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    Before a month of hard work goes towards the expansion (here), the past few weeks the development team has been putting in hard work to keep the imperial server fresh and new with content for everyone to enjoy. Please all the new changes below. Content Added Microtransactions! After many, many requests from users we have decided to finally add more micro transactions into the donation store, please contact a staff member in game after purchasing to receive the product. Some of the micro transactions are listed below. (If they are not on the store right now they should be up later today) Credits may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 500 credits Points may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 1000 points You may buy permanent guns that will stick to your character regardless of your role including Cycler Rifle - $40 RPS-6 - $50 Star Wars Laser - $100 Permanent Health Boosts (stackable 5 times up to 500 extra health) 50 HP - $5 100 HP - $10 250 HP - $25 Mission Skips Skip any mission completely for $10 per mission (whole mission not just level) Promotions - you must complete the required test to be promoted after purchasing, you will not be refunded for failing. CL-1 > CL-2 - $10 CL-2 > CL-3 - $25 CL-3 > CL-4 - $40 CL-4 > CL-5 - $80 CL-5 > CL-6 - $120 CL-6 > ALL ACCESS - $200 and Management Decision Speech Bubble When someone is typing a speech bubble should appear above their head, this is for those people without microphones as it can be hard to tell when people are typing Content Updated/Changed Precaching We have heard your words about precache instability and so the following changes will be made in hopes of reducing the load on the server Precache time will be extended to 1 hour Each precache will occur every 5 seconds Balance Changes We have been working closely with the balance team in order to refine the combat aspect of the server to ensure that events are fair for all. ID-10 Dio Base Health increased from 200 to 400 to reflect his armour capabilities Added Bacta Grenade to reflect his already-existent bacta injector Added the new "Droid Minigun" which has roughly 600 RPM I believe with 20 damage per bullet. Area Access clearance changed to All Access as he is a surveillance droid Scatter Shotgun The scatter shotgun will be buffed to 75 damage as it is rather underpowered Sith Lightsaber Damage from 25 to 100 to reflect a real lightsaber Force Leap can now noclip you through walls when stood directly next to them Force Heal now heals roughly 10x the original healing, and may be used in combat. Event Characters All event characters regardless of the event masters event will receive 200 armour to compensate for the mass amount of troopers, this should give them more of a fighting chance and smooth events out a lot. Default event model changed from ST to Palpatine Mission Progress After many months of testing the experimental system of missions, the mission system will be wiped tomorrow. Good job to everyone who prestiged this time around Mission Completion is made roughly 5-10x harder to make prestiging a privilege In line with the Microtransaction update you must pay $25 to prestige Content Removed Climb Swep After a long discussion with all of management we have decided to finally remove climb swep, it is clearly a break of role play and has no use on the server Recruits Recruitment slows down the process and roughly 70% of all players joined are still recruit as they never finish training due to boredom, for this reason players will join straight into the 6th Army Brigade, and more regular training within the regiment will be done Crashes Thanks to player and community feedback we've decided to remove crashes completely from our servers in an effort to increase player satisfaction and immersion. This feature wasn't working as intended, its sad to see it go but its for the better. This will also be the first collaborative changelog in light of the new changes, feel free to comment any thoughts or suggestions below
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    Hello IG Community We are proud to present our next expansion: Watch the video before revealing the surprise
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    Coming... ...when it's ready.
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    > Forum post suggesting Dio nerf Dev team: Lets give him 200 more health AND All access
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    I think you forgot to put this addon on the change logs https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888460770
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    cant believe management would stoop this low to be able to afford there Uber-eats SMH!!!!!
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    @Rickle makes come back, sells bitcoin, buys everything, watches server burn muahahah
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    Used me insanely enhanced skills of deduction and know this is 1000% april fools no lego clone wars BUT INSTEAD OG PROPER CLONE WARS COME BACK TIME BABY LET'S GOOOOO MANAGEMENT TEAM CAN'T FOOL ME. If it's lit just might have to come back
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    So uhhh.. @Happy It's time for you to come out of your hidey hole, it's time to reform the Order.
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    @Vadrian return time?
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    this is better than imperial already
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    I don’t know how this one will pan out but I think it’s a much needed change.
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    alright, i bought the star wars laser.
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    i made this for FG pepehands
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    I really hope it is and isn't at the same time but it's gotta be April fools
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    Why restrict his RP as a nerf. It simply wont work because when DIO in RP can kill people, if he does too good a job people could blame him anyway. No it simply wont work and will be abused or mis-reported. Plus what does DIO do if there are no INF on? Does he just sit around doing nothing? If you want to nerf DIO reduce his base HP to 100-50hp, he is a small infiltrator droid, not a giant tanky one. Nerfing his HP pool will force DIO to take on a more conservative/supporting role as he will be less able to survive on his own. Hopefully this will make the person who plays DIO (currently phobia) rely more on his INF team to help him clean house in events. Forcing someone to change their play style because people get pissed of at how many people he kills due to perks that he has bought himself over many hours of gameplay is... unfair, un-fun and a great way to get someone to leave the role as it seems most of you dont have a issue with DIO but with Phobia. I dont mean to dog pile this opinion onto the huge pile already being created but, some of these ideas are just brain dead. Restricting his pointshop weapons? His random weapons because its not lore friendly or OP? since when did troopers walk around with 7 fucking guns aye? Primary, Secondary, Speical, Roles Primary, Roles Secondary, Random weapon, (not all regiments) Role Specialist weapon. Also how is this No Self healing going to work? Its already nerfed to shit, he can't heal 10 seconds after damage? "just use the droid healing station" All of the off ship maps dont have them and only half of the rotation maps do. What is a medic going to heal him? I thought bacta didnt work on machines? Mabey the medical droid, yes lets force Phobia to constantly do quests so he can heal himself with the medical droid. Oh and then there are the cloak restrictions, personally I think its already quite nerfed, only good while walking, takes around 50% more damage when shot in cloak and EVERYONE ELSE SHOOTS IN CLOAK AS WELL often with snipers, from long distance (could be wrong about the extra damage while in cloak, never used it). In conclusion, nerf his HP, in lore he is a machine you can litterally hold, he shouldn't have the same amount of base HP as trooper fully clad in armor, drop a brick on a trooper and it will knock them out, drop a brick on dio and you destroyed a machine.
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    +1 Storm I have just read over your event ideas the first two are alright, they have sort of been done before. However, I like the way you try to develop an interesting/new back-story behind all the events. Your answers to the questions on the application could be a little bit more detailed but they are still sufficient enough for the application. I am also increasingly seeing you around the server in VF doing things and it seems like you are mature and trusted enough for the role.
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    Mega hype, what about PAC3 though?
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    1+ good guy - warns from yonks back so it dose not really affect the present
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    Big +1 I don't think it should matter where someone's been, in my honest opinion. A lot of us have been in many different servers in one time or another, so naturally things are going to look a bit odd when they decide to return/settle down in one particular place. I've known Razzle since the old days of IG, late 2017-ish, and not only has he matured as an individual, but as a player in both his RP and knowledgable experience. He is extremely talented with PAC3 and would be a great addition to the team to help others out wherever needed. I think he deserves as much a chance as any other to have the ability to use PAC on the server. Best of luck, Razzle.
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    better idea: everyone sits around in a circle and tells the group one at a time their name and their hobby
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    Is this only meant to be 40 seconds long?
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    You've done so much. Thank you for being with us. o7
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