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    @AlphaSnerpyDerp The community is always looking to grow and expand. As we do so, we require staff to grow with the community. If you would like to be apart of the staff team you can go the the link attached below and follow the application process. https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/forum/164-applications/
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    Hi I Am AlphaSnerpyDerp Known Ingame As The ST "Private Asbestos." I Have Been On This Server For A Short While But Only Recently Joined Up To The Forums... (BTW Might Wanna Fix The Steam Account Sign Up Thing.) A Few Of The Regimental Higher Ups Might Know Me As The Person That Is Absolute Crap With The Climb SWEP. Anyway, Abuse The Crap Outta Me, Bully Me Cus I Agree That You Have A Good Reason.
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    I'm taking a break to go camping with family So yeah bye lol see you guys on the 2nd I'll be on the forums and discord So don't do anything drastic while I'm gone please Lov you all <3 -Delta
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    lies. I got too much. $780, $100 Visa card from @Sully, Headphones, Speaker, Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, and clothes
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    NEUTRAL (towards -1) I believe that there is some base layer here of a good EM, however there needs to be a lot more detail here in each question and in the events, I suggest looking at previous applications to see how much detail is put into each event and each question. If you fix these issues i may consider giving you a +1 or neutral leaning towards +1. I also believe that each event could be better structured with binds and /comms texts in the document so that it shows you have a competency in planning in advance. I would also like to see a greater overview of what each characters role in the event is and what HP they will be given. -Smoke
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    GIVEAWAY WINNERS! (1st Place) $100 Visa Card: @Brass (2nd Place) 50,000 Credits: @Cure 1,000 Credits: @Parcy @Vanilla @bert @Wimlay @Splonter @Planz $28 Rust Skin Bundle: @Tex $4 Steam Item of choice (supplied by Splonter): @Rivers A big thank you to @Chopz for allowing me to host the event and making the channel for me, congratulations to all those who managed to take home some additional Christmas goodies. These prizes took hard work and effort to get both IRL (working for the $100) and in server, grinding for the 56k credits (with help of donations from players, most of which was to force me to go to sleep) so enjoy them!. I would also like to take this time to once again wish everyone a very merry Christmas and i hope you all received what you were after. If you have any ideas on OOC events i can host in the future (eg. tournaments etc.) let me know below as i have a few in mind but always love hearing what the people have to say. Sincerely, Sully
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    Wins the draw and declares for Hentai?!?! Sully not gonna lie, this was cool of you to do. Really inspires me
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    Hey all, Just decided that because of everything over the next 2 weeks that I would inform you all what is happening. First thing first, my 17th birthday is coming, which is on the first of January so I will be celebrating that with you guys, most likely, but that afternoon at 6 pm I am leaving to... Second thing, my trip to New Zealand, I will being going to New Zealand, mainly south island I think, and so I will not be able to play, but will be available through discord (if you have me). Last thing last, I would like to thank all of the people on the server that have made my time on Imperial Gaming so fun, as it is my 6 months since starting on the server + I just reached 3 weeks on the server. I won't be tagging people as I have had too many good moments with too many good people. Thanks all, Wimlay
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    Just wondering what people in our community got for Christmas I got a new mechanical keyboard and a mouse pad along with some books from my girlfriend and a bike maintenance kit. Also got a bunch of coupons for free scuba dives my favorite activity. What did y'all get??
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    Touch my engines and I'll use you as fuel.
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    He's gone, someone blow up the Engine.
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    Pretty solidly neutral on this one you have some potential and have been around a while and while I've had some nice experiences with you I've also had bad such as you rushing in on me rescuing hostages then shooting me without asking what's happening. Which then caused the hostages death and my reeducation. Otherwise everything smoke said you seem to have a okay community reputation just need to demonstrate how you would be a EM.
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    I got a laptop (but unlike @Wombatiacus, I have some class - so I didn't get a mac) (im just joking please dont hurt me)
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    we all wish you got one too All i think of when i hear the word harmonica is this; I got some money, 2 drones (cheap ones) and a new phone - Sully/Wren
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    Clothes. Some cash. A fuck load of food for lunch and a fuck load of drinks for Dinner.
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    I got a new monster worth $399, a beach towel, Crows Cap hat and a Mac Book Air (New Edition). Everyone seems to also have some good stuff I wish I'd have . Happy Boxing Day Sales! <3
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    Wowww, thanks for doing this @Sully. Gratz to all the winners and hope this happens again next year
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    Welcome to the forums my guy, if you ever need training for climbswep message me in game and i'll host some public training.
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    +1 I know cealus, he is mature in my opinion he would suit this role. Just from my time in being in RG. Also Has A Very Detailed Pac Sincerely-Pluto
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    Share the christmas spirit right?
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    +1 I can tell you've put a lot of care into your application due to the amount of detail provided. Also, even if they are quite common PACs, they're designed quite well.
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    I am FrenchyFries some of you may know me from a long time ago and some of you may not. After a long period of confusion (Thank you @Helsing) I am on the server. I was a guy in the Ad team enjoyed being there. I really do love film, and the process of making a movie or play. Currently I am a Storm Trooper Private named Grievous (General Grievous is my all time favourite Starwars character) and to be completely honest I, myself don't know if I will stay for longer than a month I'm mainly here due old friends and holidays. I may stay longer it really depends on what's up with stuff but for now I'm here! Feel free to introduce yourself if you want. Goodbye
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    thats my line and anyways, happy birthday man and hope you have a good trip
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    I wish I got a new mic. I pretty much got clothes.
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