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    Well it's time. Firstly I would like to thank the entirety of the Imperial Gaming Community for everything you have all given me, help me achieved, supported me and allowed me to be the best I could be on the server, whilst supporting my efforts as the Grand General for the period I served the role. I have come to the decision that I am leaving the server, and the community. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. I would also like to thank the following: @Wolf Where do I begin, you entrusted me with the highest military rank achieveable, allowed me to progress through the ranks of Commander, all the way through Imperial High Command and I cannot thank you enough. I am also glad to be able to call you a great friend, and I can't thank you enough for your ongoing support. @Chopz You were my Commander from day 1 and to this day will always be the real OG Commander in my eyes. Without you I would never have achieved where I am today, so thank you. @Lucky My faithful Second in Command, You supported me throughout the rough times we faced in Imperial High Command, supported me when it got tough, and took the mantle while I was unable to be there due to other commitments. I thank you for everything you helped me achieve, and I look forward to your growth as the new Grand General. @Jman1308 Thank you so much for everything you helped me with, from trusting me with the Army restructure, to the rebuilding of Imperial High Command, and from taking the reigns from Wolf and still having the same faith and trust in me to do what I needed to do. @Welshy You were my partner in crime, and still are, however I thank you for the great times we had on the server, to the trouble we caused and the trouble we got ourselves into. I thank you. @Grif The mini Lucky if ever I had seen it. I can't thank you enough for your commitment and support within Imperial High Command, and your efforts that made the role of others and the server more fun and enjoyable. Thank you. @Ghost4448 The hot head of Imperial High Command, next to Welshy lol. Thank you so much for everything you have done, you have shown alot of potential, and still to this day continue to put the effort in and I can not thank you enough. @Theta The salad general himself. If Grif is the mini Lucky, you are the mini Grif. in saying that, you have lived up to all expectations and more, you have shown me how faithful and reliable you are, and I can not thank you enough for everything you have done. @Ragetank The second bulky boi, my identical twin....just smaller. Thank you for everything you have done, from copying my size in PAC3 to being extrodinary in your dev work for the server, to maintaining and supporting the security forces on the server. @Loki The glue of Army High Command, you were there when things got tough for all of Imperial High Command, and without you things would have fallen apart. I thank you for supporting everyone when it got tough and for being a fantastic General. @Tinky SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. But in all seriousness, thank you so much brother, for everything. From being a fantastic Commander, to becoming a brilliant Brigadier General, I know you will go far, just have faith and continue pushing. Thank you so much brother. Theres obviously alot more people I would like to thank however this post doesnt need to be over 3 pages and the list of the other end probably longer. I will still be around in the server's Team Speak, however my time in game has come to an end. Again thank you all so much. Sincerely Hammer.
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    i will be running some adventures league legal adventures to get leveled then ill be starting a toa campaign after that hit me up on disc lister #0744 or reply to this thread i will be starting at lvl 1 with some tier 1 toa adventures to get people to lvl 3 then going straight in to the jungles of chult currently i have 5 spots availiable ( i refuse to run tables of over 6 people combats get way too long ) link to season 9 al documentation https://dndadventurersleague.org/season-9-campaign-documentation-release/
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    I thought it'd never come to this but, I've thought long and hard recently. A lot of events have happened to my recently in real life which has caused me to become very isolated from the community. Recently my brother sustained a traumatic injury which was self inflicted, for the past few weeks he's been in the hospital and now a mental ward to assess his capabilities in returning to society. It's been hard and depressing for me lately to even find time or the enjoyment to come online and talk to people about it. Unfortunately I'll be departing from the community due to these factors I had hoped it that it would've been under less depressing circumstances. Personally I'd like to thank everyone in the community as a whole for the fun times and banter, it's been a wild ride and unfortunately this is my stop. I'd like to thank a few people before I depart from the community as a whole. @Kristofer My Pantheon Brother, whilst I was still an owner of my own community you introduced me to this one. @Rivers You'll have to carry on the Director Kevin jokes now, Thanks for being my 7th Padawan back on clonewars. @Luigi Probably the best Candidate I could have had for Obi Wan, second to Kosmos, I'll miss ya man. @wflizzi Another solid 7th Padawan, mainly for the jokes. @Bailey Cheers for accepting me into the Event Master team, it was definitely a fun experience. @SiegeMonkey Worst Commander on Clone Wars and worst Range Trooper Commander. On a side note for anyone who cares. I'll still make the models I promised and upload them to the workshop. It'll just be some time before I decide to considering the current situation. Thanks for having me -Mongo.
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    [SIMPS > HAMMER] Enroute. but also bye o7
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    Celestial Power https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Project_Celestial_Power What is Celestial Power? Celestial Power is a research team within the Empire that researches ways to harness energy to provide power to worlds ravaged and impoverished by the Clone War. At least, that's what we want you to know. In reality, Celestial Power researches ways to harness the immense energy from kyber crystals in order to power our Empire's most powerful weapon; the Death Star. Build and research the superweapon, crush the rebellion and bring back peace and order back to the galaxy. What do you do in Celestial Power? In celestial power, you will be provided with a large and brand new RP avenue to further improve and increase your RP experience on the server. You will get to conduct research RP into kyber crystals and how to harness the energy from them. You will create prototypes and dioramas. You will continue the progress of the Death Star's superweapon. You will also be able to conduct kyber crystal mining operations and cargo transports whenever necessary, and even conduct them with more... clandestine methods, with approval. You will work directly under Director Orson Callan Krennic, the director of AWR and the project director of Celestial Power. What are the requirements? There are minimal requirements for Project Celestial Power. The project is simply purely roleplay. The only thing we ask from you is good RP skills and dedication towards your work, be a trustworthy individual, as well as maybe some document writing skills if you're interested in that sort of RP. Apply Now! https://forms.gle/F7tKEjoTjSKr1rfTA
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    This isn't even English to me, please explain lol.
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    You seem like you know what you are doing. Always like to see people setting up DND for the community. Good luck to those who play.
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    Yes, finally I will be the thiccest boi aboard the ship. Going to miss seeing your chunkyness around <3
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    I'mma grow the broadest shoulders imaginable and give you the manliest salute I can give, because that's what the manliest man on the server deserves. o7 What an absolute unit. Best of luck.
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    Know we didn't necessarily see eye to eye in majority of situations, can't blame you for hating the Bureau, but the Community will miss you Hammer. You served as a great Grand General and probably a better friend to most. Take it easy Hammer, all the best for your future mate.
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    You ripped a chunk out of my heart brother
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    Dang bro, I remember the photo you posted at the very top there. It was one of the first days or so I joined the server. Im pretty sure from memory im the little ST in the left window. You were such a role model for me when i saw you as the big dog co of 996th and playing with your boys standing on the red line of IHC. From then i took everything more seriously and landed myself a go as a CO just like you. You have always been a sick lad even though i only really spoke to you a fair bit when lucky was CO. GG brother, plz dont pull me over IRL
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    Best of luck it the future Hammer, would be golden if you pulled over Tinky for a driving ticket . fr though, got a screenshot from ages ago when Tinky was only a 2LT and Dunkirk was CO. (Was taken in March of 2019 sorry for bad quality it had to be fished out of storage) https://gyazo.com/5fb8365c2294226046962cc7b33768ec (The shit we used to do in 996, and then I would remember you running out of the hallways to do a mass 996 purge ) https://gyazo.com/cd064c821f005652ca0e3f4cbb9885e5
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    Poseidon was arguably the biggest AU SWRP server for its time and didn't have climbswep and it stayed that way despite other servers having it available for every player.. imo climbswep should be a unique thing for scout regiments
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    See ya Hammer ✌️ Best luck in your future endeavors see you on TS sometime 🙂
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    cya big dog, was fun watching you go through the ranks. Was always fucking hilarious watching you whip out your new paste bin pac's back in the day. good luck in your future endeavours man x
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    Legit Hammer, bro when i met you i thought you were the biggest tough nut i knew, but I got to know you and far out your a bogan, but legit man I hope you enjoy your journey of life man keep being a coppa and doing all that, and chuck us ya ciggies dog 'Hammy Bottom Call'
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    This one got me man. Hammer, you weren't just great, you was a legend. o7. Everything I said in my DMs to you previously encapsulates my feelings. See you around hopefully man.
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    Bye bye hammer Twas a pleasure to meet you and talk to you with the limited conversations we ever had Bets of luck with your future and anything you set your mind too - Delta
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    Hello Family, I genuinely believe that you all deserve an explanation as to my attitude and behavior as of late, now I will not in the slightest state that this is an excuse or even exempts me from criticism of how I was but I do hope that this at the very least explains why I became the sort of person that I am. Going from someone who genuinely views everyone here as a family, to someone who pushed everyone away in the name of 'role-play' as an emotionless member of CompForce. There is a level of humanity that needs to be kept, and during a very emotional time, I dropped it to cope with my own personal deeds - Which I am willing to explain now that I have conquered the hardest part of it. Not all of you know this, but one big reason why I dipped in activity a little back was because I had become homeless for a small while and it took me a bit to get into a housing situation, setup with Centerlink and all that entertaining things that come with it. Since then I have tried my best to find odd jobs here and there, working casually whilst also juggling university on the side. Recently I had heavily considered stepping away permanently from Imperial Gaming because I was treating friends terribly, as well as being a pain on the server when I truly didn't need to - All because of anxieties and depression, my university canceled my courses which had forced me to go into TAFE QLD which has added more money onto my weekly budgeting and with that I had to choose between education, food, and rent, which made me drift into the server to escape reality. It had gotten to the point where I had homelessness looming over me and I simply couldn't stand it anymore, and I will admit that if it weren't for my loving partner that I would of slumped back into old habits that had took years to work out of. Luckily for me, my head listened to her and I swallowed my pride to speak about it with family members - Of whom has graciously decided to assist me, to how much degree is not going to be disclosed but I will say that I am no longer in a dark place and am no longer too worried about becoming homeless. The point of this thread I guess is two-fold, an explanation upon my recent ways, and a genuine apology to those that I have caused ill-will to. I will not tag anyone, but those of you whom I have had conflicts with recently know who I mean and that it is directed towards them. I am sorry, and do genuinely plan to be better. Sincerely, Sky. P.S. If anyone is going through any terrible situations, I do not care to what degree, my inbox is open and so is my discord (𝕷𝖆𝖗𝖘#8168) If you cannot get yourself to talk to family or friends, I am here for you.
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    Will just make a script that stops people from spamming the elevator buttons or pressing them when they're in movement - simple.
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    If this is the case, then climbswep itself should be removed from the server. The reason why we have climbswep is for convenience of the players to be able to get to areas and make it easier to get around. If we are truely basing it off immersion then yes, it is in a way FailRP to climbswep up an elevator, but at the same time this would also make it failrp to scale vertical walls with just your hands, especially when the walls are inclined. In reality the idea of climbswep itself is not RP friendly, but it allows for more flexibility and easy access for the users which in my opinion is more of a benefit then negative even if it sacrifices a small amount of immersion. Complete SeriousRP is simply not achievable on a Garry’s mod server without sacrificing many benefits and comforts that allows majority of the populace of the server to have a more enjoyable experience. In order to achieve balance on the server I believe it is necessary to sacrifice some factors of seriousrp for the enjoyment of the player, in this case it would be the idea of climbswep. Climbswep is a very useful tool and makes everyone’s lives so much easier, In reality if you intend to ban 1 aspect of climbswep such as climbing up an elevator due to it being ‘FailRP’ or disorderly conduct then the argument should be used the same for every use of climbswep when scaling a wall when it is above DEFCON 4. I see this decision causing more harm then good, it is evident that majority of the player base will happily sacrifice a small amount of immersion if it means they have easier and more effective ways to get around, even more so when climbing up an elevator has little to no effect on others.
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    What Goliath said. Add more commonly used Twitch emotes like PepeHands, Pepega, etc.
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    +1 - Active, Friendly, Great PAC3 Examples, Has been trusted with Pac before and didn't break any rules. He should be trusted again.
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    Didn't interact with you much besides some demotion reports & arresting you that one time on the DS-01, but the impact you've made on military is definitely noteworthy - your influence cannot be understated. Goodbye & goodluck.
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