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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, we're back! Welcome to IMPERIAL AWARDS What is Imperial Awards? For those who haven't been around for a very long time, Imperial Awards was a monthly awards ceremony featuring unique awards every month. And, now that I've returned, It became decently popular the first time I did it, and became a topic for the community to strive towards and laugh together with, so I've decided to bring it back. There are 5 categories that change every month, so everyone has an opportunity to win! By going to the nominations link, you can fill out a form of who you th
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  2. The ability to kick management out of our own TS channel
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  3. Celestial Power https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Project_Celestial_Power What is Celestial Power? Celestial Power is a research team within the Empire that researches ways to harness energy to provide power to worlds ravaged and impoverished by the Clone War. At least, that's what we want you to know. In reality, Celestial Power researches ways to harness the immense energy from kyber crystals in order to power our Empire's most powerful weapon; the Death Star. Build and research the superweapon, crush the rebellion and bring back peace and order back to the ga
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  4. Heyo IG, I thought I’d jump on this first as is forums tradition I suppose, there is an announcement for a new ‘area’ of Star Wars being explored known as the High Republic. They essentially said in the video below that it’s going to be focused a lot on the Jedi Knights of “the round table” sort of. It seems to be a medieval times meets Western Universe at the time with the Republic being in its best spot ever, but not claiming the whole Galaxy. Nonetheless, I hope they do some good stuff with it because I love me some grizzly Jedi exploring the outer-rim. I hope you all enjoy!
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  5. Idk the math behind it but I think theres a roughly 1 in 15625 chance that you win the jackpot
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  6. Do you mean 'era'? Also, not a big fan - Would rather see Old Republic series.
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  7. star wars rp is epic ive been around gmod for a few years now i take a few long breaks here and there i put no punctuation in my introduction if you guys member voxel/poseidon before they died thats where i used to hang the most tl;dr hello friends
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  8. Hey everybody, now that I got roughly a week on the server I should probably drop a quick introduction: I'm Harry, Imperial Gaming is my first and only SWRP server I've ever really played on and I plan on sticking around for a while. I'm currently a Sergeant in the 62nd Shock Division where I hope to stay in the foreseeable future and become an active member in game, and on the forums. I look forward to spending some time in this community. See you all around
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  9. I think both parties can acknowledge that there were consistent missteps from each side throughout the scenario and nobody was perfect. With that in mind, the two things I would like to address is the decision to allow Bailey to have cloak and the placing of the keycard outside of the brig. The other issues raised aren't considered staff abuse or an abuse of power and fall within a grey area that occurs frequently during RP interactions Firstly, Bailey was given access to cloak based off the fact that he had spent a large amount of the day in and around Comp Force. Due to this, it w
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