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    I have a fair amount of screenshots so i thought i would put them together so you don't have to scroll through a bunch of random photos, and they can all get flashed right at you. I did NOT put much effort into this, it was made with windows movie maker since it was such simple of an idea, and i wouldn't put it past myself that there may be a screenshot or two from another server. Enjoy regardless. Also, i repeated the song since it wasn't long enough and i love M.I.A so /shrug. EDIT: Yeah theres a military rp screenshot or two whatever who cares
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    A-uking-Men LOVE YOU OG BROTHERS @LimeStrider @Mord @[IG] Tackxo @Wombatiacus @SCHEFF @Fox @Corvo @Splonter <3 @Crunchy @Marsh sorry I forgot your names marsh on the forums babe @Butcher232
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    IG before EG split was best IG regardless
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    Thought I would flesh out Nova's backstory so here we go. It may be short but i will probably expand on it in the future. Also added a character Bio at the bottom I was born is 38BBY into Clan Xnya but due to my high Midichlorian count i was apart of the jedi order until i was 16 years of age. The Jedi Scum thew me out of their stupid order for using my emotions and going all the way to achieve victory. I was responsible for many important victories during the 1st year of the clone wars so once i was thrown out of the order i remained as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic, mainly serving with the Republic Commandos and with detachments of the 501st Legion. Good Troopers they were some of the best in my opinion Especial one commando Cinder Squad Leader 25 ● 'Atlas' Best Clone i ever served with. Once the clone wars had ended I returned to Mandalore to try and find my clan. After Months of asking people and searching I found them on the on Mandalore's moon Concordia. I spent about 1 year and 6 months with them learning about my clans past and just living peacefully with them and what it ment to be a Mandalorian, it was nice while it lasted. One stormy evening an imperial shuttle landed in the forest just outside our village two of my friends and i went to go check it out and what they wanted since we didn't know if they were hostile not we went over to their shuttle armed and confronted them. Once we reached the shuttle it's door opened and out came what looked to be 4 Imperial commandos and i asked "what do you imperials want?" the squad's commander, Major 53 ● 'Outback' responded with "if you were still a part of that Jedi order we would have killed you by now... your lucky Lord Vader wanted to meet you" and i asked "Who is this Lord Vader?" Outback replied "he is an enforcer of the emperor the emperor's second in command" "and what if i don't meet Lord Vader" i asked, Outback replied with "if you don't cooperate we have orders to kill you and this whole village". So i said my goodbyes to people and told them that they would kill all of them if i didn't go. i made my way over to the shuttle with no belongings except my blaster pistol and got into the shuttle, in the shuttle their were two other former Jedi, Master Denra and Jedi knight Nexon i guess they were requested to meet Lord Vader too. it wasn't a long flight we made our way to the ISD Chimera where Lord Vader was waiting for us. The 4 imperial commandos escorted the 3 of us to Vader's Chambers. Vader walked out of his chambers and said to Outback "well done major you and your troopers are dismissed" "understood my Lord" outback responded with. Vader Gestured us to follow him into his Chambers. Once inside he said to us "All three of you are here but by the end of this only one of you shall remain" Jedi master Denra responded with "what do you mean" Vader responded with "you three are going to partake in a trial but only one of you will succeed the other two will die trying" the Jedi knight asked "what does this trial involve" and Vader responded with "you will be dropped down on to Felucia to retrieve a Sith artifact, you will have no equipment whatsoever except a flare gun for once you have retrieved the artifact so that you can be picked up". Vader lead us to the main hanger where a drophip was waiting for us and all three of us climbed in. We were only on the planet for a few hours, the two Jedi decided to look for the artifact together. I knew the would find it so i followed close behind them remaining unseen to them. they used the force to move rocks out of the way to find an entrance to a room where a Sith holocron was located in the centre of it the Knight picked it up and set of a flare once they were outside. I over heard the conversation the Jedi knight said we got it we got it" the Master Said But Vader said only one may succeed so..." the Master snached the holocron and force pushed the knight into a rancor nest and he torn to shreds and eaten alive. his last words were "I HATE YOU, YOU BETRAYED ME I HATE YOU". Once the dropship arrived the master was about to jump in and with all my anger and hatred i used the force to pull him away from it and i held him by the throat chocking and said "did you forget about me" i took the Holocron and threw him of the cliff down into the forest. i climbed into the dropship and said to the pilot "take me back to the ISD" and so he did. Once I arrived back on the ISD and handed to holocron to Lord Vader and said "the other two were disposed of". Vader responded to me with "Well done, you have passed the trial and you are now apart of the SIth Marauders, well done initiate" and vader handed me a Lightsaber and said "go to the Logistics centre and pick up your new uniform". That was 10 months ago and I still get the feeling that Jedi Master Denra is still alive somehow. Name: Nox 'Nova' Crous Age: 22 (this age is due to an experiment that slowed down his ageing process, he ages 1 normal year every 2 years) Race: madalorian Immediate family members: Nexon (Father - Mandalorian beskar smith), Perine (Mother No occupation), Delvine - (Brother - Mercanary), Kithia ( Sister - Fathers apperentice) Family Name: Crous Clan: Xyna Planet of origin: Mandalore Faction: Galactic Empire
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    100% Agree With Ya, Nice to see what all the good memorys sometimes
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    would've love to have seen a video behind some of those screenshots
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Bunnings snag Steam ID: 76561198238895434 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198238895434/ In Game Details In Game Name: Ellery In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Stormtrooper corps Ban Details https://imgur.com/a/6wVPiVT How long was the ban for: Permanent ban. Which staff member banned you: Carnifex. What date did the ban occur: 18/04/2019 What was the reason for the ban: Threatening to DDOS another user. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: It was an early Saturday morning, I got on gmod logged into the server. Later on, I went AFK in a computer room/server room which was above my clearance level. I got back and walked out of the room and Ashton from ISB seen me come out, he then came up and cuffed me then escorted me to the brig. On the way there I said that he can't arrest me because there was around 7 people on and then I said I will DDOS him. As a young 15 year old that gets angry easily I was completely unaware that I could get perma banned for saying that, also I don't even know how to DDOS. So when I arrived at the brig Ashton requested for an admin and Galle came to the sit, Galle then explained to me that threatening to DDOS is a perma ban, I tried to apologize but it was too late... I was banned by Carnifex. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I have been apart of the SWRP community for years. IG was my VERY first server and I really enjoyed my time here and I miss is alot. I am currently apart of another community and have not received ANY warns since server launch which was months ago. To finish off, I want to leave my past behind and jump right into some good RP with my original community that birthed me into SWRP. I am very sorry that this happened and I have had plenty of time to think about my decisions and I am ready to come back, I am super eager to come back because I love star wars! Thanks, Ellery
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    omg this gave me PTSD haha the flashbacks to when we had the OG Rancor vs SCAR on Rishi Moon the good old days, This almost made me shed a tear of the golden age ;(
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    God not this ming 😒 +1 Nah on a real note (idk if my opinion is relevant anymore) but gregis while could at times be a ming always knew when to get serious and get work done. He's friendly and knows how to talk to peoole, seems to have alot of previous staffing experience so has decent knowledge of how to conduct himself. Best of luck to you my friend hope all is well. Gunjies
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    Hey Guys, My time on Gmod has come to an end. I will be resigning from the management team. Apologies for leaving Santos in an unfinished state, hopefully the development team will consider finishing it down the track. I wish everyone all the best, If anyone wants to stay in touch. You'll find me on WOW classic.
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    Hello, Some of you may know me, some new players may not. Over the last month I have lost a lot of interest in Gmod therefore I will be resigning from Admin and probably leaving the community. IG has been a wonderful experience for me and I have had a lot of great memories and made a lot of new friends. I may join the Teamspeak once every couple of weeks just to catch up with some of the boys. Some Special Mentions: The Clone Wars Boys, there from the start of the server to the end. Had most of my favourite memories just on that server. @Happy @Marlu @Luigi @SiegeMonkey @Vadrian @Shepard @Bailey @wflizzi @Mongo Some Great Blokes, @John @ANiX @Zote @Splonter @Auzii @Dirthi @Wingza @Cecil @Tinky @Parcy @PULSE @Jesis @Basil (Sorry if i Forgot any names, just wanted to keep this short and sweet) Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen. - Rickle.
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    jesus f**k, some memories in there.
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    "2 Years, 4 Months and 9 Days of Imperial Gaming [Video]" imo this is better
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    From your perspective, you are possibly correct.
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    DDOS is one of those things that you just don't threaten people with. Speaking on our prior history from other servers, you've always been someone I liked and I know how badly you've been wanting to get back into IG. Your appeal is decent and your apology does seem sincere, and I would know since you have been asking to get back into IG for some time now. +1 to this Ban Appeal and to a 3 Month Prohibition period. Despite DDOS threats being something VERY serious, I know you're not someone capable of doing something like that, and I also realise that you have waited quite some time to put up this appeal. I'd like to see you around on IG like I did see you around on some other servers, some time ago..
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    The nostalgia is strong in this one.
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    I joined back in around 2017 and my first reg was RST
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    Except it's an extreme sentinel planet :p f**k yeah these look great
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    One day I'll be laying down on my deathbed wanting only a few more minutes of life. When I could of had the countless hours I wasted on grinding this questline for it to be reset not once, but twice. How can we trust you in the future to not reset it again? Because it was only your decision to make the random weapon perk. Then when people get to that stage you just take it away from them?
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    YEAHHHH RICKLE. Goodbye my fellow Gentlemen. I shall miss you very much you young handsome boy. Catch you in the bushes of love. <3
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    Hello Imperial Gaming With Chopz resigning and with the current management structure we are currently not ready to appoint a permanent Community Manager until the said person has been trained and is ready to go with all the information they need. With that being said I have decided to temporarily place @Jman1308 into the position of Community Manager so he is able to assist me until the new Community manager has been decided. The reasons behind choosing Jman to assist me is due to the fact his knowledge with how Management works, he use to be a massive assist to us in Imperial Gaming and still is to this day, he will be assisting myself and Imperial Gaming in teaching the knowledge to the next Community Manager and the fact he is ex-management and has still helped us to this day even after retiring. Remember this is Temporary position and once a new Community Manager has been assigned Jman will be stepping back down until he decides what type of position he would like to assist Imperial Gaming in the future. Regards, Wolf
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    i mean me and Gregis have had our fair share of fights between us but im sure we have put that in the past, and you have done already a lot of good in this community. +1 Goodluck Gregis
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    Thank you Wolf & everybody for the worm welcome back, I hope I can temporarily fulfill the role of community manager in a capacity that pleases all of you in the community. That being said, if you have any issues that you feel need addressing, you are more than welcome to send me a poke on teamspeak or a message on the forums if it is more important as I am most likely to see them on these platform and will try to respond as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Jman.
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    Unfortunately, I am going to have to -1 this. You have this weird urge to continue to down vote EVERY SINGLE POST MADE BY TWINKIE. An unfair bias. I feel that judgments will be made based on bias alone, and that's simply not on. I however CAN appreciate that you've done for the community (eg. Development), although I feel that's where you should remain. EDIT: Based off your response to Twinkie, my response has changed to a Neutral. I feel that you may still hold unfair biases, however I will edit my opinion further if I see change. Cheers.
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    First Too be honest, I thought this post would be locked so I thought I'd post a reply before it would be locked... But it wasn't locked so I will revise my post... Congratulations Jman on Jommunity Manager
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    Some unique photos here, interesting that people look back on it as "the golden age" or "the good old days", makes me wonder if people will look back at now in a year and call it the golden age. Just some food for thought.
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    did you just Hecking Cuss on these Pg famliy friendly Forums
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    EA needs to take some notes from Hello Games.
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    Ehh? Congratulations but not but sure but like you're only temp but idk. But ehhhh Good Job Jman <3
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