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    Nah, just need to make sure the EM's plan their events weeks in advance.
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    +1 he actually is one of the better trainers we have in STC and he does so without a mic he does a very good job at explaining it and if people are new to the server and dont know how to play can just simply tell hideyoshi and he will go into more details with that person but do understand he needs to train so if we put a rule banning people with no mics he wont be able to progress in his ranks, therefore just locking him at WOI
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    Perfectly stated by death. Although each of my troopers does handle Basic training slightly different the basics always stay the same. To obtain a pass in basic training and be eligible for a promotions ST's are to: Pass 2 out of the 3 Faces exercises. Show an understanding of climb swep basics by reaching the top of a wall. Show understanding of each and every formation. (ST's are given multiple chances to reach the correct formation and must get each formation correct at least once.) And finally show understanding of basic firing commands and sequences. The last of which is where you are having your issue. This section is run differently by each of my troopers and no two do it the exact same. The trainer in question was my WOI [ST-06] Hideyoshi, who does not have a mic. Hideyoshi has conducted many trainings and the issue of not having a mic has never caused the training to run any longer than it should. Hideyoshi employs a different method when he tests firing commands by giving you a command that is not first obvious to everyone. The command you stated was that of Unload on purple. There is no purple square however the back plate is a purple material. As such most do not fire on anything. should you first fail Hideyoshi ALWAYS explains what the command means and how he entends you to execute it. I myself do not see any reason that members of our community who do not own or want to use a mic are excluded from assisting those that are new to the server. Should there be anything that you disagree with or any comments you wish to make feel free to pass them on to me either IN-Game or on Discord (Madfm#6789)
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    Hello IG, Last night during the shopping spree that I did for the Coalition For Progress (what we bought do be kinda secret tho, shh), @Aphrodite came across the website "HoloNet News" which had a bunch of interesting links on it, particularly the "NavComputer" link that allows for people to choose one sector/planet and then another sector/planet, after doing so it will calculate the time needed to go from one place to another in the Galaxy, its real neat and even shows you the calculations behind it all. http://d6holocron.com/astrogation/index.php - Here's the link. Enjoy homies, especially Navy.
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    I whipped this up in 45 minutes, I do apologise if it's short. Here it is. Hope it's a good read. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. but didn't feel like writing a huge epitaph for all my regiments
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    Hey there. If you're speaking about ST Basic Training, the personnel who run those trainings are typically members of Stormtrooper Command (STC). Each member receives specialized training in order to be able to efficiently execute a training. You have to consider that trainings often consist of 8+ STs, most of whom are PVTs and do not show proper discipline. This makes leading a training difficult, and can sometimes increase the duration of the training. An hour long training is perfectly reasonable and frequent across the server, not just in the ST Corps. If you have an issue with the way the training was handled, You can contact Brigadier (ST-01) Lee and discuss it with him as he is the Commanding Officer of the ST Corps, or you can contact me at any time either in-game or on discord and I can pass on a message to the appropriate channels on your behalf. If you wish to contact me on discord, my username is Death#6901 Kind Regards, Death.
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    +1 Great Pac creation's know his way around Pac and knows how it works Fully Deserving Good Luck - Kippy
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    Oh that was a blast, I'd consider it if TI was available again and if I could somehow regain my memories of my work and projects I did. and if I could join as the engineer rank again so probably not for a good while.
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    BUMP - a couple new PACS coming here is a sneek peek of one of em - - This is a meditation PAC with me manipulating parts of my PIKE, this is also tier one eligible (TY alec for the idea).
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    Hello my friend, It would be a good idea for you to jump into our teamspeak @ ts3.imperialgaming.net and go into a support channel and have a support team member help you out. Thanks, - Bailey
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    Yes, still could be a useful tool however just have to find a good dividing number to make it realistic for server travel time.
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    pretty sure there is a font limit on posts. anyway I disagree, I think people who type usually have a better chance to explain themselves written rather than verbally. just my opinion.
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