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    A bunch of irl stuff has come up so and I honestly can't be bothered putting time into the server anymore. This is my official resignation from em and co of 224th. I'm too lazy to do tags, you guys know who you are. Some of you I fucking despised but you probably don't know who you are. gg Parcy out. (p.s ill probably just end up coming back in like 2 months like i always do but for the time being i cant be fucking with the server)
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    Steam Details Steam Name: PULSE Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:43517781 Steam Profile link: Profile link In Game Details In Game Name: PULSE In Game Rank: [HEAVY] Staff Sergeant In Game Regiment: 501st Battalion Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):  PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: No I haven't used PAC before. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I can be trusted with PAC as I've been on the server(s) for some time since last year and my role in the Media Team completing projects on time hopefully reflects all of that. I've also been trying to become more involved with the community (on the forum side of things since the start of the year) through mainly my own videos and only want to progress along that. I have never been in a position of power but I wouldn't ever abuse it, if I ever happened to be in one. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): PAC is something I would like to utilise to further the RP on the server, by enhancing the character's in a way that other individuals will find interesting and improves their experience but keeping it within lore boundaries. Access to PAC will be a completely new experience, but I'm always eager to learn more and develop my skills to improve. I've only started properly using PAC this week, but I've been quickly understanding aspects of it. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been active on the server and always around to talk to or assist other players. I'm greatly involved in the events that take place and I believe these are reasons why I deserve PAC. I always have a lot of fun playing on the server, being active for the regiment I am in and being dedicated to the community as a whole. There's probably a lot more I need to prove and improve on in general, but I believe I deserve to have this opportunity. PAC3 Examples: First Heavy Version for the "Wolfpack" Battalion - Lights in the helmet turn on when voice chat starts - Hands on hips posture when speaking First Heavy Version for the "Wolfpack" Battalion - Minigun comes off the back when taken out - When the gun is pulled out, the beam between the blue shields turns off as does the glowing light on the chest piece (First picture in above row) Inferno Squad - Del Meeko - When flashlight is activated, the head-mounted one turns own with its own red-coloured flashlight and glows. - When voice chat is used, the lights on Del's helmet turn on and the Seeker Droid's own middle eye also. - Del was a gifted engineer, so he has a charging pack for the smaller Seeker Droid and other equipment on his person. (There are binoculars in one of his chest pockets that come out when they are used) Inferno Squad - Del Meeko (Continued) - Simple additions to not overdo a lore character - HIdden recording devices (somewhat concealed) - The recording devices are since Inferno do recordings of different scenarios, it made sense to have them somewhere. - Hologram that shows up when typing Updated Heavy Version for the 501st Battalion (Updating visor colour to darker blue) - Armoured chest piece (purposefully didn't change material/colour for reason to be shown) - Blue lights for voice chat - Hands on hip posture when speaking Updated Heavy Version for the 501st Battalion (Continued) - Mounted flashlight turns on with default one, yellow glow and colour. - Edited death animation that is played when killed, inspired by Commander Thorn's death in the Clone Wars show. - This current model was bone-merged with another 501st trooper since there was no actual playermodel for this specific skin. Updated Heavy Version for the 501st Battalion (Continued) - Shield attached to forearm, similar to the one used for the Battlefront games and that is turned on when minigun is taken out. - Chest lights turn on and glow brightly, as the backpack diverts power. - "Shield activated" message on forearm, again only when the minigun is taken out and shield is on. Updated Heavy Version for the 501st Battalion (Continued) - When health is below 50 HP, the shield warning shows up on forearm instead. - Flashes red for emphasis. - Hologram of Anakin with arms behind his back, when typing. Miscellaneous - Mecha Seeker Droid (I don't know what I created, this was one of the first things I did) - Bonemerged Seeker Droid with another playermodel - Flamethrower that comes out from directly underneath the main body - Glowing red eye and the other playermodel (which is hidden) has an idle-swimming animation to keep the entire model steady when moving about. Thanks for taking the time to read my application. - Pulse -
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    Found this cool animation when browsing Reddit on the way to Uni this morning, decided to share it with you all since you're all big fans of Star Wars too (duh) and we have a related Imperial Server. Personally I think its pretty cool and shows the different divisions in the Imperial Army. Sorry about the resolution, Uni wifi isn't particularly good apparently.
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    I don't think i have spoken to you in soooo long, but each to their own opinion thanks for the feedback regardless
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    +1 Reasons stated above.
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    +1 due to the reasons stated above ^^^.
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    Would do decent work with PAC.
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    +1 Goodlooking Pac's and good detail on application.
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    +1 Good guy, active, mature, responsible, the pacs look good. 9/10 would let him beat this youngling. (Also add your time played)
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    Hello, everybody. I'm fresh to the server and currently hold the name "Jag" in RP (However, you may call me Ratio if you so wish!) I am 20 years old and from America. I've been roleplaying for nearly a decade, from text to Gmod and have a passion for both it and Star Wars. I hold an officer position in another community based around Clone Wars and am primarily here to further my own personal story into the age of the Empire. Why is an American playing in an Aussie server you may ask? Because his sleeping schedule is utter trash and he has no life, that's why! I look forward to meeting you all and hope that I'll find a new second home here for my many sleepless nights.
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    I got pac with 5days on Imperial and 4days on CWRP +1
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    ummm, did this just happened?
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    No reeing in my minecraft lets play channel
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    I am not bothered, it looks pretty similar to the model we already have, slightly more well down up. I don't really mind if I wanted it I would've suggested it.
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    You can do better.
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    Home Schooling isn't considered university.
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    Tonight we had the first Event on the Clone Wars that leads up to the campaign, where the choices that the Clones made affects the outcome of the story at the end of Saturday, the choices made were reckless and out of line, and may be met with punishment by their higher-ups in RP, however, in making those choices, more information was available to the Clones in regards to the whereabouts of Special Agent Elissa Denny and her Squad. A Tactical Droid, Tactical Droid 3968 sent a transmission and spoke with Commander Rookie about "The Masked Dragons", a shady group that the Clones didn't get any more information in regards out of the Tactical Droid. The Tactical Droid revealed that it and its ship were too attacked by "The Masked Dragons" and had to flee to the icy planet Rhen Var. During their conversation, Delta Squad took matters into their own hands and sabotaged the Tactical Droid's Lander, the Tactical Droid learned of this and retreated to the Lander, discovering Scorch planting detonators, Scorch, detonating them, beginning a skirmish between the Republic Personnel at the Outpost and the Tactical Droid's Forces. Tactical Droid 3968 was deactivated, and upon hacking into the droid and decrypting any information inside, a recording was found, intercepted by the CIS before reaching the Rhen Var Outpost, a message that the Republic may have never seen if not for Delta Squad's reckless and foolish actions. The Republic Security Bureau are still in danger, and there is still more information to learn, for now, all of this has been passed on to Republic High Command in an attempt to make sense of all the clues, any help or information you may have that we don't must be forwarded to the Republic High Command Headquarters on Coruscant. This is Admiral Stephen Palskies, signing off for now... [OOC: The choices made tonight have changed the course of the campaign and now there are a few new options for the endings, and a few have been shut off, good luck, a full briefing will be up on Thursday and the campaign will start Saturday. This is one you can "lose" in theory and has many different endings that I hope people will enjoy, I'll reveal them all at the end. Good luck, I hope you make some interesting decisions.]
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    I'll see what I can do, Thursday is the official briefing that I am writing up on the forums, so all information will be compiled there, as well as will change depending on how much work is put into the information tonight by the people involved.
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    Come on tomorrow for more info at the briefing and on Sat for the full thing
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    Remember when i first recruited you as a Private in 224th, ahhh you minged alot lol. Over time you matured got EM and then CO of 224th after I left. Sad to see you leaving mate, Goodluck in the future.
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    +1 For the prop pack though some of the props may be not so lore friendly -1 The weapon pack as it literally has nothing from the star wars era and is a massive download for probably little to no benefit to the server
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    +1 Good stuff. Also, idk about you and a Davy Crockett homie.
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    Conversion limit - two scenarios: Scenario one: Reasonably high limit - allows everyone to purchase the guns and health anyway, defeating the purpose of having a conversion limit Scenario two: Conservatively low limit - Changes nothing as people still have to spend time to make the points happen, rendering the whole thing a futile endeavour No matter how you try to balance the limit, it will either be making pointshop bonuses much quicker to get, or it will be not making enough of an impact to make exchanging any more feasible than just playing and earning points normally
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    Thanks everyone for the kind responses, I tried to delve away from the typical story with no real pictorial portrayal so I tried my best to find images which relate to the story. As for any potential future work I’ve been speaking to some of the other marauders and we’re thinking we could potentially make it so our backstories all intertwine. (I’ve already connected rook to mine because he recruited me, he is the guy at the end of the story with the hood and cape, making a reference to his pac if you didn’t already notice.)
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    this happens shoutouts to @Shepard for helping Note: this is not how I think about women, its just a meme, no offence meant in any way. 2019-02-27 17-07-46.mp4
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    when you come back i most likely wont be there but if i was i'd be the first one to be on my knees and have my mouth wide open for your gift parcy xx
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    You wot kid? Don't even @ me till you get good at apex m80
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    Need to have 1 week ma man.
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    Listen here mango do you want a new model or not
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    +1 Experienced Pac User, A good baby sitter and trustworthy of Pac /Me Tips Fedora Good luck Scowtch
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    Wait... if borg don’t have a diplomatic tab... how did they send diplomatic missions? 🤔🤔🤔
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    Do you have any proof of him doing what you have said he is doing? If not this isn't going to go very far.
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    I would also like to possibly join a teamspeak or discord channel so i can communicate better because typing does not represent my feelings about this subject very well.
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    Is there a conclusion for my ban appeal? If you have anymore questions please ask me, I am more then willing to discuss.
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    neutral leaning to -1. generally known you as toxic, havent spoken to you to in ages so who knows.
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