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    The 62nd Shock Division was punished by Emperor Palpatine for the murder of Bob. Here's what happened.
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    Hey guys just wanted to leave this here for ya'll. Join the Navy!
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    u made me sad when you left engies :C
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    Shock lives matter. ;)
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    ngl this is fucking hilarious
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    bro the emperor kept on saying something about “sith”, what’s up with that though 🤔 💭
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    This isn't free toilet paper
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    marlu created the lines. Hmm yes. he started it.
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    Watch yourself, that’s my line.
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    Very little effort has been put into this application. 1 sentence answer per question just makes it appear as you are doing the bare minimum to apply. What's to say you don't do the bare minimum as a staff member on the server? Also, I don't really know you at all but you've been around, seeing as you have 2 weeks on the server. So I'm not too sure. -1 For now... P.S: When did you first join the server (and if it was a long time ago, how long ago did you return to the server?)
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    Uhhhhhhhh.... Check yourself you're What are you going to do Aye its my mang man engineer
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