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    So I finally finished this video of Chimaera and Rickle approaching as new Challengers. Went from 4 to 9. I hope you guys all enjoy, its a bit of a meme, but, I like it :). Thanks everyone who participated.
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    I was asked to create this by Martibo. Sneak peek: http://content.invisioncic.com/r275388/monthly_2018_09/1201305345_ImperialGamingLandingPage-GoogleChrome9_25_201811_18_43PM.mp4.a92143d45bc069ac9036e0e6ac450010.mp4
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    Big +1 Jye is mature, active, Friendly and shows signs of being a good moderator.
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    +1 The application is written extremely well and with obvious care, you've been stressing about writing it for the past few days which shows that you genuinely want the position and are really ready to work for it, unlike others who apply. I'm unable to fault the scenarios you have written, they are perfect and are what people should do in most situations. Your playtime is outstanding and shows you're active within the community. You're on everyday which is something we need in Moderators. promotemenow
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    +1 Where do I start - Jye you are always so helpful and always put people before yourself. - Active - Friendly - Outgoing - Great Leader - Dedicated
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    I'm going to go with NEUTRAL for now, until your maturity is a bit more manageable. I like the application and your a pretty awesome guy in-game! Good luck!
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    Completely Agree. Would love to have you on the Staff Team.
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    You are way to good at PAC... Big O'l +1
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    -1 I am sorry, but you leave the server every second week.... You are not a very good role model for people. You have no commitment. You donate for a commander positions and a week alter leave it....
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    -1 sorry but I don’t beleive you are mature enough to mediate situations that moderators are forced to deal with. Goodluck
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    +1 I Think you would do great things with Tier 2 Your experience Pac3 so far is very good. From what I have seen in Game you are a very genuine person. Goodluck, Planz ;D
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    +1 If this is a tier 2 app, I wanna see his tier 1 app because it gotta be good if he doing something like this on a tier 2 app.
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    +1 Just from the effort you put into the application is admirable and also the level of skill used in all of them is amazing.
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    Neutral -Good Pacs -Good RP player -Kinda Active -Not Too Friendly
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