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  1. Hello Community, Recently I have noticed some confusion among people in regards to the signage of areas aboard the ship. Specifically what does a VIP classify as, who can they bring as guards, who is able to bring more guards than listed and what does the AND/OR reason actually mean with the clearance. This post aims to clear up this confusion and as all locations are undergoing change their signs will be updated to reflect some changes as they move. Note: These rules have been updated last September 9th, 2021 & may continue to be changed if need be. Guards & VIPs:
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  2. Hello Imperial Gaming, I was and still am very reluctant to make this post because I feel like it is far too personal and difficult to understand for many of you who haven't really been around it before in your life. But as I write this sentence, I realise that you eventually will be around people (if you aren't already) who struggle with mental health or don't understand it properly. Nonetheless, I'd like to jump in to the post before I end up deleting it and not posting it for the sixth or seventh time this Month. Mental health is something many struggle with, particularly young me
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  3. Got to do bunk inspections when he is going to get a Hot dog again hehe
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  4. Recently I have been discovering a huge amount of new music that I listen to while playing on the server. It has made me curious as to how other people discover new music to love and listen to on repeat until they can't take it anymore (don't lie we all do it). So I pose the following two questions to satisfy my curiosity: - How do you discover new music? - What music have you discovered recently that you already love? I look forward to everything you have to share! I'll also answer the
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  5. As most of you know Halloween is approaching us all PAC users and those staff with access to PAC3 will be authorized to use Halloween themed outfits. Halloween Outfits may be worn from the 27th - 31st of October. The Halloween Costume Contest will take place on the 31st of October. However there will be a few rules with the outfits. Render Time may not exceed 2.00 MS Outfit must be RP Friendly (Within the reach of the Star Wars Universe) We will also be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest with Prizes to be won. The rules for the Halloween cos
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  6. I'll make sure to ask him so we can do it again haha
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  7. I was the person who said "Let's inspect the 374th next" as well XD
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  8. By the 10th Anniversary I'll have 20k posts on this forum. Trust.
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  10. +1 It's an old ban so you have had some time to reflect on your actions and we wont know the cause for sure. Your application could have been more detailed but i'll leave that to the fact that theres no actual ban details.
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  11. I gave them a nice big feed about 8-9 years ago, that should last them till their last living days.
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