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    Tonight the boys decided to try and recreate this "famous" scene from our favourite Star Wars game......Enjoy Credits @pinejack Cal Kestis / Actor - Camera @Kristofer Corporal L9-7240 / Actor - Builder @Daxx Private H1-6972 / Actor @Luigi Captain L8-8345 / Actor @Arkan AT-AT Pilot Markus (left) / Actor @Misahu AT-AT Pilot Jeffery (right) / Actor @Legion BD-01 / Actor
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    The following message was intercepted by Sector Monitors in the Tashtor Sector earlier this morning at 0900 Coruscant Local Time. Portions of the recording have been distorted in order to protect extremely graphic scenes. Please see the Ministry of Information if you would like to withdraw an uncensored version of the recording. Warmest Regards, J. Valentine Team Lead, Ministry of Art and Culture
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    I'm both curious and frightened at the same time
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    Hey guys, So I have re-joined imperial gaming, after my departure on the 21st of January 2019. As a result of the Quarantine, I was given the benefit of eliminating the travel time to and from school, this meant that I could go to bed later and get up later. This left me with a significant amount of free time to kill. So I figured, why not jump on Imperial Gaming and re-visit an old past time. I first hopped on the server on the 5th of April 2020 and went incognito as Private ‘Floofy’. This was mainly so I could run around as an ordinary storm trooper, participate in events, and enjoy the unique experience that Garry’s Mod ImperialRP has to offer, once again. I did this for 2 days until I saw that 62nd Shock Division was hosting tryouts and I figured why not give it a go just for a bit of fun since I had the intention of leaving before the tryouts finished anyway. I was put in a faces box where I then discovered I had completely forgotten about the term ‘decline’, consistently failing to perform 3 ticks of the player model, instead opting to do an incline in the opposite direction to what was being said *facepalm*. I was let through regardless, to the rest of the tryouts, where I found my climbswep skills had not diminished, and I had remembered all of the formations. When it came to the interview stage, I got a little carried away answering all the questions.. and all of a sudden, I was a 62nd Shock Division Trooper. My time in Shock Division lasted almost a month, and thanks to @Eren @Boshi @Stathi @Greyback @Mauler @Binny and the other Shock Boys. I kept coming back every day, participating in events and assisting with the security around the ISD. I was welcomed and encouraged by all the boys in the regiment and they were one of the main reasons I officially was able to come back. Once school was back on and the quarantine school life was over, I developed a routine that not only allowed me enough time to complete all of the school work and my study, but also left me sufficient time to play Garry’s Mod at night. This was enough for me to be able to make the decision to commit to Imperial Gaming again. On the 5th of May, I noticed 17th Sky Division had a new commander (@Bailey), the Sky models had recently been changed, and an update had been made to the jetpacks. This allowed me to see real promise in the reg that I had loved and nurtured for so long. I joined the Sky Division Tryouts where I then noticed an old friend @John was also participating in the tryouts at the same time (keep in mind I’m still incognito as Floofy) increasing my anticipation and excitement for my return. The tryout went well and I was accepted into the regiment. The second I was a 17th Sky Division Trooper, I changed my name back to Planz, which to me, cemented my return to the server. Since then, I have immensely enjoyed my time in Sky, rekindling my love for the jetpacks and the tactical advantages it provides, as well as the tight connection and bond that is formed between regiment members, as a result of the training required for performing tricky manoeuvres or assaults. I look forward to reconnecting with old friends, as well as making new friends that joined after I left. And as I always use to say... Cheers, Planz Have a Good One All! ;D
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    They’re trying to get that bread don’t disrespect 😤😤😤
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    Man, this video has some great editing
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    K BYE catch me in discord sometime
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    After two long years, it finally goes public. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the premiere. There's much more to come so stay tuned. <3
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    @Luigi I didn't know how amazing of a voice actor you are omg
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    @Ragdig was touched inappropriately by @Luigi in the shrine of planz in old JT Bunks while you were gone.
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    I sat through all these loud people in TS because I seeked social refuge
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    No its your turn to report the fatalities!
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    I enjoyed the video, however, the only thing I suggest is making sure during cuts the viewers eyes stay in the same spot. For example, if a lightsaber swings over to the middle right of the screen, the next jump cut should start the focal point in the same spot; it helps the story flow and the human brain enjoy it more even subconsciously. Cool work though, good to take up new hobbies and I can only see you getting better at it. PS, the original paint it black is better than this cover.
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    +1 Mix of positive reasons above
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    +1 During my stint of time within the community prior to my departure I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know this fine individual both whilst he was fulfilling his Event Master duties and when he was just a user. Sky was always a respectful and conscientious individual who upheld the server rules and was quick to inform others when they were doing things they should not have been, a desirable trait to have as a member of the Moderation team. I understand that Sky has had a somewhat lengthy period of inactivity from which, from what I have read in the previous responses he has only recently returned, however I feel as though Sky is committed to re-injecting himself into the community to stay. I have the utmost confidence that if given the opportunity that Sky will be able to uphold a good rapport with the community as well as thrive in a Moderation capacity. I wish you the best of luck Sky and hope you can show to those who do not know you as well just how deserving of this role you truly are. Some constructive criticism however from the self proclaimed forums formatting king, I would suggest revising your overall application formatting as I feel there is some adjustments you could further make to allow your application stand out from the pack a little more. In addition, you have some spelling errors within your application that you should revisit and correct in order to increase the overall professionalism of the application. With regards to the application responses themselves your answers are overall good and in-line with what is good to see from a Moderation candidate however if I were to delve deeper and nitpick at each response like I have done with several applications in the past I would personally conclude that your answers should be further developed and fleshed out as they are more or less bordering on the somewhat basic level. Regards, Sully
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    Neutral You are a good guy but at times you can be a bit aggressive towards other players. Like the situation last night. You and kippy were going at it and you called him a moron. I feel you can make a good moderator but need to learn to approach situations better, instead of calling him a moron you could have left it and let IHC or NHC deal with it by contacting them. even though it was in role-play it isn't a very good look. but it could have been justified
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    As a Rebel myself I find this disrespetful.
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