status, thought they were top shit, like no brother, no one thinks your some mad cool kid because you are a Master Seargant on an RP Server. The jokes, I also agree with, people can't take one. The amount of people, that pulled me into a sit for clearly a joke, I couldn't even count (Still never got a warn though). I guess you could say generic meme "Damn Kids, can't take a joke", which is a stupid way to think about it, but the server did feel like that and was one of the reasons I left. Imperial Gaming, has fundementally shifted, from what it was in late 2017- eary 2018, is it my belief the server felt more fun back then...yes. Did you have a more relaxed rule set...kind of. Were people more chill....100% Also what is with this economy function...Are the Stormtroopers saving money, in their Super Annuation account, trading items, for the highest possible value. Are they planning a holiday on Jakku, and they need to earn more money? Is the server gonna begin going into recession due to people not stimulating the economy through consumption? Are you going to have an inbuilt inflation function? Sounds cool on paper, but this is a GMOD server, not the Australian Economy.
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    Steam Name: Mez SteamID32: 85575836 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dingusmelon/ In Game Name: Bub 'Bubbles' Ellis Time Played Imperial RP: 1w & 33minutes Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? As stated in the previous application ( back again boyo ), I've been a fairly active member on PAC in the past ( ask a few folks from EG & the like, infact some of the images are collected from previous ventures on said server specifically 3 & 5 ) and again so currently, so I'm one to know the rules and punishments for abusing the tool, as well as the issues and minor glitches that can come of it as-well as workarounds. I refrain from mingy or un-immersive pacs for any serious or RP scenario, and strive to improve. Why do you want access to PAC3? To improve RP, as part of CFP generally more passive events are essential roleplay for us and the addition of pac will assist in making those interactions unique, as-well as during events as event characters, to make the generic event character looks more unique. The amount of uses and situations that pac can bring into a roleplay environment are almost endless. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I strive and enjoy to keep my PACs unique and fitting to the RP environment as not to drag anyone too far out of immersion. PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Hey everybody, as always, I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to take some time to talk about two topics today. Firstly, a reflection after May the 4th and to address all the changes. It's been a while since I last made a formal forum post so I thought I'd just chat with you all a little bit. A Reflection In this past week since May the 4th, I've done a lot of thinking centred around the community. After taking a step back for a couple weeks, I realised how much this Community meant to me. I realised how much I loved that there are familiar faces everywhere and how easy it is to have a relaxed or serious conversation with these people. We're all here for our joint love of Star Wars but our community has evolved into so much more than that and that's something that we should all be proud of. The Moderatorion team gives up their time to continue to assist and resolve issues wherever possible, the event team work tirelessly to create and nurture RP and the Development team have developed and produced a whole array of changes which will be discussed later in the post. Thank you to the wonderful Staff team, your service to the Community does not go unnoticed. Recent Changes As mentioned before, recently there have been a lot of changes on the server. The server switched Dedi, the quest system was revamped, DT now falls under the Emperor and finally there is an entire economy present now. I'm aware that change is scary and that learning new systems and procedures isn't an easy task, but I'm going to ask the Community to continue to push themselves to adapt. We (Management) only make these changes because we strongly believe that these changes will result in a positive outcome for the Server and Community in the long-run. With this being said, ideas still need to be tweaked and I encourage all of you to bring forward any issues that you may have to Management and/or the Development team so that these ideas and tweaks can be implemented. No change is permanent. Also huge congratulations to @Auzii on reaching Community Graphic Designer. He is now in-charge of all things graphic. Yours sincerely, Cecil and the rest of Management.
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    Hello IG, Recently I've been doing some thinking about reputation and reactions as a whole on the forums, there are a few key problems with it that I've wanted to address for a long time and now after some deliberation with Management (specifically @Cecil) I've done a small re-structure in regards to reputation and reactions on the forums. We tossed around many ideas, like making it so that you couldn't lose reputation, and removing the reputation system completely, but ultimately decided this was the best thing to do. Opinions being taboo So to begin, the main thing we wanted to address is people not being to express their ACTUAL opinion on staff reports, ban appeals, staff applications and ban requests as well as other controversial topics that require people to express their opinions or say something that others might disagree with. To prevent this, I've added two new reactions, agree and disagree (a tick and a cross) that both don't affect reputation on the forums but allow people to express the fact that they agree or disagree with someone's opinion or their post without affecting their reputation. This should hopefully help people post their true feelings (without being overly toxic of course) and not get downvoted into pure hell. From now on, please consider, instead of downvoting or upvoting on ban appeals, staff reports, staff applications and ban requests, instead use the agree and disagree reactions to allow people to post their true feelings / response to an application without needless politics or weaponizing upvotes and downvotes to choose a side. Re-shuffling the Emote Menu I've re-shuffled the emote menu, emotes on the left of the menu are positive, ranging all the way to the right where they are negative, for those curious, I'll explain which reactions do what. Like = +1 Reputation Upvote = +1 Reputation Haha = +1 Reputation Poggers = +1 Reputation Sad (new improved image now) = +1 Reputation Agree = Neutral Shocked = Neutral Confused = Neutral Thinking = Neutral Facepalm = Neutral Angry = Neutral Disagree = Neutral Downvote = -1 Reputation. On top of this, the agree and disagree images are not set in stone and if someone has, or makes more consistent / better looking ones I'll happily replace them because, while these ones serve their purpose, I personally don't like the look of them all that much. Conclusion Hopefully this helps with the forums and its health in the long run in regards to posts and the reputation system as a whole. Thank you for continuing to support the community and use the forums, its a good platform to get points across and allows us to connect on a community wide basis. I do plan to update the chatbox soon and put some more emotes in there. Kind regards, - Bailey and the Forums Team
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    I don't think that's going to make the server 'fun' again, but I don't see a problem with an Event Server. @Ragetank
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    how to make the server fun again - have an event server (yes exactly like that other community)
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    We’ve got a lot of younger players here, let’s not use age as as insult, we’re better than that.
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    The award for the most exaggerated comparison to the server goes to you.
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