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    Hey so after a few months away from the server a lot has changed,i have school managed pretty efficiently and i have my own apartment and life is looking hella good. So i decided to return to Imperial Gaming and rejoin this wonderful community and see some old faces @Cecil @Bailey @Jye @Wolf @Welshy @Rad_Cop @Splonter @Rickle Kronos @John and so many others. So i was thinking about which server is best to join, The Clone wars server or the classic Imperial server, any thoughts?
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    Who are you? Shadow Commander? Change your signature minge
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    My favourite moment in Imperial Gaming was when i first joined the server. On my first day i had no clue what to do, nor did i have any understanding of the mechanics and systems in Star wars RP. But alas, i tried out for Chimaera squad which at the time was being led by captain @Gunjies and @Codyas Grand Admiral Thrawn, with @Rickle as his sith attachment. Some how i got in (I was told i was one of the worst people to try out that day) but alas i got in. From there it only got better as the boys joined, @Jye @Bailey @Jalex @Bene @Keith @Percival @Gregis @Ceciland so many more people. I could write a whole book about our antics. Although a runner up for my favourite moment was when i assassinated the Grand Moff. @Rad_Cop @Jman1308 thank you for putting up with my engineer antics for so long.
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know i'm back and am happy to find out and hear what's been happening so if you wanted to let me know anything funny or random just chuck it down below I would love to hear what's been going on.
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    @Happy How slick do our children look?
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    Fun fact: I hate sand
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    Hello Bailey, I'd like to personally thank you for such a warm welcome. Whilst it is sad to hear that many of the Wintohs are still missing, I'm glad you have the company of those that remain. And with the room make sure you leave enough room on a shelf so that I can place my sub sub janitorial plaques. Now I believe that I will be joining you on the "clone wars" factory, where I will apply (following the correct procedures) for the highly renowned position of Event Master, given time of course. And of course I would like to congratulate you for your promotion. So with that I will conclude this letter. Best regards Basil
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    I got a big nose which @Wombatiacus finds scary.
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    Who are you again? Going to be a EM again?
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    So...here it is I will be resigning from the server to focus on School more as after receiving my marks this term it has been a real wake up call considering I am in grade 11 and my ambition is to be a Engineer when I grow up which coming from the lowest subjects a year ago to going straight into Physics, Chemistry all that fun stuff I need to knuckle down not just for myself but for my family because they want me to do something with my life. I love Imperial Gaming you will always be my one and only just for now I need to worry about myself. This isn't the end you will see me around I just needed to let lose anything tying me down to the server if you can understand, anyway one day when stuff clears up I will make my return but for now goodbye. Thank you @Carswell for being my online brother/counselor and the best god damn Navy Captain of them all I aspire to be like you in my short time as CO on Republic Navy Thank you @JDark47 for being my figurally speaking drinking buddy Thank you @Bailey for being a good friend and person in general never change @Cecil I hope to still see you around Store Manager @Welshy Thank you for giving me the chance of being one of your Event Masters I know I probably didn't deserve it but I hope I did the role justice @Lachlan Keep the Republic Navy going for me big man I hope to see it running strong when I eventually return I could go on and on but it would take to long thank you all for your friendships and dealing with my dumb shit you all were my getaway from life but now I have to make a change. I hope when I come back I can see the Clone Wars server sitting strong with at least 60 players. Thank you @Wolf and @Whitey for what you both do for the server I realize I might not be leaving on a good note but tahnk you for putting up with my shit and giving me the chance of being part of the staff team and being a Commander. See you all around
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    Name In-game: [DF] [NS-CMD] Vanilla Teamspeak Name: Vanilla Playtime on the server: IMPERIAL: 5w, 23h, 55m REPUBLIC: 1d, 11h, 20m Age: 15 Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): I am currently learning LUA and GLUA. I also know GML. What type of content do you want to create for our server? I am available to create anytype of content that is asked of me however some specifics I would like to do are HUDS, Weapons, Vehicles (Mainly LFS) and things like that. Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about? I have made some generic scripts such as health stations and basic things like that. I have also made a LFS TIE-Striker which is linked below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1671557610 EDIT 1: At the request of Bailey and Eclipse, I have made something from scratch. This took around 5-8 minutes to make. EDIT 2: At the request of Whitey, he asked me to make the droid move and make noises. - Yes, I know the rotation is a bit choppy but it's the best I can do at this stage. Also don't comment about the video's quality. EDIT 3: I have made a U-Wing for the LFS base. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1693558389 EDIT 4: I have also now made a V-19 Torrent for the LFS base. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1696173191 -------------------------------------------------------------------- DEVELOPER TERMS: If you are a Developer for Imperial Gaming any and all content you make that goes on our server is exclusive to Imperial Gaming. If you are caught re-distributing this content to our competitors you will be barred from developing for us and COMMUNITY BANNED as a result. Your Steam ID and profile will also be blasted on forums like Facepunch as a ‘Server Content Leaker’. So before sending something make sure you check with the Head of Development first. These terms are at the discretion of the Head of Development and is a blanket statement for redistribution of Imperial Gaming’s content.
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    Looks cool if a little dark, I think when we were originally making the server we came across it and the only gripe I had with it was the fact that the doors in the hangars always looked like they were open and it killed me on the inside a little.
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    @SiegeMonkey Our kids are so adorable great dad
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    Yes son....
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    Some are kinda weird but we should restrict surrender to like event characters for example. And maybe arms crossed to cl3+
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    I play Wheelchair Basketball, it's a pretty unique sport to say the least.
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    I'm currently studying Uni and Year 12 at the same time
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    Incredibly introverted irl and become extroverted when I open up to friends.
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    I hope it goes well Chief
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    Agreed. Plus I could just imagine the RP scenarios getting ruined by people who want to do quests to get a weapon or upgrade more often than events or participating in any kind of RP.
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    +1 Good luck mate. Hope to see you around more
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    +1 But i will say my friend, as some tips to you as a new event master myself. Your events can swing wildly out of your expectations and you should at least attempt to plan in anticipation of this. Good luck
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    I will do so once I see you on the Imperial Gaming Teamspeak and/or on the Server.
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    Im probably going to apply for EM again given time @Wingza. Got regain some trust though
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    Wintoh's never die Basil, they just go MIA.
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    Cwrp please Imp are good on minges Kidding love you
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    Go to Clone Wars my dude, lots of fun with most of your old mates being on it also, plenty of slots to fill in it and opportunities to climb the ranks plus I don't wanna see your face, jk luv u
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    Always nice to see someone return Welcome back you minge hahahaha Kidding love you
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    They're both good fun, hope to see you around... my old friend
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    +1 leaning to neutral purely because i havent had many experiences with you only a plus one cause your app is detailed in my opinion
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    One 5000hp event character and those VF are toast.
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    When the Wintohs ( @Jye @Basil @Percival @Alluh @Cecil @Keith @Gunjies @Matto @Jesis and I), along with Grand Admiral Thrawn (@Cody) ransacked Vanilla's wedding, not popping balloons, but popping people.
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    Massive +1!! Very detailed application and a great member of the IG community, very active and care about the success of the server. Cant wait to try out some of your events, Good luck Stubzy!!
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    Nah this is an edit of the one we looked at.
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    Dear @Basil Wintoh, This is your faithful sibling, Bailey, it is good to hear from you again and I am pleased to hear you are returning to "Imperial Gaming" the town the Wintoh's have lived in for many generations, most of the other siblings haven't returned, however, still here with us are brother @Cecil, brother @Keith, brother @Jye and myself. It's good to see you have returned, we will clear out your room so you may place your things once again. I am, however, going to have to ask you to return to work as an "Event Master" in the "Clone Wars" factory as we currently need workers and it pays extremely well. There is so much I have to tell you, recently the Wintoh Collective as we are now known had a war against the Engineering Union which we promptly lost, I am sorry for this and it has brought great shame to our family. Its good to see that you're doing well, I've been promoted to a Managerial position at the factory and have taken steps to up the efficiency and enjoyment of our workers. Good to hear from you, please contact me when you can. Kind regards from your loving brother, - Bailey
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    Closed at Users request.
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    I have a massive urethra.
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