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    Well it's happened my 17th birthday has rocked up, I joined imperial gaming on the 18th of november 2017, on January 26th 2018 i turned 16 years old and as of an hour ago at the time of writing i have hit the age of 17, 2 years of my real biological life spent in this wonderful community, I love each and every one of the non minge members of this community looking at you @Delta Kidding love you And i hope to be in the community for a while longer, I mean you can't get rid of me that easily after all -Corvo
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    Empire Gaming Cos that's shit funny af.
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    Happy Birthday Corvo, i wish you all the best
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    I'm typing this on my phone at 2.30am so bare with me. Today I was doing tons of sims with the boys and events. It was super fun! Untill I shot my blaster rifle. I fire, ONE shot, and get the message "Your gun is jammed! Reload to fix" Fine I reload. I fire five shots Your gun is jammed Rinse and repeat untill you want to die, or do die from that trooper or cis droid that kills you cause you cant fire back. These are blaster lazer beam guns. How on earth do these things jam? Is this a thing with these specific guns or is it something put it? Can the devs remove it? Is that possible? It makes fire fights draining and super unfair when you are at an enemy and they fire at you and all of a sudden one of you cant shoot because OH LOOK your gun is JAMMED. Also, my gun, when I fire, actually drops bullet cases. Didnt know plasma came in casings. At least if you dont want to remove it, make a system where I can buy a cleaning kit and clean my gun and it doesnt jam for a period of time. More ways to spend credits. Like vaccines for guns. Thanks, bed time now. Had to type this out now cause I know I will forget to in the morning.
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    We need a new Co of Scar Garry's Mod 25_01_2019 8_00_43 PM.mp4
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    You have no idea how funny this actually is.
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    This is neat but please. No. More. Dad. Jokes...
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    +1 Would make a great birthday boi. Hire this man immediately!
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    @Rickle @Wombatiacus Haha thanks guys, Rickle you are a best mate and wombat you are a prick and i love you for it XD
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    Happy Birthday my dude <3 You are apart of the minge family in my eyes :3 Kidding love you.
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    Happy Birthday Corvo. By the way you smoked that RC damn ;^)
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    paint.exe has been installed.
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    +1 Hands down best choice for a T-Mod right now
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    Ah Finally and excuse to post memes
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    Love headaches before I sleep
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    Rex has been a dedicated and active member of the community for as long as I can remember. I believe he has displayed the appropriate characteristics for a moderator position therefore I will be leaving a +1
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    Been in ISC for a long time now, think your entirety of being in this community. Would, hands down, make a great tmod Good Luck!
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    +1 due to the reasons stated above. You have been an active member of Imperial Gaming and in pilots for over 3+ months and have stayed super loyal in the process. Your application look full of detail with little to no grammar mistakes in sight. Good luck.
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    From the small time I've known Braino I see him as a leader and a mature player +1
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    You literally just left a community around two days ago and you're now applying for T-mod and PAC3. -1, solely based on the fact that you could possibly leave IG if another community were to arise. And you have been disloyal to this community.
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