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    The Sith bois put on their best acting skills, here is the video as promised. Sith News at 6 @Bailey @John @Risk @Kippy @Rimmin @Swift @Jay Lamar Sith News.mp4
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    Copyrighted Up vote me instead
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    HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After all the matches played, after the elimination games, we now have the Imperial Gaming 2019 CSGO Champions... They are... Hectic Ethnics Congratulations to this Team! They will be given their prize! The Grand Final had Heartless Anarchists facing-off Hectic Ethnics, these were the scores: Game 1- Inferno [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 14] (STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776) Game 1- Mirage [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 9] (STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776) Now that the Imperial Gaming CSGO Tournament is over, the next community event is now being planned. More information on the next community event will be posted at a later date once plans are more finalised. However to peak interest of community members on what it may be, Mincecraft is being considered as the game of choice amongst other games such as Empire at War and so on, so get keen for it! There also may be once again prizes as well. Please be patient for it and thank you to all those that participated in the CSGO Tournament. Thanks all! ~ Welshy
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    YAY THE BOYS @Rickle @Bailey @Splonter @Vadrian @Shepard @wflizzi Thanks for playing everyone else, we had alot of fun <3 *shakes hand in GG*
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    (Before i begin i would like to apologize for the lack of correct spelling and or grammar as i am dyslexic) During basically every off ship even including the one that is happening right now i have noticed the server has been crashing consistently, I would like to surgest a second server used for events as i have seen other servers do so. With a second server, a event server the EM/staff team could: 1) change the map ahead of time getting it up and running without having the risk of half the server not coming back on for the night 2) Have the EC's come on the server and get them set up 3) reduce waiting time as all props and EC's could be ready by the time the main chunk of the playerbase loads in 4) Host events for individual regiments and or regiment types for example having pilot events where they can go in and fight rebel ships or event for more stealthy regiments to sneak into places and steal Intel which could be use for a next event If it is possible to have names, ranks and regiments to transfer over to another server i believe it could be a good addition to IG Thank you for reading ~Officer C [CT-2434] VF "Hunt"~
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    Yeah the boys, It was a pleasure playing and it was a really fun tournament playing with our counter parts and getting our team together most days for some practice sessions and CSGO comps, Overall a really nice experience! Heres some shoutouts: @Imposing @Welshy Thank you both for organising this competition all of us within the Hectic Ethnics appreciate it and thanks specifically Imposing for those tuff games against you. @Rickle Literally the actual captain of the team, You were a god send and we couldn’t have done it without you <3 @Bailey Your motivational speeches in our final matches were crucial towards the moral of the team, you the best. @wflizzi F*** your chickens. @Vadrian You did aight in the games I guess. <3 @Shepard Sorry you couldn’t make it to the finals but your effort and dedication towards the team throughout the comp as well as being there for training n stuff was crucial towards our progression. @Delta Thanks for subbing in last minute for one of our games sand man <3 Hectic Ethnics are lookin forward to the next comp!
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    I heard there will be another tournament next month thanks @Welshy
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    Bro that first Inferno match 16 - 14, actually had me sweating bullets. When Fizzy was playing with chickens omfg.
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    As I said before... Hectic Ethincs for the WIN! By the way @Welshy both of the "Stats" links are the same...
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    We take those baby. I can't frag but I sure can shot call aye. Congratulations to everyone who made it that far.
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    Ubermolen giving us some top tier singing in the Navy Teamspeak. Actual Mad Lad. ts3_recording_19_10_12_20_10_49.wav - Credit to Pickle for the video.
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    Okay update, I have just watched the video and oh boy I am in stiches. Currently I am packing my bags and I am off to drama school, bye!
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    #bringbackrimmin F's in the chat for the lost navy boi
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    Unpopular Opinion Coming In.. Hong Kong enjoys many more freedoms than their mainland counterparts. They are an autonomous territory and have largely been left to their own devices. They are an incredible asset to the Chinese Government, due to its unique financial standing. The Hong Kong protests are bloody encounters which can be described as a bloodbath with faults on both sides. Riot Police abusing their power, protesters believing it is correct to throw petrol bombs at police. These are dark times. Yet we hold this idea that this battle is for democracy, yet you fail to realise, the winner has already been decided, no matter what the government will win, and Hong Kong will stay as a dark memory for the government. The rioters I hope realise that when this all ends they will be worse off. No one will come to their aid and it should and will stay that way. No government in the world is dumb enough to support them, and within a few months time no one will care about the protests in Hong Kong. They are miniscule compared to issues we seriously must consider such as Climate Change, Drought within Rural Australia and the Invasion of Syria. What I'm trying to say is, forget about Hong Kong it is nothing but a sideshow. It is not a fight of good versus evil, it is merely the media using peoples emotions for profit. Within a few months everything will return to normal, companies will have their profits, the media will fall silent and no one on this server of forums will care about Hong Kong and its miniscule footnote in the progress of humanity
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    Slow movements. Methodical. Make them make mistakes.
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    Its unique though, they feel like they have so much freedom, I was there for a while in year 8 for a school trip and lived there from ages 8 - 10 when my Dad moved for work. But its such a unique place filled with culture, just ruined by totalatarian governments.
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    The Hectic Ethnics take the W. gg to HA games were intense and we had to sweat it lol.
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    I'm sorry, I forget you and your A-10 can take on the whole CCP.
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    This puts all other forms of media on this server to shame Except fizzy singing Also Is this what sith business is
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    That got emotional real fast ;-;
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    but what about me? I need 2500 rep ;(
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    Not bad Uber, not bad at all.
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    For this, I think that this is a great idea, and I agree with everything said. An extention to this is roleplay both on and off ship - both servers. How I think this can be done is dedicated TS channels or Discords hosted by the event team or management. This will help roleplay between air and ground support. E.g. Ground forces need an orbital bombardment Extra equipment such as AT-AT's General FOB > ISD communication and information share via the discord/ts So definitely a +1
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    Denied. You have shown a severe lack of real effort into this ban appeal or provided justifiability towards your actions. You may not reapply.
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    nah bro this is just upvote bait don't even clown it bruz
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    For anyone who can't watch it on the forums.
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    This is the wholesome content I like to see on the forums. Thank you.
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    Thank you Pulse very astonishing
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    This is amazing, thank you.
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    Could be a promising idea, I believe this was suggest a while back but nothing was ever done or said about it. Cheers for suggesting it and it would be interesting to see if this is something that is implemented or not. For now I will be leaving a +1 unless one of the developers can shed flaws in this idea that I am currently unaware of. Regards, Sully
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    If this is able to be done it would be amazing especially with all of the crashes that we now have with almost all map changes crashing the server, only problem i could see being keeping peoples roles across the 2 servers. Not sure how many servers IG has with the pack they buy as it must have atleast 2 but if there is another this could be realy useful,
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    Hammer you gotta work other parts of your body my dude @Hammer
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    +1 Thought i already posted something in here before guess i didn't but anyway your PAC looks great and each of them have a lot of detail on them.
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    Hello IG community. Where do I start. Unfortunately this will not be the best post I have made. I have made a lot of mistakes lately heaps to many to count. Sadly this has lead me to doubt myself alot and question why I play. There has been some things that have happened lately within IG and I do not wish to be apart of these issues anymore. I have had fun on IG however the RP and some staff have caused to much issues lately which I some how get involved in and do not wish to assist in. I still have friends on IG but I don’t wish to staff IG anymore. This may cause issues but TBH I don’t give a fuck anymore… Thank you all so much Little5avage
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Dexoys Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:426624574 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bluebannes/ In Game Details In Game Name: Twenty (IIRC) In Game Rank: Private (IIRC) In Game Regiment: 212th Attack Battalion Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Frank (IIRC) What date did the ban occur: 10/5/19 What was the reason for the ban: Staff Disrespecting Frank Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: A friend of mine had created a hate group on steam, that was aimed towards Frank. Being invited to the steam group, I had joined the group as a joke however I also had a bit of disdain towards Frank for what he done to Snoozy, and at the time, I didn't listen to anything I had disagreed with. After inviting a few friends of mine and posting an offensive comment on a thread I had been banned from IG. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I had apologized to Frank already, as I had plenty of time from my ban to think about my actions and how I defended myself. I admit I was immature during most of it, but I am willing to defend some of my points I have stated in the past. I do feel sorry for Frank and everything I had did wrong against him. The comment I made was quite mean and would fall under cyber bullying and I retracted that statement. I have grown a bit, and I think I am ready to join back in this community and it's activities. I do hope I get to play a favourite server of mine again. Thanks for reading.
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    @Vadrian Try avoiding posting one after the other, utilise the edit function
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    I'll chime in, knowing a little about this: A second server has been talked about in the past several times, and usually is shutdown because it holds not very much necessity. Though its relevance on IG is unknown. Interpreting this as having a permanent event server, you only serve to spread the playerbase even more. Assuming you have the two servers, I would be actually less inclined to join another server practically to do events. Furthermore, having the community split (eg. 30~ stay on ship / 50~ go to event), the players who stay on ship will most likely be those who don't usually partake in combat, or, who can't be assed to switch, then once the event ends, the 50~ or so players will come back to possibly a smaller 'server', being that of many would have left. Arguably good points, however EMs should have already done previous planning to ensure that roadbumps are not hit during switch. Including have a possible backup Event Characters + a backup EM. Regardless, a good point. Agreed, however Regiments should be doing their specialist tasks during regular events. EMs may be able to put more emphasis on utilizing Regiments to their full capability. I agree, the strain on Pilots (eg. Not being able to use their ships / vehicles during events is bad) however this can be made up for possibly less props, or easier to run maps, or more on ship combat events. This is great nonetheless! Good luck! Cheers!
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