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    So.... I'm new here, my names Carswell and I'm Captain of the ISD Chimaera. You'll usually find me strolling around the ship completing naval tasks or talking to people. If I'm not doing that I'm either on the bridge fighting a Rebel fleet or commanding my Navy men. If you see me around just say hi, don't be scared to come up to me even though I might seem very muscular and intimidating. See you all around, Carswell
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    Hello, I’d really like and push towards this addon being added to the server. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382020460 Its a deployable turret addon in which it has a working turret that you can use, I have used this addon before and it is incredibly useful and would benefit not only individuals fun and enjoyment but also assist in events and overall immersion.
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    G’day, To anyone that doesn’t know me my name’s Matrix, I’m a part of Sith Marauders and I’ve been with IG for about a month and half now (I know this is a bit late but better late than never, right?). In reality my name’s Luke, I live in Melbourne and I’m a high school student aspiring to be an Electrical Engineer. As far as my name goes, I just thought of a few cool words and mashed them together, it was originally Stealthmatrix and I changed it after a few years to Matrix (And no, I’ve never seen the matrix the film but I intend to). I’ve had a bit of history/experience with SWRP, I originally played OG Poseidon back in 2016, since then some of you may have seen me on other servers, primarily galaxy or jvs. I decided to join IG because I had a few mates who played here and introduced it to me (Zote and Rivers), this is my first time I’ve ever played Imperial RP and so far, I’m quite enjoying it. Everyone’s been very welcoming so far, and I’m looking forward to meeting as many people in the community as I can. If anyone ever needs to have a chat to me, feel free to come up to me ingame or chuck me a message through TS or Discord and I’ll be as helpful as I can. Cheers, Matrix.
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    All that I want for Christmas is for more then 2 people to try out for SG
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    ./me Nods. Bailey - "It has been done my Lord"
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    Glad to see you wound up here at IG, welcome!
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    You've obviously made mistakes in the past, nothing to worry about now. You improved significantly since when you were in Nova and are continuing to improve. See you around, Carswell.
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    Welcome my guy, Hope Rook doesn't abuse you too much. :^)
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    Heyyyy Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy the stay.
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    Welp, you should’ve seen this one coming. For those of you who aren’t able to read or are related to Space Mexicans, I’ll make this short as I’m going to go into a whole bunch of explanations and thanks messages to a lot of people. Still try to read through all of this properly, as I didn’t write out all this shit just for you to not read it plebs. So yeah, much like a lot of my mates on the server this time last year (and at other points throughout the year) for similar reasons, I’m leaving IG. I’ve had a lot of good times. Made lots of memes, achieved things I never thought I would be able to do in this game. I created a sub-regiment, I rebuilt one of the hardest regiments to build from the ground up, I became a General (something that was thought impossible at the time) and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting/helping/playing with some good people. But, as I kind of referenced to on a certain someone’s goodbye post around 10-12 months ago, it’s my time. Unfortunately everything must come to an end. I’ve got nothing left to prove, nothing left to achieve, and the issues I have around here have become too much. I haven’t really hid my issues with management around the joint (had to put joint in here somewhere). If you’ve been around long enough and listened to what I’ve said, you’d know what those issues are. The final nail in the coffin for me though was an event that happened recently. Not really going to get into it, as I asked some friends for advice before making this and one of them said, and I quote: “Yeah, na.” You know who you are, keep being a legend. That and me ranting/creating drama isn’t what this post is about, nor is it how I want to go out. That being said, I harbor no hard feelings towards the overall community, those who have helped me in the past and those who have nothing to do with the issues I have. I have a lot of friends here still and outside of the negativity sort of at the start of this post, I would like to leave on somewhat good terms. And you never know, I might come back once things have changed enough. I’ve had the opportunity to be accepted here after some rocky history in the SWRP community, and I won’t forget that any time soon. Jesus, all that was a little heavy… Now there’s a few people I’d like to thank and I genuinely want to thank them, as I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in on the server and I wouldn’t have had as great of a time as I’ve had without ‘em. I also sort of wouldn’t have a grown a bit as a person without them. Which for me is at least something to get out of a video game. First I’d like to thank @Whitey. I didn’t exactly (at any point) make your job easy, but I thank you for everything you’ve done around the joint. Most importantly for that chat we had after Hornet was promoted. I know this is going to sound cringey as fuck (but let’s face it, making a big post like this was cringey in the first place over a SWRP server), but that chat meant a lot. So thanks. Make sure you become Tarkin again at least one more time though, because you’re the OG. Next I’d like to thank @Chopz (we’re starting off this list by staff rank for some reason). You made life bearable as 996 commander and the short time you were Grand General was one of the highlights of my time as a General… It made the top twenty . But in all seriousness, my job got a lot easier with you around. You're also a good bloke. Next I’d like to thank Alex and Department. You guys are some of the best troopers I’ve met during my 5 years (almost) of playing this game mode and you guys were there at the hard times, helping me out when needed. - @Department you’ve always been a great bloke and a great commanding officer. You were there during the O’Hare times and came out better for it. You are, and have been for some time, the longest serving Stormtrooper. And although you were always a little cold, you’re a good bloke. Good luck with the independent chain of command. - @Alex, can’t really say too much without feeling the feels. You’ve been there since the Stormtroopers were treated like garbage, and have been around since… Even when your PC exploded, died, whatever the hell happened over 10,000 times. You might never become a general, but you’re been one hell of a trooper. Don’t forget that. Remember every lesson I taught you, as you’re going to need it moving forward. Trust me on that. After that, I have to thank @Regret. Never have I met someone who picked up the art of commanding to the degree that you did. You made a turbulent time during the life of the ST’s a lot more stable, which allowed me to focus on other regiments. You’re also a top bloke. You may never read this, as I don’t know if you check the forums, but you don’t need any more praise from me. Since I’m still thinking of names (I really should’ve written a list for this, but too late for that) I’d like to thank @Hammer, for being there as the gatekeeper of IHC HQ. You dealt with a lot of crap, heard a lot of my shit, but you never let that affect the job. I hope, for the players of the server, you can become the less controversial, less getting-people-pissed-off version of me. Or at least replace me in terms of the work I managed to do. I wish you all the best. Next I’d like thank @SCHEFF. Just for being one of those people from back in the day, becoming the cornerstone of MHC and just being a general ear to talk to. Although we didn’t start off on the best of terms, you’ve definitely become one of those people I trust. Hope you and the rest of Widow Squad continue to improve Widow Squad and do the things that I couldn’t as commander. (Fuck this is a lot of thank you’s) Next up is @Corvo, @Shader, @Acab, @Devo and @NatiionZ. You guys have sort of rebuilt a regiment, making improvements around the joint as you see problems. I hope you continue this progress, as I might be back someday and I’d like to see how you’ve done. If you let Widow Squad or the ST’s die, I’ll beat up ya nan (that was referred to all of you). Good luck. (Really have to make these quick now) Next is @Jman1308, because Jman is a lad. @Rickle, because Rickle Rick. @Moose for that chat we had, hope you make the Generals great for the first time. @Medusa for helping me become a better commander. I don’t know if she’ll ever get this, but thanks. All involved with my promotion to Major General. All involved with not getting me demoted during the brigade shit. All involved with not getting me demoted period (I’m guessing my recent demotion wasn’t the only time I’ve been up for it). Anyone who I didn’t mention who has either helped me along the way, or helped me without me knowing. All ST’s past and present. That includes Widow Squad by the way . Now for anyone who isn’t mentioned, or a part of these groups mentioned, who did something for me or we worked together. Thank you. I’m sorry that you weren’t mentioned, but I’ve been playing on this server for almost two years, I forget people all the time. Now as for what’s next? Eh, I don’t even know that. I’ve basically done everything you can in gaming at this point. Might finally finish Undertale? Lol. But in all seriousness, I plan on going back to making videos (which you can see here: https://goo.gl/5PuYvA). Link might get removed due to advertising rules (I’ve been here for almost two years and still don’t know the rules 100%), so add me on Steam at; Stevo Jenkins if you want a link if it’s not there. Haven’t done a video in a while, looking forward to do them again. To the Stormtroopers and Widow Squad If you ever need help or you’re in a shit situation with either regiment, call me and I will help. I will always be there to help you if I can, you can always count on that. Finally, that’s pretty much it from me. I don’t have any more to say and, if I do, I’ll say it some people in person. I wish this community all the best moving forward, and I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Make sure you value your time with your family, as there are people out there with none or in a bad situation. Basically what I’m saying is: go give some money to charity or some shit ya cheapskate. Adopt a child damn it! I don’t care if you’re only twelve years old. Alright, time to end this one. See ya’s later. Cheers Brigadier Stevo.
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    Hello there, See below for the new rules regarding espionage on the server : Rules Recruitment There can be no forcing of individuals to engage in espionage activities, they must be recruited of their own free will. Approval Espionage activities on an individual or group lower than the rank of MJR GEN must be approved by an ISB CL5+ or a member of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an individual or group of the rank MJR GEN or higher must be approved by the majority of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an individual or group within the Inner Circle must be approved by all other Inner Circle members. General The maximum time that an espionage activity can be active for is one week. If your individual is caught, they are eligible for any punishment. A document must be signed with everybody involved in espionage activity outlining the specific mission, risks involved and any other information. At the conclusion of the espionage activity the persons who approved it must be informed of the results and the individual recruited must be told to stand down.
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    I watched the video and i made a cameo xd good vid though
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    It would be cool to see the old map before I joined the server
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    Cya man GL on your further ventures o7
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    After discussion amongst the management team, we have decided to restrict replying to ban appeals to staff only. This is so the section can be cleaner and it is easier for the person reviewing the appeal to get the facts straight. Before any Senior Admins unban the person they will contact the staff member who originally banned him and get their opinion before deciding themself. We respectfully ask if the staff do reply they keep their answers short and simple and if you're present for when they got banned you explain the situation behind it. If a user does reply to an appeal their post will be hidden and if they are repeat offenders they will be warned on the website. For any questions please contact me through steam, ingame or a message on the forums. Thanks, Ridge
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Kwite Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60434533 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081134794 In Game Details In Game Name: {UNKNOWN} In Game Rank: N/A In Game Regiment: N/A Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Frank What date did the ban occur: [22/03/2018] What was the reason for the ban: Advertising Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I do realise this was an idiotic choice after about two weeks and then completely removed everything from my mind. I had been removed from Inquisitors due to inactivity and was told if I did log on that day I would be removed from my position and set back to ST. (I had in fact logged on and I was online for 40 minutes until I was removed from the Inquisitors. I then changed my name to {DarkRP Server} and then said that I was going to be on that server if they needed me. Then I said the following "I might not return to this server, I cannot confirm this. If I do it will be far in the future" then I was permanently banned for Advertising Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I have taken some time to think over the past two months since my last unban appeal, I realised I was posting an unban Appeal for advertising then made an idiotic choice to "advertise" my unban appeal I do not believe I deserve to be unbanned but I would like to undo my wrong doings and apologise and have a possible second chance of redemption. I sincerely apologise to the community, the staff and the players during the couple of days leading up to my ban and I would love it if I could be accepted back in to the community. Upon starting off I will be on low-profile but slowly I will involve my self in more role play related situations or events. There is no guarantee that this application will be accepted. I am more than positive it will be denied but if I do get another chance I will try and redeem my old mingy self. Thank you for reading my long paragraphs - Love from Crackers
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    I mean... CS is always welcoming... if ya want no offence though
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