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    I have an idea for a new off ship event, i understand it may be impossible (or require a lot of effort) but it is just a thought it was worth sharing. So the event starts by NAVY finding a beacon or signal or something which has an SOS message. This SOS message gives us coordinates to a location that we have to jump to. In this location we will then line up in MH1 like all other off ship events and board an abandon Star Destroyer. [i understand this might be a bit of an effort to make this map appear abandoned, however i believe by adding props and making the light sources dark it would look pretty cool] In this event there are two options... A passive and aggressive version. Passive The passive event starts with us landing in MH1 where of course there are no lights and we will be debriefed here.The Blast doors will be locked and we will need to get Navy engineers to hack their way into the system and open the doors. Upon entry we have to search the ship where people will be scattered around in random locations and blockages of debris will only allow access via an obstacle course or a 1 way route/maze sort of thing. hen the situation will unfold to what has happened. An alien life form had boarded and left the ship with documents of importance in their IHC and each person will be questioned by ISB. Upon further searching eggs are found in mass in [x] location and taken for investigation (which could lead to an event on our ship with hatch lings). The event will continue as to where we learn there are still important documents on board in [random location] and we must search for the documents to secure its redacted information bringing them back to the ship. The documents could then be linked to [x] events of recovery missions on alternate planets. Aggressive So for the aggressive event we board as there is gunfire on board even though it is very dark. The doors are sealed shut and Navy Engineers are tasked to open them with a hacking console. The event would have the last of the ships troops die in a hallway and once again having some routes blocked (perhaps making us have to transfer to MH2 after discovering there is no access from MH1) to then secure Highly important personnel to be escorted back through the specific route that they had to find to get to the area. All at the same time being attacked by large amounts of enemy troopers with the ratio of event being about 1/3 event characters as if the infected were creating a hive on board. There will be about 6 important individuals with a large amount of health and can be all killed by the event characters depending on how effective the imperial army is at their duties. Once we board our own imperial star destroyer we will be debriefed. Feel free to use this idea any of the current event masters and to tweak it to your liking. I don't want to become an EM because it is such hard work I just thought this was such a good idea that i had to share it. IDEAS come from Myself (Ubermolen) and Noxu with ideas on how it should be ran. Sorry for grammatical errors i cant be bothered re-reading it. Feel free to come and ask me in game about it or add your own ideas adding on in the comments below.
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    Hi Blaster @Head Coach Frank Had some suspicion that you were Alting. Myself, Frank and Chopz decided to Investigate. There was 2 accounts made under the same IP address, so we asked you to jump on teamspeak to talk to you, https://gyazo.com/4b0b683dab4daaec10fdb452092b8d53 <----- Picture of the text chat Then you left teamspeak after Chopz and Frank moved channels to discuss the situation. Also when you joined teamspeak you instantly changed your name from Honor to Blasty. After a discussion between Chopz, Myself and Frank, we decided to have a chat 1 more time with you ingame, we asked you if you knew any of these names - Honor and Morphite, you said that Honor was an Alt account forum made by your "room mate" and Morphite was someone you knew from Empire Gaming. After looking at your profile and recent names, we found the names [IG] Morphite and [IG] Honor. https://gyazo.com/47a328326e7de5ec54463ccf62d4de14 <------- On top of this, you also admitted to me that you were alting after you were banned. https://gyazo.com/daeed59f6495405a01c124502b991bb5 Ban Appeal Denied. You can reapply in 4 weeks.
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    For this to properly work, we would need a separate version of the Star Destroyer map with no existing permaprops and spawn points. It wouldn't make sense for troopers to board an abandoned ship that functions exactly the same as the Chimaera, i.e. die and respawn in their bunks, as technically the bunks on the Destroyer that we have boarded is different. It would also be far too much effort to get rid of all of the props in the current map to rebuild an area to look abandoned. In relation, Lord Trilobite, the creator of the Star Destroyer map, has said that he will not add support for dynamic lights for the map, which would allow for the lights to be turned off. Additionally, Trilobite will not give out his map to anybody to modify - any copies of the map are fake and should be reported to Trilobite himself. The best compromise for this event to work is to use the crashed Star Destroyer map on Jakku. However, this map has not been updated to reflect the most recent version of the regular Star Destroyer map. We have used this map before in many events and it has usually worked out well, but firefights in the dark can be frustrating, especially due to the long walk back to the ship if and when you die. If you could refit this event to work for the crashed Destroyer map, I think we would have a workable, enjoyable and unique event in our Event Masters' hands.
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    Did you not admit to alting on this forum topic?
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    Do your stats look like this? -----------STATS---------- Intimidation - 0 Seriousness - 0 Scariness - 0 ----------------------------- Overall - 0 ----------------------------- Results - Not Scary Let's change that. These are the best tips to increase your intimidation, seriousness and most importantly, scariness. 1) Walk around everywhere (Don't be in a rush! Walking around will make you look special, important and intimidating! This will score you +2 intimidation points) 2) Don't at ease people (Don't at ease people! This will make it look like you deserve all the salutes you get. At easing is a sign of weakness and happiness. We are not here to do that! You will get +1 seriousness points) 3) Have a deep voice (Deep voices are key! If someone is doing something wrong and you talk to them with that juicy voice box they will immediately shape up! This will get you +3 intimidation points) 4) Have a monotone voice (Show no emotion, show no fear! Having a monotone voice means you cannot be disturbed! YOU ARE STRONG! From doing this, you will get +1 seriousness points) 5) Raise your voice when someone does something wrong (Now this, will scare the hell out of people! This will ensure that NO-ONE will make you angry again! If someone hears your beautiful deep, monotone voice and then you yeet them a BIG FAT ROAR this will definitely get them to shiver! This will give you +5 scariness points) 6) Do not minge (This is pretty obvious. If you minge, your not serious which will make you not scary. Not minging will give you a nice +3 seriousness points) 7) Use proper grammar and spelling in OOC, Comms and other types of chat form (nO seRIous aNd SCeRy pEople taLK LiKe Thiss! PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING PEOPLE. DO IT! This will give you +2 seriousness points) 8) Stare at people (That's right. Just flat out stare at people. Just stare. Don't say a word, just continue staring. This tactic will give you +1 scariness points) Now, let's look at your stats again. -----------STATS---------- Intimidation - 5 Seriousness - 7 Scariness - 6 ----------------------------- Overall - 18 ----------------------------- Results - Very Scary Now THAT's better! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.
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    I understand that many of you may be concerned about the number of stairs on board the ship. However today is your answer. The following link is a report i gave to Navy to truly ensure the safety of our troopers and elder individuals on board..... BTW I did count every substantial step on board (Included areas I requested to enter), this document does not include ramps. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GBr_VYiGSQMHLLWSuYl8G3ORo1puiikvoAFNYH2V-Nc/edit?usp=sharing
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    +1 I've been dying to know how people re-texture their models
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    +1 Shows great responsibility & maturity when needed.
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    Yeah man, thunderstorms are pretty scary I reckon.
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    -1 for the various reasons stated and i'll pass on some advice. I've noticed it in game as well but you seem remarkably impatient given that you've now applied for every server position over the last week and been denied for the previous ones. I believe waiting and improving both your community reputation and your patience will help you quite a bit.
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    Im glad to see that it has been updated
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    Only problem I've had with you so far is the elevator thing where you got unreasonably angry, but, you seem to be better in this regard since then. My opinion is subject to change. Good luck with your application.
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    +1 - mature, trustworthy and active
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    Don't know who you are You have one ban and one warn Bit more detail in the questions Just had EM app denied 11. Please be considerate of others when using colours in your application, all answers must be left in white. Pac are nice but still need work My advise is to get to know people as I looked at your EM app and most of the -1 were because people didn't know you -1
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    I will be leaving Positive Support (+1) on this application for the following reasons: Skill with PAC3 has grown exponentially since he started using it He has a strong desire to enhance Roleplay for himself and for others Mature and Respectful Could be a bit more active
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    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Blaster Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155670868 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198271607465 In Game Details In Game Name: ARC-29-A Blaster In Game Rank: Sergeant In Game Regiment: Rancor Ban Details How long was the ban for: Perma Which staff member banned you: Carnifex What date did the ban occur: 20/11/2018 What was the reason for the ban: 'Alt Account' Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: They started questioning me if I knew who was 'Honor' then I said yes because he is my IRL friend. Then they asked because Honor uses forums and my steam acc and teamspeak since we are roomates. They told me that Honor was switching accounts, I then proceeded to ask Honor what acc then he said forum acc, the staff members then told me that I was using a STEAM Alt acc and then I refused and then I forgot to tell them that its forums alt acc and then they banned me. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe that I should be unbanned as I have not done anything wrong to the community, I just let Honor use my computer. But I would never do anything wrong again.
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    Not too sure what is going on with that, but just thought I'd point this out.
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    I know this guy from Empire Gaming and in his time there he has shown maturity and dedication which is why I am +1ing his application
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    If it hurts your eyes and head then don't reply.
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