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    I put together this video of my collection of videos/screenshots. Its nothing fancy and i hope you have a laugh and enjoy the cinematic of my handsome face. Credit to Bailey for the Splash intro
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    Accepted Welcome back to the staff team.
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    Hello IG, Many of you aren't going to care about this, but I do and I'd like to share it with the community anyway. Introduction I planned to make a post about this a while ago, and if I'm being honest, I actually never thought it would happen (or hoped it'd happen if I'm being honest), I've been playing GMod for nearly 6 years now (holyfuckingshit) and I started playing SWRP in late 2015, so 4 and a half years of SWRP. I had about 100 hours of GMod prior to SWRP, just random bullshit with my mates like Melonbomber and ZS. Tonight I achieved the "Addict" achievement for GMod which is defined as "Wasting a year of your life on Garry's Mod." - A year is about 8760 hours, though I am closer to 10,000 hours on GMod now because the achievement only counts hours in an actual Server, so I've spent about 1000 hours loading into servers and/or sitting on the main menu of GMod. I'll go into it a bit later as to why I don't think I've "wasted" a year of my life on Gmod, though I have spent a year playing it. I'm not going to include many dates here because they're all so muttled up and I don't want to be one of those people like 'Bro I've been playing for 8 years', though I do remember my first day on SWRP vividly, so we'll start from there. My History in SWRP I watched a video on Youtube from Teo about SWRP and he was fucking around on it, hard, and it looked like heaps of fun, so I decided to load up my bad boy and log on to Republic Gaming on December 2nd, 2015. The first person to ever train me was a bloke named Lobster and he is essentially the only reason I'm here and play SWRP. He showed me the ropes. I eventually met a bloke named Aleks, he was the Emperor of the Sith at the time and he taught me super basic dueling (I still suck to this day). I spent about 6 Months on Republic Gaming under TechWarfare and MicroSoftware, both of them named Dan whom I actually met last year when I went to Queensland. After those 6 Months we re-branded to Synthetic Gaming and continued to grow as a JvS Server and community. It was at this time many of the people who came to IG and had such an effect on it experienced SWRP for the first time as well. Little5avage, Gamma, Cody, @Goliath, @pinejack and @Matrix all played SG prior to its closure as a server, there may be some that I missed, sorry, I'm a forgetful person. I played as Omoshiroii at this time, then dropped it to Omo a little later. I left SG a little earlier than the others and went over to Poseidon Servers for a time, I only spent a small amount of time there under the alias Sisk Lobo since I joined the Jedi, but that's where I met @Twist as well. I know there were others who played Poseidon too, but I never really interacted with anyone outside of Jedi because I was a social pariah and didn't like talking to people very much. Though Lebofly did introduce me to the band Oh Wonder, which I am eternally grateful for, because I love their music. Throughout this time I basically stayed up all night playing him and another person called Pizza in checkers, Pizza was very good, she always beat me. I eventually left Poseidon and took a small hiatus from SWRP and Garry's Mod as a whole before I was sent a message. My friend Aleks, who I mentioned earlier said "Bro, we're playing on a new server now SG is shut down, come play." and so, I joined Gateway Gaming for the first time, becoming Shock CO and meeting a lot of people, and I mean a fucking lot, prior to IG, GG was where I had spent the most time. I met people like s8ncaat, Zia (who also played on SG), Janda and many others who I can't remember and who won't see this post anyway. I enjoyed GG a lot, at the time I was going through a lot mentally so I took a break and resigned from my position as Head Event Master, it eventually fell to s8ncaat who is their Owner at the moment. I came back to Gateway after about 4 Months. I broke the barrier on their Server and reached the position above Marshal Commander within Navy, Commodore. At this time I got in contact with Cody and we discovered we were both the leaders of Navy in our respective communities, so we organised a deal. He'd come to play Gateway for a week, and I'd play Imperial for a week and see how we each ran things. He played Gateway for a week under my Navy and was impressed with the map and, if I'm being honest, how much I was able to steal from IG for my own navy. This begins my time on Imperial Gaming, a community where I've spent the last nearly 2 years playing with and now have 21 weeks of playtime ingame, half a year for those of you who can't do math. After three days of playing IG, I resigned from Gateway. IG was superior, it was perfect, automated spreadsheets, a custom gamemode, unique ranks and ranking structures, active members of Management who played and cared for the community, I was in love. @Whitey doesn't actually know how much he influenced my decision accidentally, he took time out of his busy ass day to help some random kid from another server with an automatic spreadsheet, which to me showed how much he cared for the whole community of SWRP and not just IG. The first regiment I joined was SCAR with @Kamelieon as the CO and @Donkey as the 2IC. After 3 days I jumped out of SCAR and into Chimaera Squad because I'm a little reg hopper, but also Chimaera Squad looked cool as fuck at the time. It was there I met @Jye, @Basil, @Gunjies, @Jalex, @Bene, @Jesis, @Percival and @Keith who would go on to introduce us to his brother @Cecil who basically became apart of the regiment even though he was in Shadow. I will remember this time always, I loved my time in CS and only left to go to Navy because they were weak at the time and needed some guidance (though I didn't really do much lol.) During my time in Chimaera, I also made this gem using a template and a trial for Adobe After Effects. I did some random stuff and messed around for a while prior to leaving for Clone Wars after hiding it from the Community for Months and helping Cody and @Wolf with the intricacies, during this time I actually became good friends with the big Wolf man (we don't speak enough now though you dog) and was eventually promoted to Server Event Manager alongside Cecil (though he was Imperial). Clone Wars was almost a different community, it had so many unique players and people I'd never have met if not for it, I can try and @ all of them, but chances are I'll miss some of you, sorry if I do. To begin, @Mongo and @Happy quickly rose to Senior EM as my proteges and their affinity for fast learning. @Luigi and @SiegeMonkey both played the Server and are now admins (Keep the dream alive baby). Other members of the community who I grew close to or played Clone Wars alongside me are, @Aphrodite and @Jeb who both basically carried Republic Intelligence. As well as, @Delta, @Rickle, @Arkan and many others who I'll mention later and some that I can't remember. Clone Wars eventually failed, so I tried Santos, I'll skip over it though since its not really worth mentioning if I'm being honest. I came back to Imperial as a Moderator, I immediately joined Sith Inquisitors (now just Inquisitors) because I had friends in there such as @Risk and @Happy. After joining I'd become close friends with a whole plethora of people who I'd known, but never spoken to before, such as @John, @Zote, @Wingza, @Rimmin and @PULSE. On top of this, @Jay Lamar came back to the Server and ran his now famous RP missions for the Inquisitors which we basically drooled over and would ask for just about every night. He also took @Braino under his wing who would go on to run those RP missions for PT right up until his promotion to IHC only recently. During our time in Sith we made another brilliant video, Sith News @ 6, which was edited together by Pulse, with acting done by myself, John, Jay, @Kippy and especially Rimmin who did a rendition of the catching fire speech from the Hunger Games. Eventually I left Sith, and one-by-one so did everyone else, that's when we formed NN, also known as the Neighbourhood Nightwatch to stick together as a group and basically just say anything we wanted with no actual repurcussions because it was only us in there, it was a good time. Some people I haven't mentioned yet who are/were part of NN and have made an impact on me as a person/should get a mention anyway are @Mono, @Marlu, @Apple, @Auzii, @Joshv676, Tackxo (who I can't @ for some reason), @Shepard and the big man himself, @zaspan I guess you're all caught up now, I'm Sky CO and hopefully I don't fuck it up, but we'll have to wait and see, I do some wacky things sometimes. Conclusion I'll be perfectly honest, I know not many of you care, and even less of you will actually read most of, if any of this, but that's not really why I'm posting it, I'm posting it because I have literally spent a year of my life playing Garry's Mod, and if I'm being honest, I don't know if I'd have preferred to spend it doing sonething else. However, I have spent it playing Garry's Mod and I've learnt a lot about myself as a human being and am still learning a lot. I've had my ups and downs with IG, and when I say ups and downs, I mean this is has been like a fucking rollercoaster, but I wouldn't have it any other way, it helps me learn and grow as a person. To those who don't like me, this post isn't going to change anything, just know I don't hold any real bad blood with members of the community, and to those who do like me, thanks, makes me feel like a good human being or something. To everyone who I've spoken to after all this time, thanks for it, I have grown and changed as a person and my life has changed immensely after all these years, but a constant in my life has been Star Wars RP and it has been something I've been able to go back to when times are tough and when I want to celebrate good times. This is not a resignation, I don't plan to resign for the forseeable future anyway, I've been here for a very long time and want to be here when this Server goes down. Thank you, sorry if I @'d you and you don't care, but I wanted to share it because it is a very large portion of my life dedicated to this video game and various communities within it. Kind regards, - Bailey
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