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    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Stark Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:132058382 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tonystark44/ In Game Details In Game Name: [224-02] Stark In Game Rank: Lieutenant In Game Regiment: 224th Imperial Armored Division Ban Details How long was the ban for: 2 weeks Which staff member banned you: Zaspan (Emperor) What date did the ban occur: 26/10/2019 What was the reason for the ban: Lying to management - Exploiting quest system Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: So randomly at first, all of a sudden, my whole quest thing got reset, without any sort of explanation. No message, no sit, nothing... I wasn't confronted whatsoever, which i think is poor to begin with. I then asked to speak with an admin, and i ended up speaking with Zaspan for 10-15 minutes, trying to get him to prove to me what i did to "exploit". No evidence could be given.. this then got taken further, and i went in teamspeak with Zaspan, Kumo and Jman, where Kumo confirmed they didn't have logs of me exploiting the system. So Jman made the executive decision to return all my quest points. This all took place Friday 25/10/2019. I hopped off for the night, all was sorted out. Played yesterday 26/10/2019 for a bit, but i had come down with a gastro bug. It turns out later last night i was banned for TWO WEEKS by Zaspan, once again with no explanation, no message, nothing. Why do you believe you deserve to be unb anned / given a second chance: I believed i should be unbanned due to the fact i thought we had sorted the situation out. If more "evidence" or "proof" had come to the table, I believe I deserve to be spoken to about it. I don't think it's the correct way to treat a long term community member, that has been apart of the community for multiple years, never been banned or warned EVER, and this is how i'm treated? I just don't think it's fair, that i wasnt even spoken to about the scenario. I would like to be spoken to at the earliest convenience by management, and provided with the reason and evidence on what i did wrong. I'd also like to be unbanned, or at the least, my punishment re-evaluated. I do not think two weeks is justifiable, to a long term veteran community member, that has not once been banned or warned before, nor breaks rules or causes any trouble. I do not think this is the correct way for "management" to approach/deal with situations. I think it's harsh, and not fair, to be not even spoken to.
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    This video essentially confirms your mishaps and another user singles you out as he was specifically told not to say anything in relation to the matter. You also need to check your warns previously as you have one other standing warn for RDM which was given by me also. You were told by a senior member of staff that what you were doing was wrong and you lied to us about it, wasting my time, Kumo's time as he was asked to go through logs which is a long and tedious process, then he altered job code. Consider yourself lucky that this ban isn't permanent and that it's not any longer than 14 days. I recommend you wait out your ban, lying and manipulation of other users will not be tolerated and this is disappointing coming from an ex-staff member.
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    Happy Halloween! Similar to last year we will be celebrating Halloween on the Imperial server with many little features to get everyone in the festive mood, there will be Halloween themed events and alterations to the server have already been made, making it more Halloween themed as seen here. Starting tonight and finishing Sunday afternoon (the staff meeting) of next week there will be a team-based competition ran with prizes to be won. There are 3 teams of which you can join by approaching and pressing E on the cauldron on the 3rd floor to the left of the arcade area. Once you join a team you may not change at all, so make your choice wisely. (Teams are balanced so not everyone can join 1 team). You earn points for your team by completing tasks and challenges which will be outlined below and the team with the most points on Sunday afternoon will be rewarded greatly. There may also be individual rewards for those who "carry" their teams so be on the lookout for that. Gaining Points Returning a spooky item to the Cauldron - 5 points Completing a Mission at the ILC - 1 point. Placing first, second or third in an event - 5, 3 and 1 points respectively. (Everyone in the regiment gets points towards their team) Winning the lottery - 100, 20, 5 points for jackpot, second and first tier respectively There will also be other unique challenges and tasks I will manually give to earn big heaps of points for your teams and also other ways added to get points over the next few days. Good luck to everyone and may the spookiest team win!
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    Fair few things that can contribute to it Mord. First one, obviously which has already been addressed in this post here, Hypo and friends like to crash the server and so the more they crash it, the less exploits they're going to be able to find because we patch them as they come. Second one, you mentioned it in your title, we have a LOT of players with a lot of custom content on a gamemode that Garry Newman (creator of gmod obviously) never thought was possible, GMod was only supposed to have about a max of 24 players per server at any given time. Third one, GMod runs on only one core, which means its 1 tiny processor trying to process everything, its like feeding a rat cocaine and watching it do things, then when its heart explodes doing it all again. Sometimes it just happens because of this. Fourth one, GMod will be 15 years old this year and runs on a super old game engine that sometimes farts and dies. I hope this can help with some explanations as to why it crashes sometimes.
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    @Rivers I had to hide your post but I will leave this piece of evidence here as it is pertinent to the appeal. Thanks for understanding.
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    I know that as a user I’m not supposed to comment but what really strikes a nerve with me is that you’re continuing to put up a facade claiming there’s “no evidence” and lying directly to management whilst admitting to doing it in Discord. Idk why you’ve taken such a turn in the last few days man but maybe it’s best to wait out the ban and come back in a bit of a better mindset.
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    Not once did I deny the fact of “attempting” to see if it worked. And it didn’t. I told you in the meeting in TeamSpeak, that no advantage was gained. However, not once did I deny the fact it was attempted. I didn’t LIE whatsoever. As for being told by a senior staff member it was wrong, I also didn’t deny that.. clearly in the video Mongo states that. He was not ignored nor argued, and it was not attempted again after he mentioned it. On top of all that, I did NOT manipulate anyone. It was attempted by the both of us at the exact same time. It was not spoken of again after this.
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    it's kinda like binding of isaac in that you collect random items to upgrade your stats and all but not to the extemt that binding of isaac goes with all the items that mix and all but you can get multiple of the same item which will upgrade it further for instance the crowbar does extra damage to healthy enemies so basically your first shot on an enemy does a bit more damage but if you have like 7 of them then it can take like 2 thrids of the default enemies health with your first shot but a third person shooter obviously with different abilities you can use depending on the character you choose
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    Guys, if you type 1300 and then combine the 1 and 3, its spooky.
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    @Stathi Are you kidding? I have been loyal to the server for over 2 years, I played on IG when I can.
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