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    Thank You For The Time, I as of right now will be stepping down from all roles within game and within the Staff Team, I have been through a lot with this community and its hard for me to wright this. I honestly have been becoming bored of GMOD, but there are other factors that weight into this decision i have made, If you would like to know message me on the forums. Couple of people that i think need a mention: @Kosmos - You made this community that i got myself hooked on and i thank you for all the fun times that have been as well as the fun times to come. @Martibo - As mentioned before in another post, I joined the community because you were playing it, I dont know how we were friends on steam but if i didnt join i wouldnt have found this amazing community. @Mauler - Man'o'Man Mauler legit the best guy i have ever met, You made my day everyday and i miss not talking to you (We should hangout again) @Aphrodite / @Jeb / @Rivers - You guys were amazing people that i loved talking to all day. @Rickle - Rickle you are an amazing mute, hopefully you get your promotion soon you deserve it!! #PromoteMingeRickle There are a lot of people that impacted my time on the server and I thank you for that, I will come back to the server from time to time as well as TS so if you see me say Hi Thanks ANiX
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    Hey All, Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for helping me reach 1000 posts, Since joining in Mid 2017 i've tried my best to be an active member of the community both in-game and on the forums despite my 8 month departure to the server. I try to make as many of my posts as possible ones that will help member(s) of the community as much as possible and will carry on doing so in the near future with several other helpful and informative posts in mind for the near future. @Emerald I've finally joined you in the ranks of the God Tier shitposters club. Sincerely, Sully
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    In my spare time this week I've been writing a backstory for my new character "Crane", an interesting name to say the least, but, I thought that I would need to flesh out his story a little bit, explain why he has a jetpack on (Pac3 only, don't worry) or the fact that he was so dishevelled with everyone aboard the Venator. So I did, I wrote a short story (3000 words give or take a few) to explain who Crane is, why he is, and also a little bit for after the War in regards to the Empire and the New Republic. So here it is. I hope you all enjoy the read if you get around to it, should theoretically take you about 20 minutes to read if you're a fast reader. CT-9630 "Crane"
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    +1 I've Known Vortex for quite a while, in the time I've known him I've never had a negative experience with him, he's always helpful when he can be and I believe has the qualities fitting of a T-Mod Best of Luck Vortex
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    Hey everyone, Since the release of the server which is a couple of weeks ago now, we’ve noticed a few issues with the server. We want you to know that we are currently making ground on these issues but they are pretty complex and won’t be fixed instantly. We ask that you remain patient and bare with us during this time and continue having fun. We would also like if you have time and constructive criticism to fill out this google form, as this will help us see what you guys have issues with and how we can better the experience for everyone. Google Form Thank you all for your time.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: pinejack Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80614652 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pinejack/ Forum Details Forum Name: pinejack Forum Account: https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/profile/22-pinejack TeamSpeak Details TeamSpeak Account Name: pinejack In Game Details In Game Name: Bloodhound In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Riot Troopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: I was permanently banned from Imperial Gaming servers and services including the forums and TeamSpeak. Which staff member banned you: Whitey What date did the ban occur: Sunday November 18th, 2018 What was the reason for the ban: The ban reason changes slightly over platforms but is something along the lines of “Contacting a member of staff and trying to convince them to resign in order to cause disorder within management.” Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: As some of you may be aware, during late November last year I went interstate meeting up with another member of the Imperial Gaming community who I have been friends with for some time. On the 18th, I went out for dinner with this person and his family and It was during this time that I got community banned from Imperial Gaming due to a not-so wise conversation I had with a member of the community who was, and still is, a member of the Imperial Gaming event master team. When we were out at dinner, the person who I was staying with decided to resign from the Imperial Gaming staff team and due to this, I messaged another member of the Imperial Gaming staff team and told him that he was resigning and you should leave now, due to this individual telling me that he was wanting to leave the staff team but was just waiting for the correct time to do so. I also told him that if he was still interested in leaving the staff team that due to one person already resigning, that if he was able to get any other members of the Event Master team to resign that it would cause a bit enough commotion to more or less force the current leader of the Event Master team to leave or resign due to it not being the first time it had happened to him. It was this statement that ultimately got me banned. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe that I should be unbanned and given a second chance because over the past two months I have been reflecting on my actions and I now see how atrocious my actions on the night were. Looking back now, I can see that they were very irresponsible and immature although no harm was meant from them at the time or anytime afterwards. I believe that I was caught up in the moment and the best course of action would have been to simply to not message the individual in the first place, but I decided not to do this and instead tried to see if he wished to leave with any other members of the event master team to cause a wave of resignations in order to make a member of management look bad, and possibly lead to their resignation. In my opinion this was a horrible and selfish thing to do, and I wanted to apologise to all of those involved in the situation as my actions at the time were uncalled for and disgraceful. I wish to once again become a member of the Imperial Gaming Community which I originally joined back in December of 2016, the day the server opened as I have many fond memories within the community and would love to come back and be able to interact with everyone once again. I also wish to be unbanned due to the new Clone Wars server being released and wanting the opportunity to start anew, both in regards to a new server being released and hopefully being able to be given a second chance on Imperial Gaming. P.S. - I had to use this account due to my main account being banned from accessing anything other than the ban screen. P.P.S. - If there are any errors or things that I have not included in this ban appeal, please let me know and I'll be sure to correct anything that is incorrect or missing.
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    When someone calls the elevator when it has has not finished going up/down From now on anyone who does this is gonna see this right before they die: > Junior Operative Sterling X
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    Thanks for being a part of this community for as long as you have been and indeed thanks for all the fun times both in the past and all the times to come. See ya around the Verse
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    +1 So much experience. Active Nice guy Good Leader No bad interactions
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    Sully does not do "average comments". I remember him joining the teamspeak, dying, saying that he had spent an hour typing up a response to an EM app. As you do not shitpost, nor cheat the system in any way to gain post counts. I press my salute bind to you, and congratulate you for 1000 posts.
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    Sums up everything I wanted to say. Luigi has great qualities and is definitely fit to be a mod +1
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    I just try and flesh out my characters in any way I can, and at the moment the only way to do that is through Pac3 and Backstories, but thank you homie, means a lot :).
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    Congrats on reaching 1000! Unlike many others that I see absolutely litter the forums with shitposting, quotes and single word posts to increase their count, I have seen your posts all have depth, positive criticism and actual meaning behind them. Well deserved my friend.
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    +1 Active Mature Friendly Helpful Application contains great detail Trustworthy Respected
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    +1 Comment above sums It up well, Good luck
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    Would like to see an improvement before changing my stance on this application NEUTRAL
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    +1 (leaning towards neutral) Active Mature Respected Responsible Dedicated to the server Pure Intentions Scenarios section could do with further thought/detail
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    NEUTRAL Active Mature Trustworthy Application lacks a lot of detail
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    @Jman1308 @Chopz Are you able to move this to the CWRP Section of the forums please Also in regards to the models, as stated above the CWRP server is already having issues in regards to too many battalions and regiments, at the moment another one would not help the situation.
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    love yall no homo
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    Update Rank changed to Warrior in Sith Marauders. Playtime Update: 2 weeks 6 days 12 hours and 30 minutes. Sorry for not updating before now, I didn't really have much of anything to add so I waited for a bit. Thanks for all the replies and any feedback given.
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    Yeah, bye thanks for the mention <3
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    Neutral, not well known enough and PAC3s are boring.
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    At the end of the day, it's quite easy to understand my situation. I applied for MOD on RG before I was CO of Shore, or even considering applying for MOD on IG. So I had no commitments at that point in time on any server or community. I was more then entitled to play on any server I wanted to. From there, I continued to play on IG as RG was not out yet, and was still unsure of which server would be more enjoyable. From there, Buckhop abandoned Shore, and i really liked the regiment. I was offered to try and revive it by becoming the CO. I took that offer, as well in similar time frame, i was accepted as MOD on RG. So after making both these commitments, i was in a bit of a predicament. I didn't want to give up on either, as i try and fulfil every commitment i make in life. I knew at one point i would have to give up on one, as it was getting too difficult, as both roles required a lot of time. My priority was with Shore, as that' what i enjoyed more. So towards the end, I was going to resign from my position on RG, so i could pursue growing Shore, and take more part in the IG community. As of now, and applying for this position, I have no involvement or commitments with any other servers, games or communities whatsoever. My time is, and will continue to be fully devoted to IG and the community.
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    did you even read smh shaking my head right now atleast i used 0.001% of my power into making it
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    Shh this is a interesting post I look forward to the STs chanting these words
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    100% understand what you mean. When I left the community for a week to join another community then came back, i was immediately verbally assaulted and my coming back post had to be locked still can't get a staff position for the reason that i left. Plus half the time when i post i get instant downvotes just because of my reputation. As well as this there is a certain user whos gone back into all my previous posts and downvote
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    His i am mister Jamieson from Jamieson Server industries. I would be able to sponser a Server to show how the flop part would Work Nah to be real though guys Cut it out. We all make mistakes
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    I totally agree with this +1, I've known you for a little while now and have seen many sides of you that I haven't seen before both on IG and EG. You are most of the time mature and friendly but when under stress react somewhat negatively but they can easily be avoided since you will be able to choose to avoid situations like normal. You did leave IG for EG (As did I) but I still think you could become a staff member on IG like I did and hopefully be forgiven for act's committed beforehand (Like I did). Like Bailey, you have my full support on this application. Good luck and God Speed. EDIT: I also don't want to join the -1 bandwagon.
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    holy fuck just let someone play on a different server if they want to its just a game sure excal might've been a bit annoying in the past when she left but i can say now from just having a small convo with her when passing by on the sd I can tell she has changed and all that shit has been left behind on another shitty server what im trying to say is that she shouldn't be chastised over small events that happened nearly a year ago on a fucking garry's mod roleplay server y'all need to grow up +1 edit: i'm saying this honestly because i myself have been targeted for playing on a different server and to be fair i'm sick to shit of this
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