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  1. Credits @Wingza - Grand Moff Tarkin @Jaggy - Taskmaster Grint @TheNegotiator - Commandant Aresko @Stubzy - Agent Kallus @John - Grand Inquisitor @Kristofer - Camera Very happy with this one. Slightly better than the last, slightly worse at the same time.
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  2. I'm willing to donate my Governor Pryce PAC to help in the production of these masterpieces. The part where they actually died made me laugh so hard
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  3. Hi all. I have been on the imperial RP server for a couple months now so I thought I should join the forums. On the server I am a medical trooper called Fludders. Come and say hi if you're free
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  4. /me cracks knuckles, it will be done my lord. Realistically though, I’m not back til Monday.
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  5. Issue Has Been Resolved.
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  6. leaking jedi information smh
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