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    Its honestly sad seeing this community at its current state. Crispin here is making a farewell post, yes he may of done alot stupid things in the past but this still doesnt mean to just come onto this post and talk literal crap, this is a farewell post not a post to attack crispin on. Show some gratitude its sad seeing what this community has turned into.
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    Ahhh I will feel the pain in the morning but here goes. As you might now already I have left my rank (Definitely not pk'ed) and my position as Junior Event Master. This was due to G-mod taking over my life and it not becoming fun anymore. I want to prioritize my family and my life. Now for those Mentions. @Gregis @Horus @JDark47 - The F**ken bois. Made my time on the server enjoyable right till the end. @Rad_Cop - I enjoyed guarding you since I was a PVT in CS. You will make a great GA and I wish all the best. Thanks for being a g. @Wombatiacus - A true Aussie legend. The G. @Cecil - Words can't describe you. But numbers can 0/10. Nah but in all seriousness you were the best GA I ever served under. Thank you my guy and one of the best Umpires around I heard. @Stubzy @Jaggy - The true blue lads. You were there from the very start lads. You were the absolute legends and will always be apart of the brothers. @Splonter - Props to you for trying to warn me. Appreciate it all brother. Those ISB guys - Lay off the lads aye? You got me, the Mega Minge. Let that be enough for ya. @Luigi @Camaro Blue @Redzilla @Tonberry - The lad ISB. Thanks to you all for being g's. Sorry not sorry for being a Minge @Rook - A great boss. 10/10 would work under him again. Thank you for being chill with my mingy ways brother. I appreciate it. If you ever come to NZ again and you get mugged, HMU and I will knock the kid. @Mongo - NZ bois 4 lyfe. @Bluey - The Best BOSSK alive on god. Loved licking your toes bb 100% would do again. You the g. All the NAVY BOIS - Glad to be apart of the Family. Was a pleasure fighting beside you in the great NAVY vs 374th war. Will always be next to you lads. @Tinky - One final Winnie blue FTB. @Basil - Almost forgot the g before I heard his obnoxious laugh. Thanks bro for everything. Fred - The black officer brother. @GeorgeBloon - The OG OG OG brother. You were probably my closest friend on IG and I appreciate it brother. Surely I come to Aussie and play some SaberBeat??? Sorry to do this to you whilst your not on aye. To anyone else who felt left out I can't remember everyone. Twas a ride lads. I don't think I will ever come back. Life awaits. But as the saying goes "We all have our stops, and this is mine." Hoorah Oh and anyone want anything from the store while i'm gone? I'll be back when you get drafted for the NFL.
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    I was going to wait to post this, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, so here it is. I was working on this when I was still in JT, so I had to shuffle a few things around. Originally, I was going to document the journey into JT, and focus mostly on the time in the empire, but I might save that for a separate story - hopefully this is the first of many. I enjoy writing, especially science-fiction/cyberpunk, so I tried to blend that into this backstory. This is a medium-length read that provides a bit of insight into my character, lore-wise, and how he found himself in the Empire, titled "Matchbox." Here's the link. Enjoy.
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    Probably the most basic question ever. How are you? Anything cool happen recently? Exciting news? A bit bummed about something? What's been happening with you guys?
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    If you do write about JT (please do) all I ask is for Planz to be shown off as a badass as well as his really cool 2IC. And maybe include Luigi but y'know it's not really needed.
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    i will miss you funyguy1 ;(
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    HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After the application process we have 7 registered teams! To try even up the amount of teams I am looking to put a group together for an 8th team. Alternatively, If you already have a team but missed the sign-up process message me on the forums for last minute sign-ups. Today and only today. Now that the application process is more or less finished, there will be a meeting for ALL Team Captains this Wednesday the 18/9/19 at 7PM Join the Waiting Room to the "Community Event Manager" channel prior to it. This meeting we will go over when and how games will be ran, dates and some extra duties the Team Captain must do to show he can manage his team Registered Teams
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    Locked You were given the luxury of being allowed to post a goodbye post even though the stipulation was that this account was for a ban appeal. You've abused that luxury, and so, your account is being locked again. On behalf of IG, goodbye Crispin.
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    Huh, that was actually quite a nice read. Your writing really described the atmosphere of the Coruscant Underworld nicely. Personally loved it.
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    This is probably the most in depth, detailed backstory I've ever read. As a matter of fact you could classify this as a short story. Genuinely impressed by the shear dedication, attention and patience you had to create something like this. An awesome read, hope you create more sometime along the line dude!
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    This took me the entire day to read, this... this... this is beautiful.
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    +1 Who doesn't like Dio sitting all cute and stuff? Also these recon poses are fire.
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    +1 decent lad idk about pac i dont know whats good and whats not these days it makes me extremely happy that you havent taken it overboard like i have seen, so its a positive from me
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    So it's that time where I have matured by 1 year older. This type of post and question I'm about to ask I've pondered on and decided to hold back on since it seems kind of attention seeking, self obsessed and I don't know, pathetic to ask? But seeing as I'm not getting younger, whatever I'll ask anyways lmao. What are your opinions on me, as a person, and have you had experiences negative or positive interactions when chatting? I'm open to anything that may help me change for the better Anything said shouldn't and I'll make sure won't be made into an arguement, I'm hoping to come to terms with some peeps anyway. Yes, this post is similar to Sky's post with the same question. I'm just genuinely interested in the everyone's views. Hell, ask yourself the same thing and see what conclusion you come to and how you can better yourself, or if your on the right track.
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    Wow man awesome read could really tell you enjoyed writing this one, looking forward to what comes next!
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    nah I'm doing year 12 exams rn, as well as prepping for my Law exam for my uni subject. But its aight.
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    Looks great. You can write well.
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    I didn't read the entire thing yet, but it looks really cool so far and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Nice work! EDIT: Good read, loved the atmosphere. Make more!!!
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    I still want those LAATS back (ITS ALL I THINK ABOUT)
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    Hello Everyone, I am just writing this because i feel in my heart to encourage everyone to remember their priorities in life. Garry's mod and and other games are fun and all but it should only be seen as a hobby, in my opinion once it starts becoming a "chore" or more of a priority to you than life (School, IRL friends and relationships, Personal Commitments and health) then it is a problem. I let SWRP and other videos games take over my life and i got too committed to it, almost like an addiction and i 'lost myself' and it started affecting my IRL tasks and relationships, I've come to my revelation when it was too late where my GF dumped me (Good riddance though), and i was so far behind my University work and i wasn't looking after my physical health. Hence why i decided to Step down as Shock CO and limit my game time and im now making sure that im up to task with everything important in my life before i engage with my hobbies like gaming. My point is that i want everyone to make sure you're looking after yourself, make sure life comes first. School/Work, Relationships, Family & Friends, Mental & Physical health, and personal commitments should always come first before gaming, as much as it is enjoyable trust me. I am now 20 and i have decided to 'Grow up' and focus on me, and i encourage everyone to put themselves first. If you're struggling with something i promise you there will always be someone there for you, just reach out. -Cheers, Theo
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    Just saw this post now, thanks for being the best commander i will ever have and also being good friend this post reminded me to go see family i haven't in a long time a long time due to Star Wars RP so thanks. and i still will be the biggest minge in the council of SK/RT. Take it easy
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    Nice thread. I have a chart of some of my all-time favourites, album titles are in order from the top down, left to right. I've got some that are more up-to-date, but this one has the album titles. Apart from this chart, I've been listening to Black Sabbath a lot recently, a bit more metal, and some Jazz. The Strokes are GOAT for me.
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    Top 3 Albums I suggest listening to 1. Let's Rock - The Black Keys 2. Social Cues - Cage the Elephant 3. El Camino - The Black Keys 3 Rock Albums, 3 GOD Like Albums, More than enough music to satisfy your taste.
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    xXStrictly BangersXx Remember the name. Remember the game. Playing bangers.
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    Joined 2 weeks ago. Oh wait, your forums account was permanently banned. Just because people signed up in 2018 or this year doesn't mean sh*te. If you're going to pull join dates, just remember they haven't been banned.
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    Yeah, coming on to the discord and spamming racist crap isn't a great way to facilitate that, I wouldn't want you back in the community based on what I have seen you post there in the last few weeks don't let the door hitcha on the way out
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    Is this elderly shaming I read about this in the newspaper, you are trying to cyber bully me!
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    Cya friends, Wanna make lifestyle changes n focus on uni n tings @GeorgeBloon @Horus1 @Julius @JDark47 - The f**king boys. Love you all, will still be chatting to you all. You made my final months special @Basil- Sweet kid, Big minge love you @Gunjies- Miss you like anything, top bloke @Cecil- Cutie, Top bloke @Delta- I will miss you son @Ragetank- Special sort of bloke, IG Are very lucky to have you on board thank you for teaching me so much @Kumo @Vanilla - Thnx for teaching me too @Rad_Cop- Cody should've listened to me. Jkkkk, be a good thrawn xox @Bailey- My favorite Rep whore @Camaro- You a G, only ISB that keeps a level unbiased head IMO and I love you for it (oh no controversy let’s all get scared and thinking react) Generally thanks to everyone, it's the community that makes IG special.
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    hoes mad x24 Always keen for a catch up jam with the lads. See you around @Theo . Twas a pleasure.
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    So I pre-ordered this game and was extremely hyped for it like everyone else. It turned out to be absolutely not what all the hype had described it to be. Angry customers and lawsuits ensued. Here's some of my screenshots from launch. But after many updates I decided to clean the dust off and give it another go. What I saw was absolutely amazing. Discovered massive things Discovered some not so massive things flying Discovered some things Raced some small things Setup my first base among the stars. Discovered some weird things Overall this game has impressed me so much the developers behind it more so. I couldn't recommend this game enough right now. Hope ya'll enjoyed my slideshow let me know if you would like to see more of my adventures.
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    No one thought anyone was recording, I gotchu fellas I took the liberty of editing the video myself, experimenting with what I could do I would also like to say Happy New Years to you all! Look forward to 2019 and I hope to see you all there!! None the less, enjoy. Half Life Source 2018.12.31 -
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    Before I read this, I'm gonna guess he blew something up, or had a boxes of match on him.
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    Well I created a cool space for all the alpha clone wars chads but my Airborne Captain decided to meme on me with this image in reference to the final days of CW P.S if your mega cool come on down to the alpha clone wars chads discord if you are like that bacara guy just dont show up https://discord.gg/TRJ65hg
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    Didn't you only just come back? Ehhh? o7
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    Suggestion: Changing current third person to a new one currently out, when watching the video ignore the settings due to the fact most of them will be untouchable and preventing to see through walls is a silly setting to have, should always prevent it so therefore you cannot untick it or even see the setting to. Video for reference what it would be like:
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    Some dude tryna bring me down 2018 kids really tryna talk when they weren’t even around keep making stuff up man no one is listening
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    Imagine writing an apology and then immediately proving to everyone that "The Reformed" is in fact, a lie. Seen this act a hundred times, you ain't fooling anyone.
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    Just came here for farewells and everyone hating on me for being a reformed individual
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    @SCHEFF can you do this test for me
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