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    I have several questions concerning this font for one of the Empire's elite.
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    In this post I'll be sharing with you one of my healthier meals, a welcome change to those who don't usually eat diabetes all day. Today the meal will be my special twist on a 'Cesar salad'. What you'll need: 1x Fresh Lettuce 1x Cooked Chicken Brest (Supermarket chicken will work fine) 1x Tomato 1x Avocado Croutons (Packet or Home made) Whole Egg Mayo Optional Items (So its not boring): - Bacon (Chopped/Diced & Grilled) - Feta or Parmesan Cheese (Feta works better) - Tangy Mustard Dressing or Italian Dressing (For if you don't want mayo) How its done: STEP 1: Break off layers of the lettuce, rip into pieces and place on a plate. STEP 2: Next cut up the tomato in any old fashion and place onto the lettuce. STEP 3: Carve out chunks of avocado and place onto the plate with the tomato and lettuce. STEP 4: Take strips of the chicken breast and place it on the plate with a sprinkling of croutons and cover with the mayo. (Optional Steps) STEP 5: If you want more 'excitement' in your salad then grill some bacon and place onto the salad STEP 6: You could end it there however if you're like me you'll love to put some Feta cheese on the salad or some Parmesan. I prefer Feta however it doesn't really matter, crumble the Feta or slice some Parmesan onto the plate with the rest of the salad and cover with either Mustard or Italian dressing. So there you have it, my take on a 'Cesar Salad' its healthier than most of the crap I'll be posting but everything here is crafted from yours truly so don't expect everything to be healthy. So tune in next time for more marvellous Mordicai Meals.
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    ahh you got my mouth bloody watering Can't wait to try this Tried it, you're amazing @Renegaderade Didn't have Parmesan or Feta so I just used crumbled Mild Colby cheese, it's beautiful.
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    Your argument was 'give Sith room to jump about,' having the whole DS hangar as well as the corridors and several rooms is plenty of room to jump about, and gives them an excuse to use their SPLs a little more. I wasn't arguing it would be better, I was just suggesting a place to move debrief when it's displaced by the new hangar. If there was no new hangar over where debrief is, I wouldn't have suggested it. If I wasn't in ISB, I would still think ISB HQ looks like an ideal debrief area The turbolasers don't come into it, they would be better served in a mil reg specified area imo But then we would lose an area for events, and ISB would not be near the brig, non-pilot guard regs may encounter difficulties getting to the DS when pilots are afk etc... I'm looking from both angles. (Not that the hypothetical matters, since I just caught wind of where ISB may be moving, and debrief is indeed likely going where ISB is)
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    lollolololololol rawr xd
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    Hello So I'm just making this post out of frustration of the current state of the Firing Range. Introduction: Yesterday I was tasked with repairing the firing range (I'm an engineer), So I began repairing the panels in the firing range. Of course, I spawned in a prop to make sure that I wouldn't get shot at from behind. However, while repairing the Firing range I was shot and killed a total of 4 Times. It was very obvious I was repairing the Firing range like I said I was spawning in props to protect myself but a certain few people decided that it was okay to take AIM at me and begin firing while I was clearly away from the targets / walking away from them. Then today I logged on and went to the firing range, I walked down to the targets and Someone begins shooting at me AGAIN, this time I was only killed once but it drove me crazy at the fact that they believe that they can Kill you because the line says so. May I just remind everyone the line clearly states: "If you cross this line you will most likely be killed" the line does not state "If you cross this line you will be KOS". Some people are assuming that you are allowed to take aim, shoot and kill anyone that crosses the line. This is counted as RDM and I'm sure that if you were to RDM other people around the ship this would not be tolerated. I'm not talking about people accidentally wandering in and getting shot while someone is spraying down the range, I am talking about people Aiming at me While they can clearly see me moving a prop to block shots, Firing at me while I am nowhere near the target. Proposal: Yesterday, while I was repairing the firing range @Brass was with me to witness all this and did give one of them a talking to. However, I believe that you shouldn't just be given a verbal warning about this. RDM isn't tolerated anywhere else nor should it be in the firing range. I propose that if you RDM someone once in the firing range its a verbal but if you continue to do so it should be a Warn for RDM. Ending Notes: Thank you very much @Brass for taking this into account and talking to the people who were RDMing, however, I can not say the same for a lot more staff members who've walked away after seeing this happening. Thank you for reading this post and I hope that everyone learns that walking past the line isn't an INSTANT KOS.
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    I'd just like to add that i have gone over some of this in relation to creating a protocol for working on the firing range after these instances such as: comms in the maintenance in progress Put down a sign or two noting the maintenance in progress when possible work behind the signs. However i do just want to note, that just because someone is on the range is not a excuse for live fire practice there is several firing lanes don't deliberately move to the lane where you can see someone and then shoot down it. If your aim is that bad that you miss the lane you need to see medical, same if you didn't see them. Now while this issue will be resolved in game this post is important to note just in case you don't get the message in game.
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    This will probably get backlash but... 1. There were a few instances when you actually were outside of the lane which you were repairing, and guns such as the e11 tend to be inaccurate and sometimes stray away from the target. 2. If you are in immediate danger of being shot, why not just close down the firing range with permission by a higher authority? 3. This post isn't really needed, it was sorted out in game and if you have a problem with it just bring it to staff and they can talk to people responsible or people who do it in the future 4. Ask for the sign to be extended to If you cross this line you will most likely be killed, if killed the killer can be AOS'ed if seen or something like that 5. If you were killed so many times, why not just call a staff member to report RDM? If you are doing roleplay in game and you are in immediate danger of being hurt/killed by another imperial official, close down the area you are in
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    @Whitey Would it be possible to pre-pay for Range trooper CO?
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    Maybe quote in context instead of cherry picking words to put in my mouth? @SCHEFF
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    The new exit can be closed from the MH1 control room when necessary. Same as the new MH2 blast doors.
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    I am aware that's how it used to be, I feel like all the consoles and stuff around Sith Temple lend themselves perfectly to ISB (as well as the office cubicles when you first walk in). The current ISB spot appears to be specifically designed to be a debrief area. Makes sense to me! Would not blame the Sith for hating this idea though lmao. Also on the other hand, the current location of ISB works well for being near the brig and having a dedicated security level, so I can also see good reasons to leave things as they currently are
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    Move debrief to where ISB is, move ISB to where Sith Temple is, move Sith offship to the DS location since they have SPLs and can fly back and forth at will? Also prevents STs running into the Sith Temple since they would have no way of getting there. Lmao this will never happen but...
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    Na, we can just use it as a trapdoor when somebody RDM's at debrief or ISB need to cover something up and kill everybody.
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    Disclaimer: This application is a second attempt to gain access to PAC3, and is a copy of my previously denied PAC3 application, with several parts changed and some more PAC examples added. Most of the example screenshots have been copied from that application. Steam Details Steam Name: fwoinsap [IG] Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107528767 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175323262/ In Game Details In Game Name: Department In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 1 week, 44 minutes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: I have been using PAC moderately in single-player, but I am still relatively new to it. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been a member of this community for over a year now, and over all my time on the server, I haven't received any warns or bans. While I may not be the most serious person, I maintain a strong commitment to the server and community rules, and always attempt to be the most effective trooper I possibly can be. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I began to experiment with PAC by myself in single-player games, as I was inspired by the many inventive and sometimes downright absurd PACs that other people have created. I believe that PAC can not only be used to truly create a character, but can also be used to further a narrative, or a story. Not only would access to PAC allow me further a certain story, but I believe that it would allow for more depth with dear old Department as a character. It would also allow me to further stand out to new troopers who may be confused as to who to follow. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve access to PAC due to my commitment to this vibrant community. However, I don't have the final say on whether or not I truly deserve access to PAC. That's up to you, the community, to decide if I'm worthy of this powerful privilege. PAC3 Examples: Department without his helmet (and with a self-made replacement). A non-combat uniform. (Based on Wookiepedia's description of a Stormtrooper officer's uniform. I left the pauldron on because I don't know how bodygroups function in PAC.) A propaganda poster that can function as both a morale booster in battle, and a recruitment poster out of battle. Due to certain events that occurred while Department has gone missing from the ship and base, he has gained a fascination with taking trophies from fallen foes, which he affixes to the underside of his weapons. (E-11: The head of a Trandoshan bounty hunter, along with a self-made bayonet, and undecipherable words etched into the gun's side.) (Pulse Cannon: Three human skulls. If you know, you know.) An incomplete suit of Phase III Dark Trooper Power Armour, with a half kilt attached to the belt. (Department currently only has the left arm.) A chaplain of a certain cult, armed with an augmented stun-stick that resembles a mace. (This is where the absurd side of my PACs begins.) (Yes, I know the cape is clipping into the pauldron behind the crystal skull, but the above PAC is optimised for...) Department with his Power Armour, and in his Cultist Chaplain garb. (Two capes, because why not?) And of course, my proudest PAC to date....... Due to my normally deadpan voice, many situations have arisen when it isn't clear whether what I said was a joke or not. This PAC aims to resolve that issue. The Joke Sign. And finally, what I hope I can develop Department into... The Sixth Trait (These PAC examples were all created before my promotion to LT Colonel, hence the black pauldron.) Thank you for reading this application and for considering me for this powerful privilege.
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    Hey Twinkie here, So after maybe a week trying to get on the server to see the new DS Map, I finally got in and I am impressed. The best map I've seen in my 1800 hours on Garry's Mod (yes no life). As for where I have spent the last month or two, I can'treally count, I've been playing some other games, and finally got myself a decent computer so if anyone wants to play some games hit me up (except csgo xd) if you want to buy them for me haha, im broke please gift me. I am in 224th at the moment and my name is Twinkie so if you see me I'm probably being killed by Jman and Morgan or I'm afk, probably the first one but who knows So yeah hi As for those of whom who question why I left in the first place, I was having doubts and worries about where I will go after I had to hand my laptop back into school (yes i played on a school laptop for my 1 year on the server), and I was very worried on what I'll do, and how I'll keep relationships and my rank as a moderator on the server, so I decided to leave before I could become sad (as well as I was not sure where to go on the server). But after getting a new laptop (my own this time), I don't have to worry about leaving or anything so yeah.
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    You have no clue how many times I have said to Wind it looks trash... XD
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    Ahahahahahaah Everyone hates it I LOVE IT
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    Loves a cheeky shitpost
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    I'm liking the healthier edition of Mordicai's Meals
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    Accepted. Please Contact myself for an interview via the forums. 
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    I know the feels mah dud, I hate tomatoes as well but I added it because I know it'd work for those who do.
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    Personally, I'd take it to ISB, get them to sort it out. They'll take it seriously, they love stuff like this.
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    Looks good, might try it out!
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    It really pisses me off to see people shooting each other simply because somebody is down-range doing something. You can argue that it clearly says "If you cross this line you will most likely be killed" but that does in no way give people the right to KOS people for being down-range.
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    ^ Massive +1 Is a good lad and is responsible. Good luck.
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    +1, shows a good understanding of PAC3 definitely wouldn’t abuse and has proven himself trustworthy. Good Luck!
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    o7 Thank you for the mention, I am honoured to have inspired you. Good luck.
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    I never talked to you but from people I talked to, I heard you are a really good person who deserves a ton of respect so o7
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    Cya, Kamelion o7 We had some good chats, Great Guy Make sure to come back to the server every once in a while and say hi!
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    Cya man, good luck with your future endeavours.
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    Cya man. Would be good to see you back on from time to time also correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you Incinerator Trooper Commander?
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    It feels like it was only yesterday when I saw you as Acting Commander of SCAR ;-; @EpicEzale https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1547438244
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    I don't understand? Why did you send a picture of rancor?
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    o7 Good luck in the future hope to talk soon!
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    o7 had some good times see ya round buddy
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    WHAT THE FUCK HECK YOU DOG. LISTEN HERE YOU GUNGAN LOOKIN DOG, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME, OK. YOU WERE MEANT TO DESTROY THE INACTIVE IHC! NOT JOIN THEM! I LOVED YOU, LIKE A BROTHER GUNJIES. This hurts, this hurts a lot. Good luck in life my friend, you will be missed. cool mention for me or Jye you dog.
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    I do not want a person that has fun sending 11-year-olds sexual images in my community this is sick and revolting, you are Community Banned for life to protect the youth we have on the server. You will not be able to place a unban appeal as I don't know what else you have sent to youth, however, this is disgusting and you should rethink your life choices. If I do hear of you trying to do anything to any youth in my community I will personally get your personal information and hand it into the authorities with the images we have been supplied. You are the first person I have ever had to ban for these reasons and you are never ever welcome back into IG, I will also be sending this information to Community owners I know on gmod so they are aware of who you are along with your SteamID's and other alternatives accounts you have.
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    dont ask about that please... keep talking about it and I will burn your life to the ground
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    You could say something along the lines of Lanes 1,2,3 are closed on the firing range with a text screen and are currently being repaired
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    Fair point. I know you explained why the area would be better but I still think my argument holds.
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    HA! ISB think they're special enough to warrant a grand hall the size of a hangar and access to the turbolasers (again). Sometimes it's good to downsize. Give the Sith room to jump about!
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    well it looks like my time has come, first of all i would just like to thank the IG community as a whole, ever since i first join the server ive been shown nothing but kindness and positive people and i cant thank yous enough for really making me feel welcomed. after joining the the staff team they immediately made me feel welcomed and like i was apart of the team. if your wondering why i am leaving staff team/ a lot less inactive in game its because ever since getting out of school last year i haven't really done much with my life and ive come to the point where i need to start stepping up can putting my life together. in saying that i cant thank ig enough its been a pleasure playing and working with the people with in IG and i love you all <3 ps. i am not completely leaving the server ill be around ever now and then but i will also be stepping down from Major gen. @Wolf Thank you for everything you have done for me and accepting me into IG, best of luck to you in your future endeavours. @Whitey same as wolf you have really helped me in my time and IG its been a pleasure being apart of the staff team and i wish the best for you @Chopz cant thank you enough, you were my first co on IG and the person that help and grow and understand thank you very much! @Cody the same as chopz you really helped me grow to the person i became and thank you for that, i can say we had alot of good times @Hammer even tho i have known you for the least amount of time i can say that by the end you were one of the people that i got to know the most you help me through some time and we also had some good moments ps. makeing my pacs @Rickle you are probs one of the longest people ive known and its been a pleasure that times we have had together thank you very much @Basil one of the people i got pretty close to we had many good times from the beginning when you first joined cs best of luck to you ps. you are a reg hopper pss. you have big gey @Martibo your a minge but you are a hell of a good developer keep up the good work and best of luck to you. and for everyone one else i didn't say im sorry my friends i love you all, if you wanna message me my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gunjies/ , ill be on the server every now and then (most likely a st) feel free to come up and have a chat! i wish you all the best in the future and IG has been by far the best server ive been on keep it up bois!
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    Mate you will be sorely missed, you were my friend from day one on the server especially during the OG Chimaera squad days. None the less its going to be hard to see ya leave, but its understandable. So best of luck in future my friend make sure to hit me up every now and then to catch up. PS: We should play some fortnight sometime so i can carry your ass again, oh and No u. Some old screenshots \/
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    Neutral Haven't seen much of you
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    Steam Details Steam Name: [US] Fives Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150531988 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/AUSUNAISBAE/ In Game Details In Game Name: Fives In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: StormTrooper Ban Details How long was the ban for: Unkown (probably Perma) Which staff member banned you: Zaspan What date did the ban occur: 24/07/2018 What was the reason for the ban: Advertising Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I am apart of another community which doesn't mean much but from what I have heard only one person has advertised and most of the US staff have been banned which some didn't do anything like me if anyone has proof that I have advertised on IG please send me proof because from what I can recall I have done nothing wrong. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned/given a second chance: I love playing on Imperial Gaming most of my online friends play there. I know I can be a bit mingy but I always play and have fun. I wish to continue to play with my friends.
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