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    Denied Your ban appeal has been denied, I checked through logs to see if you actually crashed or dropped connection from the server, when looking through I found that you did indeed leave the server out of your own free will due to you lying on your ban appeal your ban has been increased to 2 weeks. For any inquiries about this contact myself on Teamspeak.
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    Hi!; Hideyoshi Here~ Your Friendly Neighbourhood Weeb!~ I was the Trainer leading your training on the 12/01/2020 (For Firing) and 11/01/2020 (For the whole thing) I get where you are coming from, to some Me not having a Microphone can be disorienting and I perfectly understand that. The reasoning with me not having a Microphone when playing on Imperial Gaming Servers solely lies with me having SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) ; To cope I come onto Imperial where I can still do things that resemble being Social without having to talk to them Face-To-Face as well as having to hide the features that I don't like about myself; and just like you I want to have fun and do the things other people do on this Server (In this Case it's me wanting to train and command Stormtroopers)~ Regarding the Firing Plates and the infamous "Purple"; The Firing Sequence VR VR BB BO UP R BB BO. Many (Including You) Paused Fire upon reaching that part; and at that point I stopped and explained that part and we moved on;~ That's the point of Training to get things wrong and to correct them and our (STC) job is to make branch out in the ways we conduct training; I mean wouldn't it be even more boring if every Trainer did the same repetitive thing every single training however after I explained it there was no way that I could've known that still didn't understand because you never said "Sir! I still don't understand this!~"; The Firing Range Orders were not screw-ups they were just harder then the basic sets we normally do (Which ties into STC's Job to branch out with the type's of training we do) . Next we'll tackle on my inability to use Voice Chat Impacting New Members of SWRP's Knowledge of Faces, Formations, Firing Range+Firing Discipline and Climbswep ~ I will have counter that with the fact I've trained (As of the time of writing) 9 Recruits (People who are completely new to SWRP and have little knowledge of the core Subjects) and none have been reported to have lacklustre knowledge of these Core Subjects. Finally we'll cover the fact that my training take longer since I don't have a mic; and I have to admit me Typing can be tedious at times, however at no point do my training goes past being 10 Minutes Longer then the other training that other STC Members have conducted ~ For Instance; Captain Braytec's Training began at 3:20 PM and ending at 3:40 PM so the training took 20 Minutes; and the training you are referring to in this post began at 6:15 PM and ended at 6:40 PM thus taking 25 Minutes; No way close to the 1 Hour Mark you were mentioning. Also the training that was conducted Yesterday took longer since illnesses were ravaging onto the Troopers and the only Medic was busy partaking to the Medical Assistance of a Higher Rank. That was what made the training longer, Welp;' That's all I wanted to say ~ If you have any Problems or questions about what I just said; Don't Hesitate to contact me on: Crunchyroll Anime Discussion Board PMs (My Username is HideyoshiKinosh-i-ta2. Without the dashses) We can sit down and talk about our favourite animes or Discord; My ID is Hideyoshi#0001 or just In-Game!~ Hope you have a Nice Day Bud!~ Hideyoshi Signing out to watch some more Anime UwU
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    +1 Spent nearly a year with with this guy in the same regiment. Trustworthy and reliable always gets things done, Fun to be with brings positive attitude everywhere. Overall great guy Good Luck
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    I whipped this up in 45 minutes, I do apologise if it's short. Here it is. Hope it's a good read. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. but didn't feel like writing a huge epitaph for all my regiments
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    Very cool website, but information from Legends and even well-established Canon planets such as Ilum are not included within the database. If you wish to visit any planets or systems not listed in Canon, you're out of luck. Could definitely see a lot of use out of this though.
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    Nah, just need to make sure the EM's plan their events weeks in advance.
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    That’s like saying, “Where’s @Emerald and @Brass but.”
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    Hello, My name is Jongtu. I am a 24 year old Sydneysider who recently got up to one week game time on the server. So I thought I better introduce myself. I am a guy who loves video games. However you'll often find me either playing Rugby for my local team, drinking at the pub or at a music festival. People who know me know that I am a laid back guy who can have a laugh and not take things too seriously. They also know I can be a bit of a prick when agitated. I also enjoy stirring people up which you will often see me do. It's nothing personal. Just don't take the bait or it becomes easier. I am also fiercely defensive of my regiment and anything I might consider an attack or targeting of my troops. I am currently Acting Commanding Officer of the Jump Troopers. Along with my CO Sour we have aspirations to turn the regiment around and make it one of the best. Recently in the last week or so this is a goal we have been reaching. More often than not taking first place or a placing in events. I hope to continue on this server and keep pushing the Jump Troopers to greatness and be the best players they can. Thank you. Face reveal for 20 likes.
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    Steam Name: [IG] -_Wind_- SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:93456623 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/James61204/ In Game Name: Wind Time Played Imperial RP: 6w 1d 11h 51m 31s Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? Over my almost year of playing on Imperial Gaming i am yet to receive or even get close to getting a warn. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No, nor have i even come close! Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? My only staffing experience was as a Mod on Imperial for around 3 months before having to resign to deal with IRL stuff. I am yet to have any experience as an EM and would love this to be my first! Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying to be an event master as after almost a year of playing [With a 4 month break] on the server I have always been able to participate in events which I am able to see bring happiness to many people in the community and I want to be a part of the crew of people bringing joy to this great server. I have always thought of events which I believe would be fun and instead of imagining them I would like to put them into effect for once. I also believe I could be a big part of the team who can help people have fun. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? -If I were granted the chance to prove myself as an EM I would be able to bring an experienced, active and knowledgeable member to the team. -I have been apart of IG for almost 1 year [with a 4 month break chucked in] and in all that time i have seen many good and not so good events go by. With this i have been able to see the events that bring people enjoyment and keep them on the server and i have seen the events that make people leave and sigh when they see the big red text come up on their screen. From this I have learnt when a good time is for an event and what not to do if u want people to stay on, one of these being not doing off-ship events straight after a normal event ends or doing passive events after a 2 hour period of boredom, to name a few simple ones. For this i believe i could bring more enjoyable better timed events to stimulate the players. -As i am still in high school i am able to devote around 4-6 hours a night to the server. This means i am pretty much always available to fill a dull night with a nice action packed event to stop people from leaving. This also means i can just fill in those awkward gaps in the event times to help fill a night in. -Though never being a EM before i believe that through my long experience on this server i have collected a great number of ideas and methods which it could take a normal TEM months to learn meanwhile i have already bared witness to these little tricks and perfections which just make events that little bit better making people enjoy the community. I have also seen most likely hundreds of events which has enabled me to have a wide sample of ideas and methods to work off to make great enjoyable and well timed events. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? I believe a big part of what makes events fun is when they flow and are not forced. I would try to make this happen as much as possible in my events and would also debrief generals on the events for the less technical ones and allow them to do what their RP job is instead of forcing certain scenarios onto them and try keep events original and enjoyable. I would also do my best to bring every person into an event by for example having a passive side and an aggressive side going on with an event allowing a larger portion of players to be involved hopefully creating more enjoyment. For the people who are the actual EC's I would do my best to allow them to have fun as well by enabling them to make more choices instead of using them as puppets which pushes them away from asking to by EC's which can ruin events when understaffed. I would not allow this to get out of control though and would make sure that the event still flows in an orderly fashion and not have people appearing around the Ship/map in turn ruining the event. I believe doing this would make more people want to become a part of an event bringing enjoyment to even more people, Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? Thanks for your time to read my application! Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfSixNGyOh4bFNtLUs5zo5xDzCMrT-dRoCsKsttSr5A/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wu5L8Wx9MkfWW7eWTp0bP5nf1adW2LKiczGogqkcFik/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
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    That's toxic @John, Me and Aphro are legendary ex-CoS. Emerald and Brass are.... banned? lmao
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Deskjet Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:156236354 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Deskjet123/ In Game Details In Game Name: Jah(seh) In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details How long was the ban for: 7 days Which staff member banned you: 'grand inquisitor What date did the ban occur: 11/01/2020 What was the reason for the ban: Constant Suicide to avoid arrest l Already been banned for the same reason. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: Firstly, I was arrested by a shock trooper and taken to the jail cell. I was detained for i'd say about 3 minutes and then suddenly, completly out of my control, my game crashed and i imediatly attempted to rejoin as i'm sure the console will show to support my statement. Once I was to rejoin i would have gone directly to the jail so i could finish my sentace. Also, as the reason says, it is not true that i suicided to avoid the arrest, my game crashed which lead to these unruly events. This will not occur in the future as I just ordered a new gaming PC and it will be coming by the end of next week so this issue will become void. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I belive i should be unbanned because my disconnection was completly out of my control and I hope that you will be able to see that too thank you -Jah
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    -1 First half of the explanation seems sincere and honest Rest of the App lacks detail Already banned once for the same reason Reduce ban to 3-4 days and on strict no warn period of 1 week
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