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    It's a bit late but here is some pics from last year's Valentines... jeez it's been a long journey The dance Ships of 2018 Necrophiliac In The Prom Loner's Corner The Loner's Chair Cody crashing the party
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    I made this video to reminisce on the past year I had playing IG, this server has given me a chance to express myself more than real life. Don't Mind The Thumbnail
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    @Carnifex, @Veybur and I pop off on this shit. Ezpz. Also, the game is a lot of fun, far better than Fortnite or PubG.
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    Excuse me? Are you talking smack about Opportunity?
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    I've contacted him and we spoke professionally. Other than the more recent issue of me not finding an answer about my blacklist, neither of us can remember what problem we had with eachother. My problems with zaspan have been solved totally and he was calm and professional about it which i am glad about. I certainly would not have been in his position, but regardless the issue everybody thought we had has been solved. Also, if my appeal ends up denied can i re-appeal immediately or is there a wait period?
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    +1 Very active, all my interactions with you have been positive.
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    anyone who upvotes the original post is literal sub-human
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    +1 Long Time member, Always Active (One of the Best Riot Troopers I Know <3)
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    NASA's history-making Mars rover Opportunity declared dead O7 Opportunity, thank you for your service.
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    nice photoshopping skills @Jye
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    When I run it my PC turns into a hothouse haha it's very annoying I'm considering getting better cooling since my one currently is old and outdated haha
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    Personally for me it runs way better than PUBG and fortnite. I am running a 1050 on a laptop but I have mates that have a shitty intel HD 630 with 4gb of RAM and they can't run fortnite or PUBG but they say they can run this on low so I don't know aye. I must say though it is very intense on performance, it runs excellent for me but my laptop is like an oven when it's running it.
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    Clean formatting, No spelling errors, appropriate age. THANKYOU I LOVE THESE! +1 Also legendary temple run last night
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    It's better than the other Battle Royale games. The fully traversable map is awesome, and the mechanics all work great. Much smoother launch than all the other ones had.
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    its battle royale titan fall edition, better than fortnite and pubg. God tier
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    He seems to be genuine and willing to commit to the server again therefore I will be supporting this application but I do think he should be watched ~ Hyperion
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    +1 Larko is a mature and friendly individual who I have had no bad interactions with. He follows server rules and RP's to the best of his ability. The events are a little basic, and I have actually done very similar events myself, but creating events that absolutely NOBODY could have thought of or run before is next to impossible with the amount of events that are run and with the limitations that are put on the event masters within Gmod. Still, you clearly show that you understand what you should be doing within the events, and that you have contingency plans if 1 possible scenario doesn't go to plan, which in my opinion is the most important quality an EM could possess as events hardly EVER go 100% according to plan. Good Luck!
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    Alystair is one of the most dedicated troopers I've ever had and is certainly the most active. He clearly has commitment to the server and PAC examples are well made therefore I will be leaving a giant +1.
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    +1 Lucky is a mature, helpful and trusted member of the community. I believe he would do well as a T-Mod if given the chance. Good Luck!
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    He no longer has the desire to be mass-downvoted sadly. However, look how far we have come, *I'm so proud of this community*.
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    My pepe gif doesnt work but nice vid
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    I respect the cause. I shall lend you my downvotes good sir. Keep fighting the good fight.
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    +1 Lucky's a well-known and trusted individual who, without a doubt, deserves the rank of a moderator. He received the high rank of a Major General, which means he is trusted within the community. Maturity is also on point and every interaction has been a splendid and friendly experience.
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    neutral - you obviously have some sort of personal vendetta against me for no real reason. You abused a staff member and got temporarily banned, then you continued to spam me with messages until you were banned again for 7 days. You then came back and started to abuse me again. You deserve to be permanently banned because of your toxic attitude even in the past and its evident you cannot be trusted due to your continuous actions. Unless you can show us your attitude has changed, I am sticking to my neutral decision.
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    I think that @Morgan sucks at it and needs to learn to carry EDIT: He's about to post a photoshopped image.
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    I left DIO I wasn't removed. Also, I didnt RDM anyone as ID10, he abused his defibs on me so I defended myself. The windows shutdown wasn't loud enough to be "ear rape". If you would like to talk about this further feel free to DM me. I don't appreciate it when people assume I was removed from the role before asking me or others. I stepped down.
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    You used the Windows Earrape 95 Shutdown, RDM'd Jovan. You didn't do any serious RP the ID-10 droid which led to your removal from the role.....When I tried to catch you for murdering a trooper you ran and hid in ISB....
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    Big +1 from my end. I've been with Hypo for a while and his dev skills are nothing short from amazing. The work he did for RG and many other communities I've been apart of surpasses that of many devs I know. I would highly recommend and encourage the management and dev team to take Hypo with uptmost consideration. Best Wishes, PetiteBob
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    This was the most beautiful this i have ever seen (besides my down vote count) thanks pulse love the vid Will have to stop tryna get down votes to avoid a spamming warn I'm so proud of this community Thanks to all ya- Big Man Greg
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