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    Hi all, For those that don't already know, I am departing from IG for a while to ensure that I don't do sh*t at school. I am resigning from CO position in VF and as a Moderator on Imperial (Could set me to user). I would like to thank every one of you that have impacted the time of my playtime on IG. Start off with who introduced me to IG - @Vanilla, a bit of backstory, Vanilla played on IG way before me. I and a few of my IRL friends wanted him to play R6 and we thought the only way was to make him quit IG, sooooo I went on to minge and get him in trouble, obviously, I fell in love with SWRP and IG. When I joined @Ragdig, trained me when he was a JT. On the 26/9/18 A random ST PVT gave me a tour and asked if I wanted to sit in the Emperor's chair. I said of course than I died. After this and wondering around for a few days, I befriended two ST's Droplet and Bass. We did the usual minge and got bored before we decided to be cool kids and go into the vents. This was when the TI vault was near the engine room and it was accessible. Of course, I was told to look inside and I immediately got dropped down the vent into the Vault, we went to DEFCON 2 and I sh*t my self and ran. After this, I was VF training in MH2, they were doing attack/defence bunker battles and I saw my good ol mate Droplet, I was like cool Ill join and after a few games me and @Wind 1v1ed he was an Officer Cadet. He obviously destroyed me using the superior DLT-19. I was wondering around the ISD after an event and saw Droplet as a VF, so I was like cool ill join. Somehow I passed tryouts and I got into VF on the 30/9/18 I rose through the ranks of VF slowly till CL2 and Than CL3 when good ol Major Tom became a meme. never forget. When the new CWRP server come out Wind and a large amount of other VF left also. I was then left as ACO of VF. VF had its ups and its downs but with @Ghost4448 @Outback's help, it became a great reg, when suddenly a large amount of VF left within a few days and with school starting it back up it seemed doomed. But with a small number of dedicated people, we managed to keep it alive for a while. In the end today. Some notable moments of my time that didnt make the cut 1. Whitey Being Whitey at ST training 2. Me saying that im good at math at tryouts 3. Getting demoted for calling wind a girl 4. Vanilla and Adams Wedding 5. Becoming 2IC of VF 6. Going to the Death Star for the first time and Vanilla Pming me that he had pissed him self and needed new pants. 7. The Bane Tank 8. Tarkin (Jman) Mowing down people outside ILC being rebuilt 9. @LuckyMikey not knowing how to climbswep until Sgt 10. Whitey Being Whitey Yet Again 11. IC stack 12. March of the CO's 13. Whitey Being Whitey Yet again SMH MY HEAD 14. This And many more. Thank you to all members of management for making such a great community, Long Live IG Love you all Bye
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    Gooood afternoon mate. Firstly before I get started I have been away for a few days on holiday so I saw everything tonight basically and it's not good. Allright firstly you went on about free speach, you are correct you can do free speech however there's limits you are able to go with free speech, for an example I do something unprofessional, free speech can be along the lines "Yeah that was unprofessional as hell", not like "f*** that was autistic what the f***". There is a difference between free speech and just running your mouth off until you have said every bad word in the book. It's called being respectfull and professional Secondly you stated you have every right to join any steam group you want, You are 100% correct you do have that right to join whatever steam group you desire however when you join a steam group that not only wrongly insult but also has things like "autistic" aimed at a staff member or even a player, we have every right to take action to remove you from the community as it is our right to do that, it also goes against our community rules as you are on purpose aiming this at a staff member or player which is just completely wrong, even if you don't think they won't see it. Your actions that you did yourself, your actions led you to post on there, on this ban appeal, no one threatened you or blackmailed you to do those things and you cannot blame peer pressure as at the end of the day, your actions and your own decision caused this so you cannot blame other people for your own actions and decisions. I believe you need to think hard about that. It's not Snoozys fault you joined it, you clicked the button, you wrote a comment and you joined in, your own actions and decisions did that, not snoozy, not your friends, it was you so do not blame snoozy or anyone else for your own actions you decided to take. Your acxount was never deleted, was just banned, if it was deleted there is no way of getting it back unless i upload my database of members i keep a downlaod of each week due to a past accident (our bad excalibur) however i am not home so no access to my desktop. Your account being banned was not done by who you think it was, unless you think it was Cody, Cody was told about a community ban and it is his job to look after forum profile Bans once he was told he banned your forum account however once he was told you had a unban appeal he realised his mistake and you were unbanned, it is a genuine mistake that shouldn't be taken personally and he does apologise. Therefore I do not believe a punishment is in order, I have already asked him to double check next time and I believe that is the best course of action for this incident. You can of course challenge that and have a talk to me when I get back from my holiday overseas and we can come to an professional and fair agreement. In my opinion I don't believe you realise what you did was bad from.your actions in this ban appeal and what you said in the actual ban appeal it seems you juat want to be unbanned and not taking any blame for your own actions, passing it on to somone else and not really carong as you just dont want to be banned. it does not matter if the person is a staff member or player, you should treat everyone with the same respect that you would like back, this way everyone can have a professional standpoint and be able to do free speech.
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    I don't know fam, seems like you're trying to start beef Twinkie There is a way to go about commenting on people's content, usually without being a douche... try to figure out how.
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    -1 You have to cop this one on the chin for a bit before applying again, it's way too soon to be appealing. This whole appeal who echoes to me that you are putting the blame onto Snoozy for you being banned, and doesn't feature any sort of apology to Frank. Not once do you mention what YOU did. You never mentioned the comments made about Frank on a thread, which was a key component in your ban. This isn't Snoozy's ban appeal, it's yours. Have some ownership to the comments you made. What's even more disappointing is that you are still in the group, as of the creation of this comment, which shows me and the community that you aren't serious about being unbanned. I suggest you leave the group and add what I've suggest to this section. Putting aside the fact that you just admitted to using an alternate account, I don't see any sort of apology to Frank. I just see you saying, "yeah I'm a good trooper. and I've been in the community for a long time." Having the knowledge of IG you have, you should of known that doing something like this would have serious repercussions. I'm assuming you are quite young because you seem to believe this comment was a joke, so I suggest you keep these 'jokes' out of the public domain.
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    @Jman1308 Prepare for MC40 Spam
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    Yeah and so are you xx
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    Chill it out with the hate on each other in here boys. Also, I'd boink Basil.
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    Bro your legit sad didnt your mum tell you if you have don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it? Or were you to busy trolling through Internet forums picking on people tryna have some fun? lighten up buddy
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    f**k me That's the problem Instead of trying to find a RP reason to why he attemped to kill you, you immediately move to phys gunning and saying "bro your shooting a mod". Furthermore, you decide in your infinite wisdom to verbally assault him. I know this is a meme, but seriously. Assuming you do the majority of your sits like this, your behaviour is atrocious. Then, I assume you don't give him a RP punishment, the whole point of this video boils down to poor staffing and management of a situation. Then you ban him for 3300 minutes? (Give or take, can't read on mobile) for attempted mass rdm? His target is clearly the other sith and only hit the other person because he moved your way. This is really bad staffing, not that I'm speaking from personal experience, although you really need to check what you do in sits before you decide to post a video literally showing you being a poor staff member. All the best, Marsh.
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    *OLD PAC APPLICATION WAS REQUESTED TO BE LOCKED, DUE TO NEW FORMAT* Steam Name: Yuri SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:60434533 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLilLemmy/ In Game Name: Crackers [Dermatologist] Time Played Imperial RP: 7 Weeks 1 Day 4 Hours 20 Minutes Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes (not on the server) Why should you be trusted with PAC3? In all the servers that I have been trusted with PAC3 (Tier 1) before I had not abused my powers or been told to remove any of my PAC3 Creations (after they were accepted). I see myself as helpful and I try to do whatever I can to assist people in need either PAC3/Roleplay/OOC wise. I always attempt to see if there is anything I can do to help out my regiment/higher ups. My activity is outstanding and I believe that I should be trusted with PAC3 (Tier 1), but I know there is a lot of ground I need to make up since my absence in the Imperial Gaming/StarWarsRP scene. I have also been a moderator, admin and helper on numerous other servers, and throughout my time on those server I had earned respect and a liking from the community and the rest of the staffing team. I used to have a trust bond that has expired but I firmly believe I have taken my hit and come back from it by learning from my mistake and figuring out what I can do to stop that completely in the future. Why do you want access to PAC3? I would like access to PAC3 (Tier 1) because I know that the medical/flame troopers models can excel past their current point and open a more vast and broader light of roleplay to my regiment that can also engage people involved within the roleplay situation. One of the other reasons I would like access to PAC3 (Tier 1) is because there is no capacity on what I do with PAC3 (excluding items that would ruin the experience/immersion for other people & anything not accepted by PAC3 managers). With PAC3 (Tier 1) I will be able to open up more roleplay scenarios/incidents with events, regiment items or general roleplay moments. Also as a Warrant Officer I of my regiment (Medical/Flame Troopers) it tends to be very intensive and restrictive but with PAC3 (Tier 1) I know that I can open my opportunities for all parties involved making it more enjoyable. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I strongly believe I deserve PAC3 (Tier) because I have been a big supporter of Imperial Gaming (even during my off time), upon joining I was met with so many friendly faces that I still do see around. I have originally been known as a mingy person but I worked and worked with my issues and I firmly believe that I have reached a level of maturity that matches the minimum of a respectful member of the community. I believe that I deserve PAC3 (Tier 1) due to my commitment to my regiment/server time and friends/relationships that I keep in control of for the most part. I can rant on and on about how much I have changed over time and how much effort I have put into fixing myself and my effort towards my PAC3 Creations but I believe it is my time to prove my worth and show how I have improved. Even in the possibility I do not get accepted, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day/night to read my small paragraphs. PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes Shock Trooper PAC3 Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19PML8JAkToqaFaPsN01beVLfyN8c383eJltIQ39YGUU/edit?usp=sharing Marauder Video (Animation) Event Characters Video (Animation) Purge Troopers Video (Animation) Military + Imperial Guards + Droids + Event Character https://docs.google.com/document/d/1it02B1oqYv9aXo4eFMx-MaMCVxYmLESHHY91jZQR1X0/edit?usp=sharing Sith https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-YIcTRKOcFUwR1yW4GTEZFR60w2KhYJGVA5KX9lfnLM/edit?usp=sharing Inquisitors + Marauders Purge Trooper (Fallen Order) Ewok (Event Character) Death Troopers | 24/10/2019 Medical Troopers New Droids (24/08/19) New Event Characters (24/08/19) Death Troopers (24/08/19) Death Troopers (30/08/19) [BLACK MODEL] [BOREAL MODEL] [WHITE MODEL] [URBAN MODEL] Christmas (24/08/19)
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    Hello! This is Boris - So this isn't a Big thing here in Australia Victory Day is the Day the German Reich was Defeated - And Every Year there is a big parade to celebrate and remember the veterans! It is Equivalent to ANZAC Day here In my Family, this is a very big tradition and in Russia, it is a very important holiday Happy Victory Day
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    The results are in. Before I get to them, I would like to say that in future (meaning next months votes) I may be changing a few things, starting with more interaction with the Media Team and such departments to add more flair to these votes, something that was recommended in the last post. Anyways, without further a-do here are the vote results: - Best Management Member - 1st Place - Cecil (16 votes) 2nd Place - Whitey (10 votes) 3rd Place - Frank (3 votes) - Best Staff Member - 1st Place - Wombat (8 votes) 2nd Place - Sully (6 votes) 3rd Place - Iris (3 votes) - Best Event Master - 1st Place - Kristofer (17 votes) 2nd Place - Rook (7 votes) 3rd Place - Grif (4 votes) - Best Roleplayer - 1st Place - Scheff (7 votes) 2nd Place - Hammer (2 votes) 3rd Place - Tempest (2 votes) - Funniest Individual - 1st Place - Tinky (16 votes) 2nd Place - Iris (3 votes) 3rd Place - Stitches (2 votes) - Nicest Individual - 1st Place - Cecil (5 votes) 2nd Place - Loki (4 votes) 3rd Place - Wingza (3 votes) - Most Active Regiment - 1st Place - ISB (9 votes) 2nd Place - ST (5 votes) 3rd Place - Sith (3 votes) - Most Active Individual - 1st Place - Kristofer (7 votes) 2nd Place - DT WOI Nick (4 votes) 3rd Place - Sterling (2 votes) - Best PAC User - 1st Place - Hammer (7 votes) 2nd Place - Tank (5 votes) 3rd Place - Scheff (3 votes) - Best IHC Member - 1st Place - Hammer (18 votes) 2nd Place - Lucky (5 votes) 3rd Place - Grif (2 votes) - Best Military Trooper - 1st Place - Tempest (5 votes) 2nd Place - Tinky (4 votes) 3rd Place - Stitches (3 votes) - Best ISB Member - 1st Place - Kristofer (14 votes) 2nd Place - Rex (6 votes) 3rd Place - Tank (4 votes) - Best Sith Member - 1st Place - Rook (5 votes) 2nd Place - Helsing (4 votes) 3rd Place - John (2 votes) - Best Navy Member - 1st Place - Cure (10 votes) 2nd Place - Vanilla (7 votes) 3rd Place - Boris (2 votes)
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    Just curious to see what kind of shows members of this community like and this is a good way for others to hear about some shows they may not know about and be able to start watching, try and list your top 5 TV shows you enjoy watching (1 being your favourite and 5 being your least favourite of the list) and if you want you can talk about why you enjoy these shows. Please refrain from listing any spoilers when talking about your shows in order to not ruin them for other users, especially shows that are still releasing new episodes Here is my list; 1. Game Of Thrones Lengthy and contains many sub story lines within the 1 timeline with many twists, turns and unpredictable behaviour 2. The 100 Is creative with its story line and was well thought out with all aspects thought out including a new language with dialects and a new culture. 3. Grimm Creative plot line with creative and strange creatures combined to make a lengthy and enjoyable viewing experience 4. Big Bang Theory Funny, creative and quirky. 5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funny and relatable comedy that possesses many creative aspects and episode story lines. Favourite Animated Show: Avatar The Last Airbender Honourable Mention(s): Too many to count (as you can probably tell I like shows with lots of seasons)
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    Dear all, It is with deep sorrow that I announce my retirement from the Community Manager role within the Imperial Gaming Community. After much thought, discussions with Wolf and internal debate I have decided to hang up the hat, and it wasn’t an easy decision. When I took up this role I gave myself a timeline to achieve what I wanted to achieve as well as some guidelines. I always said to myself that If I started to not enjoy what I was doing, If it was creating too much stress, If I believe that my actions were no longer in the best interest of the community or If I felt I’ve achieved everything I wanted and that the Community needed new guidance – then I would retire. Over my time I believe I have always acted in the best interests of the Community and helped shape, direct and recover the community to a sustainable model. I’m extremely proud of every single person I’ve worked with and what we have achieved – Recovering from the original EG split which was on the verge of killing IG, bringing new gameplay and reshaping the Imperial server, expansion to our Clone Wars server and now soon to be our third Server. And would like to thank each of those individuals who toughed it out along the journey. I know I’m not an easy taskmaster but we got there in the end. Now after a discussion with Wolf it was an easy decision to name @Chopz as the new Community Manager who has some exciting directions for the community with his new Server. I have always seen Chopz as someone who has the same drive and passion and can’t wait to see what he does with IG. For those worrying, I won’t be leaving the community but simply stepping aside from day to day operations. I will still advise and assist the management team and anyone that seeks help in any capacity (It’s up to Wolf to decide what that role is). I have enjoyed every last minute in my roles on IG, but for now, from your retired Friendly Neighbourhood Community Manager this is… Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
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    Hey All, I am setting up a stream for people so that members can watch one of the star wars movie instalments tonight, tonight will be Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Steps to come and watch: 1) Join the discord (https://discord.gg/H8fDFr5) 2) Wait for the ping that the movie will be starting and follow the link 3) Join and have fun watching and chatting with other members of the community! ETA: 20:00:00 Hours (8PM) WAST 22:00:00 Hours (10PM) AEST MOVIE COMPLETED
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    Denied. Re-apply in two weeks. Seriously though, good luck at school and the Server will miss you.
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    When you don't get mentioned ;(
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    Dark days and sad times are truly upon us.... Goodluck with everything life has in store for you Tom and I wish you nothing but the best
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    Cya later tommo
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    Now that's a sad react... Kensama will always be there for you Tom.
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    What the heck dude, you're leaving me! In all seriousness Tom, thanks for being a hectic commander and dealing with the bullsh*t I gave you. Also those 40 width Shock boys are stronger than any division you had smh. Btw the artwork in my signature is of you, cause you are worthy of having a self portrait done by me.
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    It's sad to see you go. o7
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    <3 Bye, love you (no homo)
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    o7 It was real man You were a great trooper and a great 2IC I wouldnt of lasted as long as CO if I didnt have u by my side helping me all the way. you and i made VF a great regiment and i would say top 3 and for a while the most active regiment [10 on a night for 2 weeks XD] o7
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    https://gyazo.com/8aac62b4668597c33b0592de1386573f You honestly think that remark you made to frank was gonna he taken as a joke?
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    Negan is really hitting his stride now, I dig it. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the walking dead, just my god some of it is so hilariously poorly written that it becomes an entertainment factor unto it's own haha (like Sasha's way overly dramatic story arc after all the way more likeable characters with more audience investment getting the shaft hard)
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    lmao that's not broken compared to the stupid sh*t Jman and I used to play @Jman1308cough cough transport craft
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    Great show, they play off the legal aspect very well. I started watching Supernatural due to a one of my close friends being obsessed with it, never ended up watching that much and it has just sat on the backburner. Might need to be one of those shows I revisit and watch as it sounds like it would be a good watch. Both are shows I have been meaning to watch and are on my list for when I finish GoT. They both seem like they have some rather interesting story lines to it.
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    1 - Young Justice 2 - Archer 3 - The Walking Dead 4 - Brooklyn Nine Nine 5 - Boondocks
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    1. Game of Thrones One of the greatest stories and fantasy worlds ever created imo, you have the ability to go in depth beyond just watching the show if you want to plus there’s plenty of books, and it doesn’t have an overpowering amount of magic or just mundane realism, it’s a great combination of both. 2. Supernatural A story of two brothers who reunite to find their Dad who went missing, supernatural explores many entities and beliefs from different religions around the world old and new who the brothers end up facing sooner or later from werewolves to demons to even the very top of the food chain. I highly recommend it, it’s the longest running show in the supernatural genre that is running it’s 15th and final season this year but it isn’t too late to catch up if you’re keen. 3.Archer Didn’t think I’d end up enjoying this show because animated shows aren’t really my thing, but I found that it’s actually quite enjoyable, the majority of episodes are just sub stories so you’ll always be able to watch something new regardless of which episode you watch, however I do advise caution, it isn’t for a younger audience. (On AUS Netflix) 4. Van Helsing Essentially a zombie apocalypse but instead of zombies it’s vampires. It did take me a little while to get into it because I was quite bored initially, but I’ve always enjoyed apocalypse scenario movies or shows for the most part and it intrigued me how it would be different to the standard walking dead type show. (On AUS Netflix)
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    I started watching Narcos a while back, it is a good show but I never really got that heavily enveloped in the show. It is probably worth me going back and finishing however. Breaking bad is one of the shows I have been meaning to watch for a while, it is one of the ones I will start watching once I finish GoT as I have heard it is rather good.
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    Welcome back ma'am. Its an honour. I'm the new and improved myself, better than you used to know. I'll still remember the day I found out you had a crush on me (because you thought I was a girl)
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    Grow some skin lmao
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    I have it doesn’t work
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    +1 Yav is a nice guy and always helps people if they are confused or in trouble.
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    I agree with Tank's stance, I would like to personally see another example or event a couple more examples of other things you are capable of doing. Untill such time I will be giving you a NEUTRAL and will re evaluate this stance when/if more examples are provided.
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    I don't think they necessarily did anything completely atrocious and terrible in this scenario and people are just jumping on the bandwagon of "Oh they did something we don't agree with, so they're in the wrong." While I do agree they've said some things that shouldn't have been said, especially from a Staff Member, many have done this in the past and this is just one that comes to light via a video. Lets lay out the material facts of the situation; They were standing in front of the Bridge when the ST named "AlienC" attempted to RDM both Sterling and Wingza, evident through the fact that he shot both of them repeatedly and looked to be focusing mainly on Wingza in the situation. Wingza immediately froze the would-be assailant and between the Teamspeak chatter, I heard the words "Bro, bro you're shooting a Mod bro. The f**k? You're a dumbass man, out of all the people to shoot." from Sterling and "You, you are one of the dumbest people. Dumbass." The ST, named "McGregor" began immediately punching AlienC and said, "Don't worry boys, I've got him, boys, don't worry." Wingza then immediately banned the user for 4320 minutes, which equates to 3 days. As we can see here, Wingza didn't inherently do much wrong apart from calling the alleged MassRDM'er a "Dumbass" and "One of the Dumbest people." Now, I do agree, this situation could have been handled far better, they could have explained to him what he was doing wrong, even though he definitely understood MassRDM as he has 87 hours in Garry's Mod, more than enough time to understand the rules and basics of most Servers. (Source) Sterling and McGregor are also in the wrong here, McGregor punching him and being involved in a Staff Sit, and Sterling calling him a "Dumbass." as a User and respected member of the Community. Overall, I do not believe what was done here was completely terrible and warrants a punishment for Wingza, possibly a talking to and/or a warning about not doing it again, but up until now, Wingza has done nearly nothing wrong and has also been an active, mature and respectable member of the Community, he may have been a bit harsh in his wording in the heat of the moment and in his ban length without much explanation to the User, but in hindsight, if the User thinks he's done nothing wrong he can appeal the ban and be shown that he attempted to ruin another person's Roleplay experience through RDM. Thanks for reading. - Bailey
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    Don't take this the wrong way but a gauge of maturity and how trustworthy you are cant be simply coerced, that will take time. It's good to see you've got some LUA ideas and you are working on them. Send me a message when you've done some more examples and ill re-evaluate my Neutral. As of right now from what i can see from your skills the Junior Developer role would be more of a name/label than a role you could actively partake in. Best of Luck, Tank
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    Yav is a great member of Royal Guard and would be a good Moderator. +1
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    Also adding what Tank had said, programming can get a lot more intense as you progress. Still, I believe there's plenty of time to learn and expand on what you already know. Therefore, I will be leaving a +1 on your application. Good Luck!
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    +1 I used to be Yav's commander in royal guard and in my experience with him he is responsible and could handle the rank of trial moderator Goodluck Yav
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    *Added more examples due to there being an update to the rules*
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