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    Hello everyone, My Dad a former Digger has asked me to bring this fundraiser to the attention of as many people as I can. Any funds given to this fundraiser would be appreciated by myself personally however do not feel obliged to in anyway whatsoever. The purpose for this fundraiser to create a documentary about a former Aussie Soldier who first served in World War 2, in short it is about what he and his fellow Diggers participated in during that period of time. For more information please visit the link below. Imperial Gaming has no affiliation with fundraiser whatsoever. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/a-war-veterans-final-interview
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    Hello, couldn't help but notice that you've detailed some inaccuracies in your tragic story. - I was guarding Darth Vader until you ran over closely with no acknowledgement via salute of the higher rank and you simply said 'oi zeus' - very RP friendly. I then told you to move along 3 times to which you got heated in voice chat saying 'I dare you to kill me'. On the 3rd move along bind is when i proceeded to kill you and that is precisely the same time you started moving away after being initially shot. You cannot at all double down on the fact that you were 'a lambda space away'. - Completely false. - I did not take the claim for myself. @Sullyinitially took the claim and shortly after, he had asked me to TP to the sit because the situation directly involved me. You may think I took the matter into my own hands but you were making false claims about being RDM'd for a completely justifiable reason and you didn't agree. I explained the facts to which you disagreed with while dishing smart remarks to myself until you had enough and called me stupid. I then TP'd you back and told you that a note will be made against you for others to be made aware of your attitude. As far as I'm concerned, no note was made against you and you were definitely not warned in-game for your actions. - Your questions were not valid because you were heated and they were not in relation to the situation at hand, I only asked you questions in hopes you would understand the difference between RDM and killing someone while guarding. - It was not an RDM, you died in RP due to your poor choice of words in front of higher ranks and your stand-off like attitude in-game which personally, isn't role play friendly, ordering a Shadow Guard while they are guarding a VIP directly in front of the VIP is not roleplay friendly either. As for the pm's you may or may not have sent in-game, apologies for not replying but I did not see them, otherwise I would have replied.
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    Personally I would like to see a slight change in the two roles to allow the roles to have even value. Currently the support role is highly more important to any regiment than the Heavy, this is due to the capability of the supports role with the abilities to heal others, self heal, riot shield. The Heavy role brings bare minimum to the value of the regiment with slightly more health which you can purchase anyway and a weapon which is not particularly amazing. I am unsure a way to balance the roles however a start may be to give heavy the shield instead of support. I ran a vote on the server and much of the server thought the same (results below). This is only a suggestion, if you have your own ideas / thoughts to add feel free to do so. Not too sure who needs to see this so I hope this goes to the correct person. Thanks, Ubermolen
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    If the battle is grammar, Snoozy has already lost
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    I'd like to formally apologise to anyone that I have hurt and/or inflicted a bad image or hindered their experience within the community over the past couple weeks, After reflecting I have understood that my actions and attitude within the past couple of weeks have been less then satisfactory and due to this i'd like to formally apologise to each individual that I have effected, I'll be attempting to get in contact with any of those that I have believe to effected and anyone that does not receive a message and was personally hurt by my attitude or actions please contact me. Over the past month of so my real life has been deteriorating rapidly, Its been difficult to keep up and I feel my insides just collapsing. My father has been in hospital for a couple weeks so its taken its toll on me, As well as this my school work and relationships with my family and friends have also been rapidly dropping the more time I spent within the server and it has taken me so long to finally realise this, I would've taken a break a couple weeks ago to get some time to reflect and to improve my IRL situation although I decided to just tank it out and continue pushing more events on CW due to the lack of EMs at the current time, I understand I should've considered my IRL situation first before doing such actions and I apologise. My mindset and moral as of late has been extremely low and I've had many dark thoughts, My only wish now is to make peace with those that I may have hurt in the past or may have bad feelings towards me so I can move on and even pop in once or twice a month. I'm taking this time to seperate myself from the community to improve my real life situations and to get myself out of this pit i've put myself in with my mindset and dark thoughts and neglect to my own personal self I've noticed. If anyone that I've hurt or inflicted over the past couple of weeks still has any bad feelings towards me, I'm sorry and I'd like to make peace whether it be through steam, forums or TS. At this current point in time I wish to improve my stance with some of the community members so I can depart peacefully so I can fully focus on improving my IRL situation without having to worry about the community anymore. I wish you all the best of luck on the server, in real life or any other situations. One final note i'd like to leave is to not neglect your personal life, Make sure you attend to that before anything else to do with games as it was the mistake I had made, I put games before my personal life and it costed me a great deal. I wish everyone within this great community the best any I sincerely apologise to any of those that I've inflicted and friendships that I've broken because of my recent actions. Regards ~ Splonter
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    This is a simple forum post to see how many people think Rickle should get a mic.....
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    Firstly, I have removed some posts due to insulting and bickering, I don't want to see it again, this is a Staff Report on Zaspan, not a roast. Keep the facts straight and don't bring in personal anecdotes, this is your first and only warning for this. Secondly, @Droplet , I believe that you are theoretically in the wrong here in regards to the RDM sit, he asked you to move three times and you didn't, and he is within his rights to KOS you as a Shadow Guard. I don't believe that he should've been apart of his own sit, however, he was asked to be there by Sully, and there isn't actually any valid evidence provided by you for this sit. My recommendation is to make sure that you're in the right when you make a sit, and in regards to what Zaspan did, I believe he may have done something incorrectly here, but in the same instance, there isn't any real evidence to what exactly he said, and he was asked to be there by Sully. I think you should just drop it, and I hope you enjoy your time on IG. Kind regards, - Bailey
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    From an IHC standpoint, there has been an extreme lack of people sitting heavy tests lately, now this can be due to the fact there may already be heavy units within regiments, however for those that currently do not have the slot filled this would provide an incentive for that role to be taken. It does state within the test itself that heavy units CANNOT take the full brunt of damage for the regiment, so it would be fitting that the heavy unit obtained a shield to not only act upon this but also prevent any cases of damage soaking. In saying that I will be +1 this purely for the shield to be given to the heavy, nothing more, nothing less - Hammer
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    We all know that @Rickle doesn't actually want a mic, he just likes making excuses as to why he can't use one
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    Hey, this staff report is about Zaspan/Initiate Zeus. To start it off I was guarding an event ship in MH1 and I got asked by High Colonel Galle to assist him with some SK/RT business, I then went over to Zeus and asked him to guard the ship because I needed to go and help the High Colonel as soon as possible as I was ordered to do. He gestured me to move along and I asked him to listen then he gestured me to move along again then ,he pulled out his gun as I moved on the third bind press I was 1 lamda space away as he started to open fire on me and killed me, from what I know its AOS over KOS and initiates cant KOS cause there PVT equivalent. I called an admin for RDM as I was far away from him and Vader, when the ticket got taken by Sully but Zaspan took it into his own hands by his own hands I mean Sully didn't say a word it was Zaspan did everything in the admin sit, the talking the tp the warn, he was the admin in his own sit, as a past TM - M on other servers and universally I've always been told you cant take tickets against you into your own hands we then argued about if it was RDM and how many times he hit his bind by then it was 5 minutes of just arguing and I had to go and help my regiment so I said "this is stupid I'm done" he tped me back I got a warning and "noted to other admins" for staff disrespect. In end he made me answer questions when I tried to asked questions about him but mine weren't "valid" and was what it seemed like he had the "power" no im not saying it was power play at all but RDM taking a sit that your involved in into your own hands and warning me for something that was miss heard. Personally Zaspan's a SM so he should know not to RDM, not take a sit into your own hands that your involved in enforce and respect the rules and follow them just like the rest of us the reason why I'm doing this is because I called the sit for him to become aware of his actions and that's all. I want him to be aware of his actions, but it doesn't seem like he wants to be as before I even started writing this up I private messaged him in-game to see if this could be sorted but he ignored me and still is.
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    Something I composed with clips that were provided from @cjhrjone54. I didn't want them to go to waste, so I thought what better way to put them to good use then to do a little editing magic and putting them together in a little montage-type video. Enjoy.
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    Pilots - Not a quote but close enough
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    The only times a shadow guard should be KOSing over AOSing is when a non sith enters the temple, or if the Emperor gives them an order to. And No you are not allowed to take your own sits that are against you, but if Zaspan was just telling Sully's his opinion of what happened it isnt that bad.
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    sorry but im not looking for support from someone thats going to straight up insult me not everyone is perfect at English it doesn't look like you are ether it s got spaces so don't exaggerate it if you can insult me about it then you can read it. you haven't fully read over it and you can tell, im looking for some light on the matter and just to get zaspan to see what happend.. not get him in trouble, or get insulted for no reason everyone else has given constructive criticism while you just have deiced to insult me over something so tiny. maybe dont come back to this post, its for the better.
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    The reason Rickle doesn't talk isn't because he doesn't have a mic, the kid has been given ample opportunity to use discord on his phone to communicate Rickle is actually Ricklette, she just doesn't want us to know.
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    If kosmos can shitpost we all can
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    Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I have played on Imperial Gaming by this name but I am happy to be back and I know a few familiar names but I don't recognize a hell of a lot of you. A bit of backstory, I first played on IG in either late 2016 to early 2017 and spent a great deal of time as a Royal Guard. A bit about myself, I love people, just chatting and having fun, I am pretty chill, try not to be too uptight, I love TWD, HIMYM, GOT and B99. I listen to indie pop and I enjoy binging K-drama and Anime. A bit of info on my past on IG: I then continued to play after the relaunch of the server and continued as A Death Trooper serving under Ridge and Chef alongside the Director at the time GuskyWalker. There I befriended a lot of people who have since left such as Gamma, Little, Gusky, Ridge, and a few others who I am sad to see leave, I became a moderator for a short time before I had to take a break due to some IRL issues. I took a bit of a break and returned in early 2018 to play in the ISB as an Executive Secretary to the Director (under the name of Chrissy), once again under Gusky and Pablo where I met people like Edwards, Ramirez, and Jman, this was a great experience and I found a new love of Roleplay based roles and a strange addiction to documentation. Since then I have joined the Fade community which has since *faded* I joined RG which is now EG, a community I continued to play within until recently when I decided to return here. It has given me a great amount of nostalgia and a satisfying feeling to see where the names I do remember have risen to today. I hope to get to know this community much better and hopefully befriend a lot of you. Currently, I am planning to stick to ST until I find a role I am happy to join as I don't like switching regiments as I normally try and find one I enjoy and stay within that. Feel free to say hi as I am happy to get to know everyone and I am going to try and be as active as I can! Hope we can be friends! Sincerely, Setsuna. P.S I am not Suna.
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    I'm not really that known around so I don't think that it will really be that much of a bother but still: There is always a time in a generic life when they will develop a love for something, and as time goes on, that love might slowly fade away into the shivering breeze of the night. For me (and mostly everyone else that is/was in this community), this was one of those things. This can be for many different reasons; from major damage to the enigma of one's mental health all the way to someone not getting the chills they used to get when they started. IG has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and I will cherish these moments. I thank you all for all the great times I've had here and apologise for any negative things I've done to people (If I have). I will disappear at dusk and begin to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing. Then after dusk, when the bright orange beam of the dawn returns to the world, so will I. Thank you all and goodbye, Aera
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    WHAT was my first reaction NO NO was my second reaction And my third reaction... Holy shit, it's been a long ride. You've just always been there, it's going to feel so weird for you to not be around, but everything comes to an end at some point. Thank you so much for everything you've done and contributed to the community, I don't think you know how much you've added to Imperial Gaming and not just mine but everyone else's time playing here. Safe travels wherever you may go. We'll remember you. o7 Why did this have to be my 700th post...
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    I refuse to let you leave whilst Auzii is away. Sad to see you go dude, one of IG's long time members. You were a great person to talk and chill with, can't thank you enough for what you've done for both myself and the server. Goodbye Emerald and Good Luck!
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    Gonna miss you emerald, you and me been good mates for a while. Goodluck in the future.
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    No. I forbid it. Come back here bush boy
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    Personally I see no evidence proving what he did. Zaspan doesn't exactly seem the type to randomly RDM someone who's left prior to receiving a 3rd warning. You aren't exactly in a position in character to ask/order him to guard a ship, but that's no reason to KOS. Being in Sith for the amount of time that he is, he would know the rules and the do's and don'ts of his role. If there is any video evidence Im sure it would be greatly beneficial to this case, as to me it doesn't sound like something he would do. EDIT: Just read that he was guarding Vader the whole time, so his KOS was valid. With the warn, I can't really comment, but I would assume there was either a miscommunication between you two regarding the word stupid, or things happened differently. Without video footage, witnesses or any other way to prove this, we can only await a response from Zaspan.
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    Who would win? Why, the spectators of course!
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    +1 Luigi is quality T-Mod material. He is active, helpful, friendly and always follows the server rules. Good Luck! p.s You've done 2 bumps on this app; one 2 days after a reply, and another 3 days after one. You must wait 7 days since the most recent reply to give your application a bump as per the application guidelines. Just watch out for that.
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    Everyone has moments of weakness and tough times within their lives mate. I'm glad to hear you are working through them and to see that you are owning whatever mistakes you have previously made because of it. Keep doing whatever makes you happy, don't ever sacrifice your own well-being for the well-being of others, because as selfish as it sounds, by doing that you will also undoubtedly hurt others as a result of you hurting yourself. Always available for a chat if you should need
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    What is with the fruity colouring jesus christ - also yes, getting killed after three shadow guard warnings is not that big of a deal.
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    This one is quite a balancing act....Is it wrong for a Senior Mod to claim a ticket against himself - Of Course it is, it smells of corruption( I don't know what other word to use instead). But is getting killed after 3 Warnings the biggest thing? No it isn't - You kind of just take the death. Zaspan has acted out of line but it was just a small kill. I think if Zaspan comes with his side and evidence then maybe we could just all apologise and forget about the situation?
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    Swapping the shield over to heavy instead of support makes so much more sense. +1
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    Don't be fooled, Rickle was born without a mouth, that's why it doesn't have a mic.
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    I've been having to deal with a Mic-less rickle since I recruited the bastard into SCAR roughly this time last year. GET THAT MAN A MIC
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    I see a fair few COs in this thread agreeing with me and i don’t know if i changed their minds or if it’s always been like that, but regardless i am going to push for basic CS explanation in the recruit room, and i might have a chat with some of the commanders of more popular regiments about what they want to do with CS but otherwise i think this thread went quite swell! Thankyou everybody for your contributions and i will be doing more “change my mind” topics in the future. I’m looking for a good discussion - too many people agreed 😂
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    Is there a stretch goal? It seems to have reached its target, also some of the comments are interesting to read as well lol. Good cause though seems pretty interesting will chuck a few dollars up, can't wait to watch it when it gets released.
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    Thanks, Wombat!! it's great to see you!! How ya been!! Hahaha, I love rainbows!! (No homo) thanks man!!
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    I've tried to encourage him for a very long time.. I think we are at like 19 excuses now good luck lol @Rickle
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    *retracts bridge and murders Splonter for the last time* o7
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    Had this thought for a while now, completely agree with this. Not only does it make sense, but for regiments (Such as JT) already have the RT-97C, so the only bonus from Heavy is the 100 health boost. Would make the heavy class, in my opinion, much more effective +1
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    +1 Heavies are meant to tank damage for their regiment. Giving them the shield would help immensely.
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    The only thing I think should change within the support role is removing the riot shield as supports normally are behind their fellow troopers who take all the fire in which then they get healed. That's how I see it. The Heavy role should stay as is since it already has a health boost and even if that gets demolished you would have a normal medic nearby to heal you. To sum it up Support role = No shield and Heavy role = No changes at all.
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    Rickle is actually an e-girl +1
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    Most people rarely acknowledge their mishaps in the past and try to resolve issues they've had with people. Instead many simply hold grudges or unreasonable outlooks towards certain individuals or groups. Much respect for this post, Splonter.
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    +1 I strongly agree, and will gladly purchase you one if it means I don't have to have my TS open on my other monitor at all times to read what you say.
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    +1 Active, responsible and trustworthy. 100% deserves the role
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    To the people who disagreed, @Jalex @Galle and @Splonter I am looking forward to your responses. I want you to try and change my mind. Also splonter i don’t care if you have left the server, if you’re still going to downvote posts and participate in polls you better be ready to bring your a game.
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    spent a straight 3 hrs while events where happening making his pac so thats a big +1 from me
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    -1 Positives: Reasonable Amount Of Information in application No warns/bans Pure Intentions Somewhat active Negatives: No updates have been made to this application in 30+ days (despite obvious playtime increase and or rank/reg changes) giving the impression that the application has been neglected From interactions had with the player the Moderator like feel was not present and a somewhat immature vibe was present making me feel as if the applicant is not quite suited for the role. Regards, Sully
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    I know I'm not staff - Giving out information for better judgement. Within the 3 days he was on the server, he got 28 arrests, and was known by shock and riot to be a minge.
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