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    Good evening, Last night was a rowdy night for Chimaera Squad. We had a couple of brewskis, sat back and guarded the BSD, same as any other night. Then Julius decided to add some music. The following documentary encapsulates the events of Monday the 12th of August 2019, the day that will remembered as the day Dance Troopers was created as a regiment Cautionary warning, there is some swearing in the video as well as some crude humour (I think) I do apologise if anyone is annoyed by anything we say but it was said lightheartedly in a joking matter, if you do have any issues please message me so we can sort it out Without further ado, here it is Thank you to the entire crew for making it such an enjoyable night @Julius @Cecil @Wombatiacus @Horus1 - Great dancers and singers (props to Cecil for the solo) @Gregis @JDark47 - Thanks for enjoying the atmosphere and helping create it even while not playing Gmod Go to the youtube channel to see the content and skip to specific songs Link to the video Hope everyone who was watching us on the BSD dance to no music found it somewhat enjoyable. -George B
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    Hello! A new opportunity for Roleplay is coming to the server soon! Once it is completely set up you will know! Welcome to the Imperial Department of Military Research (IDMR) The point of this department is for Military Regiments, specifically players who enjoy PassiveRP in them, an opportunity to do fun projects without joining TI. This will not be replacing TI however will be acting as a Military side of things where more simple less secretive but fun projects can be developed by like-minded users. Anything you are unsure about can be found in this public In-Character document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKkMG4dawDAqp-NMdl5YVPHWxbp1n9qwzLvmAtyX62w/edit?usp=sharing Any questions PM via the forums and I can get back to you! Thanks Imperial Gaming!
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    If you've been with the community for a while you no doubt have made quite a few friends. But all friends leave us one way or another. Who were some sick lads that have left the community? I'll start: In memoriam of Planz, my commander, taught me everything I know In memoriam of Matchbox, probably was my favourite JT In memoriam of Magenta, funniest a**hole I've ever met In memoriam of Church, Great friend, dedicated lad In memoriam of Ryu, Idiot but I miss him In memoriam of Jack and TK, mute boys In memoriam of Roller and Kaleidoscope, Airborne boys In memoriam of JT, oof In memoriam of Clone wars, rip Alright I gotta cry now
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    With Theseus being MIA (Not playing as him anymore, will write up a conclusion to his story) I felt it appropriate to write a story for my new character. I tried to keep it lore friendly, however not a lot was known about most sith so there's not a lot of basis to go off. I will keep it updated with important events in his story, however for now it is well enough off to share. The start is a little confusing with a missing poster, mainly because its meant to be that noone knows where he went after the IRGA. Feedback is appreciated, please feel free to make any comments you wish. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10MjAB4Ta_5JR8pNMGHZbJJsWswh9pmMEhv3Sp9f9Djc/edit?usp=sharing
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    +1 Clearly understands PAC, and how to use it effectively. Has shown great examples which can be further edited/developed overtime. On top of that, Kyle is an extremely dedicated, active and trustworthy member of the community who consistently strives to improve. Would love to see how Kyle goes with PAC 3. Good Luck!
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    Yeah some of us are better a different games so it's good to have a diverse selection of addictions
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    Wind +1 Positive person Great mod back on cw Can bring that to the em team Active and mature
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    +1 Another thing for me to suck at playing
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    +1 have known wind for around almost a year now and have noticed his amount of maturity for his age. He has always helped me when getting into situations and is a great person to work with. I think he would be extremely fitting for the event staff role and by the looks of the application he really wants on. Good luck wind
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    Massive +1, personally I find that poker has gotten a bit boring, so adding blackjack would be a welcomed thing by the community.
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    +1 would probably revive the use for credits, also adding a store to spend credits on would be good.
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    So sad you didn't include the part where you all got gunned down by the Bridge boys :(.
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    Keep poker high rollers, and we G.
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    I love em both, blackjack would be much appreciated as an addition though. It’s one of my favs
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