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    People might say paying for the role of 'Bounty Hunter' is just another excuse to minge, the thing is I absolutely and utterly agree to the bottom of my heart with that statement, although there is one thing you need to also understand, the type of minging a Bounty Hunter would do is not the kind that should be punishable by OOC means, it is a type of minge that follows guidelines of roleplay and creates an entirely new environment for people to play in. If Bounty Hunters weren't on this ship, naughty troopers you couldn't just execute without being jailed would roam freely and never learn their lesson, or you do it and potentially get PK'ed. Bounty Hunters have created a foundation that allow you to kill whomever you want without getting caught (unless you're trying to kill someone they like and they expose you, which is fine, but its at a cost of going to jail anyway). Bounty Hunters give Shock/Riot/ISB something to do on the ship or out of the ship, and its constant play, constant fun, either it be chasing down a Bounty Hunter who just assassinated you're best friend who decided to metagame to you that you were killed and the exact location or it be coming to the lounge and raging because someone walked in and never came out, either way it brings out the most fun and insecurities in everyone. Now what I just said is only the first side of the story, there are many more and many ways to have fun whilst a Bounty Hunter, and many other ways for people to have fun with the Bounty Hunter as well. What I don't understand is the fact when people come across the Bounty Hunters hired and let upon this ship to live by the Empire, people still treat us like pesky civilians with no rights which is true but think about this; We are guests on the ship, most of us are the most feared people in the galaxy as we would do ANYTHING for money and we were awfully good at ANY request, we could remove thousands of standing officers with only a sniper and a grenade, nothing could stop us, so we got hired onto a Stardestroyer that happens to belong to Darth Vader and Palpatine, now imagine going against a bounty hunter, if you hurt us, we hurt you, but if you think again, hurting us means you are hurting the wishes of the very high up positioned people in the Empire who hired us upon this ship. In reality if you walked up to Palpatine and called him a disgusting slag, he would execute you, so why do people rip us off, we are literally Palpatines best friend, have you not seen the amount of times he has visited our bunks for the soley purpose of doing things for him? For the sole reason of troopers / his own army incapable of the task or it has to be a mission no one needs to hear of. The last statement shows why you should higher Bounty Hunters, and why we get hired. P.S. Honestly I don't give a shit I just wrote this because its what happens as soon as I log in, either the Bounty Hunters get Metagamed, to randomly inspected and arrested to being bullied as we are civilians and we don't matter to the Empire *or thats what they think :')* (Answer the poll <3)
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    This was the first video I've put hours into editing due to my previous editor deciding to freeze every 20 seconds halfway through editing, Managed to get Adobe Premier Pro so it took me a while to figure out how to use it, I hope you guys enjoy it!
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    This is so sad Alexa promote me back to my normal rank ;-;
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    Pretty sure as soon as they saw martiboi drag him into there they where like
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    +1 Nice guy, good pacs and a detailed application. Definitely deserves PAC3
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    AOS'd for damaging Imperial property - cut the SD inhalf
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    @Whitey's words (can't quote for some reason): Imperial RP | Server Rules & Guidelines General Rules: Serious RP at all times. No minging. /me sighs This is just a recipe for trouble. I don't have much faith in a developer who thinks they can minge and who also encourages it. I also find it funny that you can be a robot who has a mohawk and a cape while I can't have simple stripes on my armour (#ripchefsquad), but that's beside the point. Bounty Hunters are fun to roleplay with when they're played right and, at least from my point of view, a lot of them (not all of them) end up being minges, as you've pointed out and shown yourself. Being hit on and killed for no good reason (I'm a Widow Sergeant, not some high ranking ISB or something, for crying out loud!) is just inconvenient and in the end it's usually for some troll or annoying reason; being assassinated in the middle of ST training is especially not fun. My advice: Sure, be a dick, but be one within the rules. Bounty Hunters are assholes, we get it, and we'll accept that in roleplay, but don't fall into the category of asshole who is just annoying and mingey, be the asshole who fits into character and that you can light-heartedly dislike. In the end (and I can't believe I'm the one saying this), it's a game, and killing others to just troll and not for good in-character reason is just plain not fun. Call me a buzzkill, but I've been here for quite a while and I've seen plenty of the good and bad sides of Bounty Hunters. Don't get rid of them, they're imperative and, as you say, create an entirely new environment to play in, but just get the right people/attitude to play them.
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    Gmod doesnt support above 128 players do your research before you post suggestions thanks.
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    This is so sad, alexa promote crunchy to recruit.
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    +1 - Great event ideas - Friendly bloke in game - Response to criticisms show your ability to remain calm and to communicate ideas efficiently. - Frequently active on the server Best of luck!
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    +1 Ramirez would benefit the Event Team greatly.
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    +1 You were a great EM back in the day im sure you have the potential to do even better. I feel your approach to passive rp events is going to help a lot on the Death Star map.
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    I dig the potential for passive RP in these events, so non mil regiments aren't just going to be running around pew pewing things like everyone else. Being able to think on your feet and change the course of the event to fit how the players have reacted is super important for an EM, so +1 for keeping the events open and flexible enough to not fall apart if things don't go 100% to plan, because things never do! Good luck dude [EDIT] This seems like an oxymoron... The more intimately detailed the event is, the less flexible it becomes, imo.
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    Because having an opinion and point of view is getting me backlash despite the poor wording of the writer Neutral
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    Good bloke and a good application I believe you could do well as a moderator on Imperial Gaming +1 Good Luck!
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    Most EM's would prefer them to fit RP standards, but that's your call, just careful, it might not get used if we don't feel it'll work. Also, ahh yes, take the hard part out of the job, make me events peasants. Nohatecoolideathowelshy
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    So yeah as the title states I will be resigning from the Staff Team, just don't have the motivation at the moment to play on the server and moderate after some issues in real life. Just want to chuck a quick thanks to Whitey for his support and his generosity, you've been a great help. Also have to thank Wolf quickly otherwise he would complain But yeah, for all of you guys who are deciding whether to apply or not, just go for it, you'll have an awesome time from the staff meetings when everyone would start accusing each other of crashing the server to the fun moderating and the weekly battles to get the claims gunjies i am faster than you Twinkie
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    Not that this applies to me since I am a PFC ?
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