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    Here is some good ol' Nostalgia from back in I think January 2018? Anyway some good ol people including (The man the myth the legend) Sheckelburg, JD, Bossk, Jimbob, YamSpastic & Bass among other peeps. yes i know the video is cringy and bad Petition to bring the old Child Pilot models back!
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    Hello IG Recently the server has become quite busy and we are doing a bit of research on YOU the player. If you find yourself unable to join the server because it is full please fill out the form below so we can try and help remedy this in future. Oh and by the way enjoy double XP from now until next week (30/03/2020) Happy Roleplaying. https://forms.gle/1vQAfHBJguHU4ha4A Appreciate your help in this research - Management, Developer Team
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    Thought this was about the 62nd, although I am not dissapointed.
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    Rescue Trooper Daven o7
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    Man, those were the days. Plutonic and the Medical Corps, Shekelburg as head of the Prophets. Real good memories.
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    I know its cringe but I post it in hopes that maybe I just made someone out there's day
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    I look forward to seeing your applications. Regards, Secretary Butcher Recruitment and Training Officer
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    Definitely a great game, watched so many videos on it that I've ruined the game for myself unfortunately.
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    Reg Gov for best regiment, picking up CFP's slack
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