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    +1 A lot of people have had grudges against Sterling, when he's just used logic against them and evidence @Austro(You're always instigating drama, never stopping it) . Sterling was a great EM and he could do a lot for the server if given the chance to. He is a kind soul who would do anything he can for anyone (Unless they're like, Scum) So, I believe Sterling possseses all the characteristics of a good EM - Good Luck Dude
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    I'm going to ask you to stop replying so we can keep this EM Application on topic, any future replies that aren't pertinent to the application will be hidden. Kind regards, - Bailey
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    The only reason you're leaving negative support is because of the following comments you left in a public discord which I supplied to Wolf: You're community banned for trashtalking IG on a public discord calling its management members "useless" and "corrupt" and continuing to call myself and other Muslims "sand n-word". https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:1:37903346&time=1562334754 Besides this, you've also encouraged others to downvote my posts and applications further demonstrating your lackluster and petty rationale. Based on this I will not be taking your response into consideration and would urge others to do the same. EDIT: Thank you everyone besides Austro for the feedback.
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    I'd have had more teas in my eyes than I currently have, spoiler, its a lot.
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    Steam Name: [IG] SizzlingPineapple SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:118310521 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198196886770/ In Game Name: Jalex Time Played Imperial RP: 12W5D7H Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have one warning on Imperial RP for Mass Prop RDM and D/Cing to avoid staff sit Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I had a ban that was originally for 2 weeks but then later reduced to 3 days for the reason above Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Junior Event Master - Imperial Gaming Imperial RP What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? The purpose of a Moderator is to enforce the rules on the server and make sure everyone is having a great time and enjoying themselves. Moderators do this by responding to player issues or even helping out the new players and showing them the ropes so they can enjoy their time on the server and end up coming back. As a Moderator is it your job to tend to the player's needs. This might be giving tools to help a player build tryouts for his regiment, or spawning ships for pilots so they can patrol the space around the ISD Chimaera. As a Moderator, I believe that your purpose is to make sure the players are enjoying their time on the server, and do everything in your power to help them if they aren't. I also believe that the purpose of a moderator is to act as a good role model for the rest of the server and to show that the Imperial Gaming staff team and the community as a whole are well behaved and respectful. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? I am applying because I want to give back to the staff team and the community. The people of this community have been very welcoming and understanding ever since my first days on the server and I know that by being a Moderator in this community I will be able to give back to all these wonderful people who staff and play on the server. I also want the opportunity to help improve the role play of all people on the server. Small things like helping with spawning ships and helping out with any issues the players have is a major responsibility of not only a Moderator and a member of the Imperial Gaming Staff Team and I know that if I was to be accepted I would be able to contribute to this and help the server in any way I can. I also understand that the Moderator Team is not able to tend to everyone's needs and therefore I am applying to help fill that gap the best I can. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? I can bring a dedicated and focused attitude towards the Staff Team. In my time as an EM and during the months afterward, I have learned many different things from many great current and past staff members that have taught me what it means to be a great Staff Member an and an even better member of the IG community. I try to bring a level-headed and unbiased attitude towards every situation and not let my emotions get in the way of me making the right decision no matter the situation. I work well in a team and also make it a personal goal of mine to make sure that I help my peers in any way I can to assist them in becoming better staff members and better members of the Imperial Gaming Community. I think that I can benefit the Moderator team and also develop healthy friendships with my peers. Even though I have not held a Moderator position on other servers I still think that I can be an asset to the staff team. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? Well, first I would grab his Steam ID and keep it somewhere safe as to not forget it. I would then ask the people/person who reported the RDM to see if it actually was RDM or if the suspect had a reason. After that, I would then proceed to warn him for Mass RDM/DC to avoid Staff Sit. I would not hand out a ban until I had consulted a higher ranked staff member than myself to sort out a suitable ban time. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? In the situation that someone was being bullied, I would start by bringing the Victim and asking what happened, if he was actually being bullied and if he had done something that might have provoked the suspect. I would then return the victim and bring the suspect, as it is very important to hear both sides of the story. After hearing both sides, I would attempt to sort out the situation with a verbal warning (depending on the severity). If that is not possible then I would consult a higher ranking staff member on how long the ban should be for. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? Firstly I would ask the higher ranking staff member to stop abusing as he might be causing other players to not enjoy their time on the server. If he/she continues to abuse his powers, I would gather evidence to support my case later. After gathering this evidence I would inform the Management about it and assist them with any further information they need. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? I would teleport the suspect somewhere discreet like on top of the ship to make sure there won't be any interruptions from any mingy st's that might attempt to assist him. I would proceed to get an admin because a DDOS threat is a very serious matter and I believe that an Admin would be better suited to deal with this situation until I get more experience in the Moderator team and learn how to deal with situations like these. Terms & Conditions Yes
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    *OLD PAC APPLICATION WAS REQUESTED TO BE LOCKED, DUE TO NEW FORMAT* Steam Name: Yuri SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:60434533 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLilLemmy/ In Game Name: Crackers [Dermatologist] Time Played Imperial RP: 7 Weeks 1 Day 4 Hours 20 Minutes Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes (not on the server) Why should you be trusted with PAC3? In all the servers that I have been trusted with PAC3 (Tier 1) before I had not abused my powers or been told to remove any of my PAC3 Creations (after they were accepted). I see myself as helpful and I try to do whatever I can to assist people in need either PAC3/Roleplay/OOC wise. I always attempt to see if there is anything I can do to help out my regiment/higher ups. My activity is outstanding and I believe that I should be trusted with PAC3 (Tier 1), but I know there is a lot of ground I need to make up since my absence in the Imperial Gaming/StarWarsRP scene. I have also been a moderator, admin and helper on numerous other servers, and throughout my time on those server I had earned respect and a liking from the community and the rest of the staffing team. I used to have a trust bond that has expired but I firmly believe I have taken my hit and come back from it by learning from my mistake and figuring out what I can do to stop that completely in the future. Why do you want access to PAC3? I would like access to PAC3 (Tier 1) because I know that the medical/flame troopers models can excel past their current point and open a more vast and broader light of roleplay to my regiment that can also engage people involved within the roleplay situation. One of the other reasons I would like access to PAC3 (Tier 1) is because there is no capacity on what I do with PAC3 (excluding items that would ruin the experience/immersion for other people & anything not accepted by PAC3 managers). With PAC3 (Tier 1) I will be able to open up more roleplay scenarios/incidents with events, regiment items or general roleplay moments. Also as a Warrant Officer I of my regiment (Medical/Flame Troopers) it tends to be very intensive and restrictive but with PAC3 (Tier 1) I know that I can open my opportunities for all parties involved making it more enjoyable. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I strongly believe I deserve PAC3 (Tier) because I have been a big supporter of Imperial Gaming (even during my off time), upon joining I was met with so many friendly faces that I still do see around. I have originally been known as a mingy person but I worked and worked with my issues and I firmly believe that I have reached a level of maturity that matches the minimum of a respectful member of the community. I believe that I deserve PAC3 (Tier 1) due to my commitment to my regiment/server time and friends/relationships that I keep in control of for the most part. I can rant on and on about how much I have changed over time and how much effort I have put into fixing myself and my effort towards my PAC3 Creations but I believe it is my time to prove my worth and show how I have improved. Even in the possibility I do not get accepted, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day/night to read my small paragraphs. PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes Shock Trooper PAC3 Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19PML8JAkToqaFaPsN01beVLfyN8c383eJltIQ39YGUU/edit?usp=sharing Marauder Video (Animation) Event Characters Video (Animation) Purge Troopers Video (Animation) Military + Imperial Guards + Droids + Event Character https://docs.google.com/document/d/1it02B1oqYv9aXo4eFMx-MaMCVxYmLESHHY91jZQR1X0/edit?usp=sharing Sith https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-YIcTRKOcFUwR1yW4GTEZFR60w2KhYJGVA5KX9lfnLM/edit?usp=sharing Inquisitors + Marauders Purge Trooper (Fallen Order) Ewok (Event Character) Death Troopers | 24/10/2019 Medical Troopers New Droids (24/08/19) New Event Characters (24/08/19) Death Troopers (24/08/19) Death Troopers (30/08/19) [BLACK MODEL] [BOREAL MODEL] [WHITE MODEL] [URBAN MODEL] Christmas (24/08/19)
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    Steam Name: [IG] Sterling SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:70777312 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSevenDayTheory In Game Name: Agent Kallus Time Played Imperial RP: 6W 2D 11H Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Time Played Clone Wars RP: Around 6 Days, cannot get a screenshot because CW has been shutdown. Time Played Clone Wars RP Evidence N/A Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have had no warns on Imperial Gaming. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I have had no bans from Imperial Gaming. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Senior Event Master / Forum Administrator - Empire Gaming Community Owner - Republic Gaming Trial Moderator - Imperial Gaming (CW Server) Why are you applying to be an Event Master? Being able to create roleplay and fun experiences for other players is something that I have always loved to be able to achieve, and for this reason being an Event Master is something that I have always actively pursued. I loved being able to be granted the freedom to create immersive sets of events and campaigns for players to be able to pursue, I would love to become more involved with the Imperial Gaming Imperial Server also through an event master position. I wish to, above all, provide the player-base with entertaining events that will benefit the community. Furthermore, I would love to be able to provide roleplay opportunities for people that may not necessarily have that much roleplay involved as a factor of their regiment, or perhaps I could simply improve the roleplay that is pre-existing, by expanding on it with other Event masters and creating new opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment for the individuals of said regiment. Such a regiment would be Sith and ISB for example, which is my current regiment (ISB/DT). Being able to host small roleplaying opportunities for the Sith with Event Master permissions would grant me the ability to offer the order a new array of experiences through interactive missions and stories. Of course, this would not always be limited to the Sith, and may be subject to jump from regiment to regiment depending on when the roleplay deems fit another regiment. Moreover, this would be a great way to remove that ‘boredom’ factor from regiments, by constantly providing people with something to do, I am sure I can entertain the player base and ensures that they are having a fun and immersive experience. Another part of this application stems from the personal factor of what I feel has always been a creative side I have wanted to express, which just happened to be through events. Being an Event Master in past allowed me to create my own interactive story-lines and enjoyable stories for both myself and the server I was playing on at the time. It was those days of planning for structured and detailed events, alongside other Event Masters, that were some of my happiest in the Star Wars RP scene. The comradery between Event Masters, and the dedication needed to pull off events and sometimes campaigns, that left the server feeling pleasured were what pushed me to continue working with the other Event Masters at the time to continue working for the servers and playbases’ enjoyment. Moreover, helping Event Masters in their tasks and being able to be apart of that roleplaying experience in events is something that I have always taken a liking to. Volunteering to be apart of events is something I love to do – reason being that the idea and ability of being able to create new characters that people can interact with, from scratch, is something that amazes me and is something that drives my passion for events. The ability to tell detailed and jaw-dropping stories is the reason I continue to play Star Wars RP overall, as the story and the immersion and entertainment factors of said story are why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place. Being able to dedicate my abilities to the players on Imperial Gaming who I have had the pleasure of meeting and to be able to continuously provide them with entertainment and events that will bring happiness to the players, above all, is the reason I am applying for the position of Event Master. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? To the Event Master team, I can bring structured events that feature a detailed and vivid narrative. I can bring my prior experience as an Event Master to the team and share my ideas and creativity with other Event Masters who may need assistant along the way. I can offer my help to Event Masters who want to plan for long and immersive campaigns to keep the server happy over the weekend where there may be a lack of Roleplay. I can bring my activity to the Event Master team, I can say without a doubt that I am one of the most active people you will meet (a side effect of having to go to University only twice a week). Above all I can bring my dedication and hard-working nature to the Event Master team. I am someone who will do anything to achieve a goal that I think is right. The unrelenting drive I have to provide the server with enjoyable events and entertainment consistently is what I can bring to the Event Master team. My experience in a variety of regiments ranging from, but not limited to; Sith, Imperial Security Bureau, Navy, Government and boundless military regiments, are all manners of roleplay that I have grown accustomed to understanding. It is this understanding of how each regiment/organisation functions, and what manner of roleplay they are suited for, that sees further skill-sets be offered forth to the Event Master team. My knowledge of Star Wars lore and the deep understanding that I have of the working of ULX and Event Master related programs and functions are something that I can bring with me to the Event Master team. Ideas and concepts that perhaps Event Masters had not thought of, and advice on how to proceed when placed in certain predicaments of planning for events and campaigns (insight) are further examples of intuitions I can provide the Event Master team with. I can bring my skills regarding the Garry’s Mod systems in which will assist with creating and planning for events. These things are such mechanics and skills as being able to build advanced sets or dupes for events or being able to utilise Garry’s Mods’ advanced functions to better events and improve the overall experience for those involved directly and indirectly in the event. In summary: my skills, dedication, activity, knowledge, ideas and overarching ability to utilise Garry’s Mod functions are what I can bring to the Event Master team. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? To further bolster the innovative and entertaining features of an event, I can use my skillset and ability to diverge multiple regiments and divisions to go and follow individual routes or roleplay. I can maintain the ability to keep multiple regiments doing different tasks at once, so that they are not all occupied completing the exact same minuscule task as one another. I can do this to a degree where they will not grow tired as the Event Master has to race between each of the regiments, but rather I would simply pre-determine each objective and have their objective ready for them. Moreover, I can innovate events through their story-lines. I believe that as an Event Master my speciality would be to characterise and structure detailed narrative stories played out through events, that would follow in sequence to one another. I believe that by using this format, I would be able to add new flair and characteristic to events, that perhaps has not been seen in the past. This story-arc structure to events is something that I would also introduce to the other Event Masters so that we could work on collaborative projects to complete large story-arcs, that stem from event to even over a course of a few days to a week. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? In regards to ULX commands, I have an extensive knowledge of ULX Commands. I have used ULX on numerous occasions as either staff or in my own private time. I know everything from basic !bring, !goto, !gag, !return, !give, !tp, !spawn commands to making advanced binds through the use of console (which are to be used in events for event characters and setting such things as their; health, model, weapons and other such perks). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read over my application. I look forward to any responses you leave below whether it be criticism or positive feedback. Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KdMEXhHvKjFLuConfmT96GIQvUJUmH0ntWz3WjD4R0/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SPFOPvijmT--mmx0W5PpNdcj7DfUBVtGHPlcwznTapU/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
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    +1 Active member of the server and applicable for this position. Also app is detailed! Goodluck.
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    BUMP Play Time Updated (1 Week Added)
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    +1. I do not need to explain why or want to. He just deserves it from all the time and effort he puts into everything he does, including his regiment.
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    I will be supporting this application, for the following reasons: Has been an active, dedicated member to the Imperial Gaming community for months. Has previous experience as an Event Master, aswell as a Staff Member. Has written extensive, detailed responses with intriguing ideas for potential events. Sterling will make a great Event Master, not just on Imperial Gaming. But any Star Wars Roleplay Server.
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    guyS plz my Heart is hurting
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    Hey Aqua! Thanks for your suggestion. Zaspan and myself are currently looking into the viability of the new license and will discuss the idea with the necessary parties before reaching our final conclusion. -Cecil
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    Changing to a NEUTRAL leaning towards a +1, Just work on the points that we've discussed and i'll change to a full +1 in no time, Good luck Sterling!
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    Hey! Thank you for applying to be an Imperial Event Master! Event Management have reviewed your potential position on the team, and we regret to inform you that you have been unsuccessful in receiving a position in this intake period. As you have progressed to stage two, your forums application will not be removed (as it meets the required criteria), and you may be considered for future intakes. You will be notified if we require anything more from you. In the meantime, users may continue to vote and comment as usual. - Rook
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    Updated Playtime and added extra detail in answers
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    -1 Based on the responses given to Splonter and Austro. You've attempted to defame both of them for leaving negative responses, where, one had asked if you requested information you talk to him, and your response to Austro is making him out to be an enemy, therefore attempting to invalidate his opinion. Tldr: Can't take criticism well, poor trait for a community event master. Good luck nonetheless.
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    Yes, I agree. Those comments you left are not Event Master material at all.
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    [Spoke with Splonter -- Disputes have been settled]
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    Jeez so hostile. Not Event Master Material at all.
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