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    Hey all. I started messing about in MSPaint a couple weeks ago, to help with my Coordination Disorder. And these were the pieces I'd made. They were being made using references but all were drawn freehand with a mouse. It's a pretty big accomplishment for me, and I'd like to hear your critiques. So yeah. Have fun tearing me to shreds I suppose.
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    When Santos RP is done right it can attract a large amount of players. WW2 RP on the other hand is just another thing to work on, another gamemode to create, another server to start. Santos RP is far from over, if and hopefully some high up people can stick it out and work together it can take off. The one thing with Santos is that is actually has a significant Australian based community, where as WW2RP is considerably smaller. Also my family is Jewish so yea like -1 on that idea big chief
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    stop sh*tposting here @Vanilla @Billybob1061 thank you
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    Don't mess with: THE BOYS (Sorry for the blurry pictures, taken with a flip phone) "Built to destroy" CREW Captain Sharkie - Best pilot in all of the seven seas Ground deployment squad - Green dirtbike - Orange dirtbike - Aren't afraid to get their hands dirty SHIP FEATURES Front laser blaster thingo Side support thing that don't help Ground deployment platform Grass stack for food? Claw to pick up the big boys Antenna to communicate with the squad Barrel to store the noms Rear fin to help with steering Batman branded nose
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    Project: S A Campaign brought to you by @Kristofer and @Happy Coming July 13th
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    I miss hl2rp so much. I remember being 15 and staying up till 7am every morning so I can play with Americans on hl2rp servers, it was so intense and fascinating but so fun. No SeriousRP can compare to it in my opinion.
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    Make a HL2RP server. Now.
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    To Be Honest - It might be bad to say to some people who like dreaming - Imperial Gaming is only good at making Imperials SWRP servers. DarkRP, Santos, TTT and Clone Wars - All died...Cut the losses and just stick to what you're good at
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    The laughing mission, event placing mission and recruit training mission were removed so you don’t have to worry about that anymore (system got reset so you’ll have to redo what youve done so far).
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    I guess it's my time to shine and make an event for Engineers, IHC, Government, Bounty Hunters, and ... Droids(?) to shine in.
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    The Event placing is really hard for me engineers dont do much
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    Steam Details Steam Name: hypo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32361926 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thehypo In Game Details In Game Name : hypo In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Core | ST Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here): https://imgur.com/3LD0pME How long was the ban for: Permanent Ban. Which staff member banned you: Kody What date did the ban occur: 16/2/19 (Approximately 4 months ago) What was the reason for the ban: Community ban - Breach of unban conditions and alt accounts. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: After Republic Gaming shut down, I was persuaded to join Imperial Gaming after we came on good terms and many members of the community (RG) were unbanned in this re-transfer of members, as a lot of people were being swayed over to connecting to IG again. Some didn’t return, but I was one of the people who decided to make the switch instead of boycotting IG for no reason, since the last time I was on there was about a year ago at that time. I had a good few days on the Clone Wars server and made some friends, however I did also start getting into a lot of conflicts and disputes with others on the server. Back on Republic Gaming the people I would general speak to are those I have known for quite some time. People in Management that I worked with or close-friends, so when I switched over to Imperial Gaming I didn’t really make that distinction and had quite a few arguments and disputes. Looking back now, I do really regret those choices and disputes that I made and wish that I would have chosen to migrate like the people who do play on Imperial Gaming now permanently. There are still a lot of my friends in this community and they seem to enjoy it, so it did lead me to think back on my actions and really wish I had taken another path and reconsidered my approach at that particular time. I ended up getting banned for breaching the unban conditions because I continuously was getting into arguments with other people in both IC and OOC, and was having a hard-time adjusting to Imperial Gaming’s community and my new role within it. After this, I felt really angry and took out my anger on those that had swayed me to the server and also on the Staff by coming back on with alt accounts and attempting to bypass the ban. I did however get caught as being on different alt accounts and was banned on my 2 other alt accounts. I was then convinced to stop and leave the community entirely as I did not think I would be accepted or viewed positively as a result of my actions. After 4 months of being permanent banned, I write this ban appeal with utmost sincerity and regard for Imperial Gaming with a desire to be unbanned and become a member of the community like many of my friends currently are. I ended up getting banned for breaching the unban conditions because I continuously was getting into arguments with other people in both IC and OOC, and was having a hard-time adjusting to Imperial Gaming’s community and my new role within it. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I feel like I've matured significantly since the time of my ban. I have continued to speak to people on this server who I knew from RG and they have convinced me into reconsidering my choices that I had previously made. It also had me think about my actions towards the individuals on Imperial Gaming, and how my actions may have offended or been abusive towards the community members, in a sense that it was not previously interpreted on RG. I hope to be unbanned so I can prove the sincerity and genuine heart with which I write this appeal, and with the hope that I can become a member of the community and play with those who transferred to this server and have played since the time I was banned 4 months ago. Also, I would like to apoligise to Whitey, Cody, Sterling and those who had me join IG in the first place. I am dedicated to making it up to you guys and proving that I can be a valuable asset to this community. I also apologize to anyone else who was annoyed by my actions a few days after the launch of Clone Wars. I do wish to make it up to you all and show you that I am reformed.
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    There is a reason there are no 1942RP servers. Because they're all bad and no one wants to be apart of it. I've known 3 servers to to 1942 RP, some of them big networks. They all failed within the first few months.
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    Hello, I will be leaving a Negative Support on this Application and here's why. - Yes he has had past experience. - Yes he is active. - I don't however believe that he is mature enough to be a t-mod. This was shown to me whilst conducting a sit yesterday, effectively he didn't know the rules and ardm'ed. Throughout the sit he was acting immaturely and not taking it seriously and at one point during the sit he told me to "Stop complaining". So he wanted me to forget about a rule break? Granted he was saying this because he thought I was in the sit for a different situation but it still shows lack of maturity and respect for calling a admin sit. In that as well is the fact he didn't know the rules that are easily accessible, so this is why I will be leaving a Negative support. For lack of knowledge about the rules and lack of maturity. Regards, Rosario
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    -1 from me too. What Roasrio said sums it up pretty nicely. Just watching you on the server though makes it really present. You seem to not care about the rules, and almost seem to try to exploit them, like running around slapping explosives on peoples car for no reason and killing them. I think that a staff member acting like this would represent the Imperial Gaming Community badly.
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    -1 Seeing the way you have acted on the last couple of days you have been constantly immature, Around RP situations and been constantly Trolling players. additionally not taking RP serious enough in-game and Bending/Breaking the rules
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    I also really do not like the laughing quests
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    ISC is a literal everything regiment. We are a RP Reg We are a specialist reg (flying) We are a scouting regiment (speeders) We are a frontline attack reg (When we are not allowed to fly) We are a defence and guarding reg (Guard Bridge or TIE-Bays or a VIP in a ship)
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    When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a meme but these are actually very good!
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    Looks like the campaign is going to be fun
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