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    Accepted Congratulations on joining the staff team.
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    Those hangars look huge, damn. They're larger than the ISD map's hangars. The engines could use some polishing though
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    Uuuuhhhhhhh please reapply when you meet the required time!
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    Thought I would post some updates of the map. Feedback would be appreciated.
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    good thinking Edit: don't want what i said to look like i "don't like" this person i was only insinuating that its good hes focusing on School ect
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    The following rules are the Imperial Gaming Forums rules, they are being updated as of the 2nd of June, 2020 to fit closer to our current playerbase style, as well as to iron out any misconceptions people may have about the rules on the forums and/or to just generally update them to keep housekeeping in check. A friendly reminder that any attempt to circumvent these rules, and/or exploit gray areas will be met with punishments that the forums team sees fit. General Rules Be friendly to all members of the community. Do not harass, insult or bully anyone in the community, there is a line between disagreeing with someone and harassing them. Any and all forms of racism aren't tolerated, any and all derogatory terms will be met with a warning. Do not impersonate other members of the community at all, jokes will not be tolerated. Do not Dox members of the community in any way, shape or form. This includes revealing information such as their name and other personal details they don't wish to be disclosed to the community. Advertising anything is strictly forbidden, this goes for twitch streams and staff applications. In order to advertise twitch streams you need to apply to be an official IG Twitch Streamer. Management are exempt from this rule and can link anything they feel they need to. Creating or using alternate accounts on the forums is forbidden, if you want a new account, speak to the forums team or put in a name change support ticket. There is to be no innapropriate content on the forums, this includes, but is not limited to posts, the chatbox, profile pictures, forums signatures and on profiles. Innapropriate content includes pornography, racism, lewd content and any talk of politics. There are a variety of people within the community, it is not your job to please them all, but be respectful of people's views and life choices, even if you may not agree with it. Post Rules Post threads in the appropriate section of the forums. An example is posting a suggestion is the random discussions rather than the suggestions. Staff Members are the only ones allowed to comment on ban appeals, if a user wants to comment on an appeal they must speak to Management or the ban appeals supervisor. As stated before, no innapropriate content. Do not shitpost. Shitposting is when you create a post that has no meaning or benefit to others and is only made to get your post count up on the forums. Do not create posts over and over in the same post (unless responding to other members who have created a post after yours). Do not post links to other websites with malicious content such as malware or pornography. When you respond to applications, make sure it is a well thought out post that is considerate of all aspects of the applicant and their application. You may only bump your application 7 days from the last post on it. You may not post on a post that hasn't had a post on it for 2 Months. This is called necroposting and is against the rules. Application Rules You are not allowed to advertise any of your applications in any way, shape or form. This will result in the immediate denial of your application. You can not have more than one application up at a time. If you have an EM application up, you can't have a Moderator application up, and vice versa. Only the applicant can bump their application within accordance to the bump rules.
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    Big +1. I've known Mauler over the years and there are a lot of good qualities about him that would make him an exceptional addition to the staff team. He's mature, well-known and active, and is always willing to see the best in those around him and for his regiment. Good luck, lad <3
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    Why are you applying to be an Event Master? What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? Events Event #1 Event #2
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    +1 Active, mature, helpful and experienced - all the qualities expected of a moderator. Good luck mayn
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    Notice If you wish for your application to stay up and be looked over further bump your application after this post. Those who do not bump after 3 days will be denied.
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    +1 Sometimes gives me kisses and is very mature
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