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    1 YEAR! Hello all reading this, today is my very special 1 year anniversary of Imperial Gaming. Today a year ago i joined this server, i joined with 2 of my friends (Seer, Barry) we tried out for 212th they got in i did not. From there i joined the Shock Division i spent a whole 3 days in it! i know such a long time, this was when Tree was Brigadier. After the required period of waiting i joined 212th this was the first time i met and spent time with Fred, Moey and Verstappen. One of my first events that i was apart of (offship wise) was a bridge battle ish thing, I remember us dropping behind enemy lines and landing in a river we died but it was really cool. Anyway i joined Shock back again and went through multiple commanders my favourite being Theo the chad who had a PAC that dabbed (not kidding), i then had Ash as my commander then Galle then back to Ash it was very complicated but it was good fun. I ended shock with around 200+ days in it and 500+ arrests 300+ processing, this was due to multiple reasons some of which i do not want to disclose but in general i was bored. when i left shock i was approached by Dax Star asking if i wanted to join ISC, i said yes and joined. i went to join Hammer at the time and when Castle left took over (this is the transition to TT). I then saw the Event Team recruiting ad thing and decided why not. I did my app and somehow idk how but Rook accepted This leads me to today where i am a full EM and Squadron Leader i would like to say thanks to all that have helped me and been so kind to me throughout this year i have been on and it been a real great time. I will not post pictures if i can find them (my PC had to factory restart and i lost most F). So yeah hello all and yay 1 year!
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    Hey guys, We haven't had a post in here in a while and I wanna change that up a bit, with all the hubub and craziness going on in everyone's lives right now, as well as stress and other shit making people feel bad during this time. So, I want to host a game night / tournament even (if we get enough players that is) where we can all get together as a community and shoot the shit out of each other in a non-competitive (or a competitive) setting if people feel up to it. I've been apart of the community for a very long time now and it slowly feels as if we're growing apart slightly, which is fine in essence, because people are different, and I'd love to get a bunch of us together to chat shit and shoot each other in a fun game. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, and I know some people don't like the game, but VALORANT is a free FPS shooter made by Riot Games, the people who made League of Legends. Its pretty low impact for those of you without a monster gaming PC and has the best parts of both Overwatch and CS:GO (in my opinion) and could be fun. If you somehow haven't seen the game, here's the cinematic trailer. If you're interested let me know below and I'll try and set something up.
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    The following rules are the Imperial Gaming Teamspeak rules, they are being updated as of the 3rd of June, 2020 to fit closer to our current playerbase style, as well as to iron out any misconceptions people may have about the rules on the Imperial Gaming Teamspeak. There are no current rules and in the past they have been guessed or assumed by many, including myself. A friendly reminder that any attempt to circumvent these rules, and/or exploit gray areas will be met with punishments that the teamspeak team sees fit. General Rules Be friendly to all members of the community. Do not harass, insult or bully anyone within the community. There is a line between having a disagreement with someone and harassing them. Racism and prejudice will be met with punishments. This is different in essence to the rule on the forums as Teamspeak is slightly more laid back in regards to the rules. Though, as stated earlier, anything meant to be insulting to a race or group of people will be dealt with and punishments will be handed out. Do not impersonate other members of the community. Do not Dox members of the community. Any information someone wants left private needs to stay private. Advertising other Servers and/or your application/appeal on the forums is against the rules. Twitch streams and other social medias are fine (assuming of course, that they're yours and not someone else's). Do not use more than one teamspeak instance concurrently. There is to be no innapropriate content such as pornography linked anywhere or shown anywhere, there are people under the age of 18 on Teamspeak and showing them such content is a federal offence. There are a variety of people within the community, and especially on our Teamspeak. It is not your job to please them all, but be respectul of people's views and their life choices, even if you don't agree with it. If you find a problem with the Teamspeak permissions, do not exploit it or attempt to re-create it, report it immediately, if caught doing so punishments will be handed out. Channel Rules Your channel must follow the above rules. Your channel must be easily identifiable as yours. This can be done by having your name in the title, or having it mentioned prominently in the description of the channel. You may not harass or insult other members of the community with your channel names or descriptions. You may kick people out of your private channel for any reason you desire, you may not kick people out of public channels (such as the Navy channel, for example) Your channel will not be moved up or down at any request, it stays where it is unless you have a good reason for it to be moved. If someone transfer's their channel into your sub-channel or similar, in the description you need to have something identifying that they are the owner of the channel. Teamspeak Avatar Rules It may not violate any rules stated earlier, such as harassing or bullying other members of the community. There may not be any political or sexual content in your teamspeak avatar, this is up to the discretion of the teamspeak and management teams if it toes the line.
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    Well after seeing Angus post about it being one year since he decided to join the sever it got me thinking, and I realised that its been nearly two years since I started playing IG and Star Wars RP as a hole and its been a interesting ride. although IG was my first sever I started playing on I spent from around this time last year up a few weeks before its death on old EG, I don't really remember much from this time just that the second regiment I joined was VF then I joined shock, then Shadow then Sith. around the time of December of 2018 I got back to playing on IG and joined Shadow when Wingzar and Cecil where CO and 2ndIC and where low level staff. surprisingly enough I stopped playing on IG for 6 month until the 28th of may where I joined the regiment everyone knew me as ISC, I rocked around in that for 230 something odd days then dipped and joined navy for 60 days under a different name. When I left navy and started going by Dax in game again and was generally surprised with the amount who thought I gone inactive. For about a week I did what 6th army did best and fucked around for said week which was entertaining but then I wanted to join a regiment, and there where a few options so I chucked out a few cheeky PMs asking some COs and officer if they had any CL3 spots open in there regiment and Scape goat the commander of NOVA Responded saying that there a few and that there where going to be tryouts tomorrow. So I tried out for nova and got in, been in nova since then and I have no plans to leave. over all I would say that I have had a great time playing on this sever and spent a lot of night where I could of been spending some much needed time on homework instead on the sever which isn't a negative. Reflecting on my self in these past two years I realised I have gone from some squeaker with a dog shit 5 dollar mic to who I am now, spent 2000s hours in Gmod and that I always find something mingy to do in my down time on there sever when board.
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    Hey Dax, we've had some fun times in ISC. Can't wait for whats to come!
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    I had a stroke reading this. Nonetheless mate, thanks for sticking around, its a fun Server and fun gamemode if you make the most of it.
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    I never left, I changed my name to Krimson when I joined Imperial Commandos for RP purposes. @Welly
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    Now that's pretty gamer
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    I think he is one of my new recruits, not too sure though...
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    was always alive, just never said anything... and im trying to get a new PC, just havent really focused on getting a job cause im behind on school work and stuff .-.
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    Ahhhh! Your alive! Get better PC and thanks
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    SMH ANGUS NOT INCLUDING ME anyway congrats on reaching 1 year on the server, sucks i cant be able to join the server to congratulate you in person. Hope ya stay an EM for longer, hope to be a part of one of your events in the future whenever i get a working computer. im lonely please say hi on discord :)) Sincerely, Solar
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    Congratulations young man, I’ve seen you around for a while didn’t realise just how long it’d been. Here’s to another one.
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    Ah very nice, congratulations to your for being with the community 1 year! We love a loyal member o7
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    Join the One year old Club! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Thought I would post some updates of the map. Feedback would be appreciated.
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    The following rules are the Imperial Gaming Forums rules, they are being updated as of the 2nd of June, 2020 to fit closer to our current playerbase style, as well as to iron out any misconceptions people may have about the rules on the forums and/or to just generally update them to keep housekeeping in check. A friendly reminder that any attempt to circumvent these rules, and/or exploit gray areas will be met with punishments that the forums team sees fit. General Rules Be friendly to all members of the community. Do not harass, insult or bully anyone in the community, there is a line between disagreeing with someone and harassing them. Any and all forms of racism aren't tolerated, any and all derogatory terms will be met with a warning. Do not impersonate other members of the community at all, jokes will not be tolerated. Do not Dox members of the community in any way, shape or form. This includes revealing information such as their name and other personal details they don't wish to be disclosed to the community. Advertising anything is strictly forbidden, this goes for twitch streams and staff applications. In order to advertise twitch streams you need to apply to be an official IG Twitch Streamer. Management are exempt from this rule and can link anything they feel they need to. Creating or using alternate accounts on the forums is forbidden, if you want a new account, speak to the forums team or put in a name change support ticket. There is to be no innapropriate content on the forums, this includes, but is not limited to posts, the chatbox, profile pictures, forums signatures and on profiles. Innapropriate content includes pornography, racism, lewd content and any talk of politics. There are a variety of people within the community, it is not your job to please them all, but be respectful of people's views and life choices, even if you may not agree with it. Post Rules Post threads in the appropriate section of the forums. An example is posting a suggestion is the random discussions rather than the suggestions. Staff Members are the only ones allowed to comment on ban appeals, if a user wants to comment on an appeal they must speak to Management or the ban appeals supervisor. As stated before, no innapropriate content. Do not shitpost. Shitposting is when you create a post that has no meaning or benefit to others and is only made to get your post count up on the forums. Do not create posts over and over in the same post (unless responding to other members who have created a post after yours). Do not post links to other websites with malicious content such as malware or pornography. When you respond to applications, make sure it is a well thought out post that is considerate of all aspects of the applicant and their application. You may only bump your application 7 days from the last post on it. You may not post on a post that hasn't had a post on it for 2 Months. This is called necroposting and is against the rules. Application Rules You are not allowed to advertise any of your applications in any way, shape or form. This will result in the immediate denial of your application. You can not have more than one application up at a time. If you have an EM application up, you can't have a Moderator application up, and vice versa. Only the applicant can bump their application within accordance to the bump rules.
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    who are you again
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    Thank you to @Splonter for the suggestion in regards to soundboards. Update: This is no longer applicable as the rule was removed due to high demand.
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