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  1. Not gonna make it long, we outtie, I'm bored of gmod for the most part, may come back, may not, but like thanks for having me gonna keep goodbyes brief @Mongo absolute lad, loved you as cody on CW, loved you in engineers on imperial, loved you everywhere @SiegeMonkey Good range CO, top bloke @Atlas Single funniest bloke I know, hands down @Bailey If you don't get 2000 uppies soon I'm coming back to start a revolution @SCHEFF God tier bloke, great at RP Also Blue, don't want to tag the wrong person, so sorry for leaving on you I have noone else I really s
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  2. I seriously dislike the map, I purposely disconnect when the map is on so other people can enjoy it. You can keep the map if you truly like it but I will not be connected. (not to sound b*tchy as f*ck)
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  3. Good luck with your life mate, I'll hit 2500 upvotes just for you. o7
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  4. Tight corridors, small spaces, elevators everywhere, escapes. + NPCs/ECs = Good Luck. The DS would be a terrible event map. Even finding a place to put the NPCs/ECs in would be hard. Rebels wouldn't be able to board the ship, droids wouldn't be able to board the ship. Any outside ships attempting to board would be denied and sent back.
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  5. My suggestion would be, instead of being on the DS-01 every Tuesday, maybe do it every second Tuesday or something like that. Maybe people will find it more enjoyable if the map wasn't weekly.
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  6. I don't think it's a particularly bad map, especially after the update -- But I'd prefer to be on other rotation maps more often rather than the DS.
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  8. Event map. Anaxes is a great map and I think everyone likes it, but that's my opinion. As well as Naboo gives chances for civilian RP.
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