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  1. Hi all, Never really thought this would happen but life tends to show you otherwise so i'll keep this short. For those who don't know me, I'm Archer, I joined IG in early 2018 after leaving a previous community and since then I dedicated a good portion of my time to enjoying the server and the great community that also play this server, I rose in ranks, got into trouble (occasionally), got shot at (a lot *cough* jman *cough*), became a member of staff, saw some of the best moments, saw some of the lower ones and met some great people along the way. My journey with IG has unfo
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  2. You know, the shower incidents were traumatic and abusive, but I can't say that I don't miss them
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  3. Hello IG, Many of you aren't going to care about this, but I do and I'd like to share it with the community anyway. Introduction I planned to make a post about this a while ago, and if I'm being honest, I actually never thought it would happen (or hoped it'd happen if I'm being honest), I've been playing GMod for nearly 6 years now (holyfuckingshit) and I started playing SWRP in late 2015, so 4 and a half years of SWRP. I had about 100 hours of GMod prior to SWRP, just random bullshit with my mates like Melonbomber and ZS. Tonight I achieved the "Addict" achievement for GMo
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  4. Yeh, i KNOW i have seen you around, very active and one of the best Shock troopers, PACs are great, SUPER trustworthy, Really hope i to can see these on the server
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  5. Join me in the addict club.
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  6. i stopped playing gmod at 4k hours then IG got me back into Garrys mod, the server is very unique and is a bar higher then other servers and has kept me around for a while now and i am not planning to leave anytime soon
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  7. Changelog: Soundboard rule has been removed. Please use common sense when using soundboards.
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