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    Blew me up with smart launcher, plz ban. Nah but, welcome, don't really remember you from clonewars but seen you around heaps.
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    Started to wonder how insane the films would get if the server was "in" them, here is the end result - Depending on how high your volume is, might want to turn it down for this one - A few short clips from the movies, just chucked in random encounters from the server. Enjoy! IG in the Star Wars Movies (Dubbed).mp4
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    Hey everyone, So I've been back on the server for about 6 weeks now after a very long break from gmod and PC in general. Some of you may remember me from around a year ago back on the clone wars server or not, no offence taken. It's good to see the familiar faces from back then and some new ones too. The community is thriving and I'm glad to be back! See y'all around the ISD -Apple
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    “Today we fight for more than the Republic. Today we fight for all our brothers back home.” Welcome back gamer.
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    Hi my name is cloud before i change my name i was Alter, im coming back from my break and a lot of things has changed on the server. I hope i see you guys on the server and become friends Thank you Cloud
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    What Goliath said. Add more commonly used Twitch emotes like PepeHands, Pepega, etc.
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    Uh, what are you on about mate? A different set of css.... That's not a thing bud. If you mean change the theme, that'll run you 40 bucks max. Forum mod ≠ web dev
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