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    @Bevan Sand cult time Also @GOINGxHAM Why downvote you big mean
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  3. 2 points
    Hey im Wind i am currently in Vaders Fist and love the server. I am a serious role player so sorry if i seem mean sometimes in serious situations but i don't mean it personally. That is pretty much it hope to see you all around! XD
  4. 2 points
    Nice, Neutrual for now. Pac3’s are a tad generic although they show skill, and I can’t say I know who you are.
  5. 1 point
    The only problems I see is that the regimental group thing is pretty stupid, and that many people won't be able to run it without it being 3 fps also if anyone says anything fallout is bad or has the potential to be bad I will hunt you down even fallout 4, which by most standards fell short, has me playing it up until this day
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    +1 Jesis is a very active and mature player. It's always a blast to roleplay with him and I believe he possesses the necessary traits and skills to be a worthy mod on the server.
  7. 1 point
    Shock/Riot and ALL OF ISB would be a bit too OP don't you think....
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    G'day Fellas, Thought I'd give the forums a peep to see what's popping and I saw these introductions so I may as well do one. So, the name's Max. I currently serve in ISB as a Junior Operative, and I've served in Vader's Fist and 442nd as well. Really enjoyed my time on the server, and if you see me running around or in a particular place on the server, don't be spooked to say g'day. Stay classy boys
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    The game isn't even out yet, not to mention a lot of people may not get the game in the beginning (or have PCs to run it). It is better to wait until release before setting up these kinds of things because who knows, the game may be complete trash.
  10. 1 point
    Sounds like an alright Idea but maybe instead of regimental squads, people can squad up in groups with friends for a more enjoyable experience. Just a suggestion
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  12. 1 point
    Ill make sure to add a lot more debriefs to the end of all of my events. I didnt realise people wanted them, i thought they were loathed by everyone.
  13. 1 point
    I'm gonna pull ya kneecaps off. Good ol Checkpoint banter.
  14. 1 point
    +1 Defiantly a high enough skill lvl to have Pac3 tier2
  15. 1 point
    +1 This should be a standard. Experienced this just a couple of days ago with the test subjects gassing the ship event (which took FOREVER to get back into DEFCON V btw) All us Stormtroopers lined up waiting to get our money's worth for the long event and in the end no debrief was called. We were told by Darth Vader to piss off (not literally but basically). Was a real buzzkill and it really felt that nobody was recognised for the hard work they did.
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    Yes, after every event there should be a debrief, however, the only time I can think that there won't is when very little players are on. Say 0 - 30ish but keep in mind this is only for aggressive events, sometimes passive depending on how it runs. As an Event Master is it their job to go through the entire event top to bottom with minimal hiccups, otherwise boss will yell at them...
  17. 1 point
    Denied - Poor effort on the application and does not meet minimal playtime on the server. You may apply again in 1 month.
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  19. 1 point
    You have received numerous positive reviews from the community in regards to this application. an Issue has been raised by multiple staff members about your recent activity on the server. At this stage, I will be putting this application on notice and will reassess your activity Sunday 30/09/2018. The applicant is on Notice.
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    You have received numerous reviews from the community in regards to this application. Issues have also been raised by multiple staff members about yourself just returning to the community after a large break. At this stage, I will have to deny this application. Denied - you may apply again in 3 weeks.
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    @Vexer, You have received numerous reviews from the community in regards to your recent activity and this issue has also been raised by staff. You only recently left staff to focus on other roles, only to change your mind. So, for now, I will impose a cooling off period and deny this application. Denied - you may apply again in 1 month.
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    the media team is currently making a video for "IG Funny Moments", in this video we are getting the best and most funny moments from around the ship. if you have any clips that you would like to contribute to this video feel free to post it below or pm myself, rickle or snow. Thank you all -Media team
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    On a serious note I do believe you need to work on your behavior in-game (rather not that you're directly mingey but not as serious as you should be if you catch my drift) +1
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    So... I've seen a lot of people come and go and I guess it's my turn... Where do I start? I've been in a lot of regiments in the past and made some great friends. (Past Regiments: ST, ISB, DT ,INF, JT, Terror ,VF (CO), Inquis (CL5), Engineers, ARC, Navy, Government, Riot, Marauders, MT, IC, SCAR, Chimera, ISC (Banshee & Nashtah), CIC). To be completely honest, I have just lost the interest in Star Wars RP on Gmod anymore. I have been pretty much everywhere on the server as you could probably tell by the regiments I've been in. I've been thinking about leaving for a while and the only reason I stayed was for this great community. I have a girl now and a lot of assignments to do and I was always so addicted to Gmod and the server, I just couldn't get enough of this awesome community. I'll be on here and there but not as much as I was. The Event Master team has a tough job and I respect the people who have been and who are still apart of the team. Good luck Fellas. Oh yeah, now there is also another spot open in the EM team. Apply on the forums, CREME OF THE CROP, THE ELITE OF THE STAFF TEAM. SPECIAL MENTIONS: @Emerald : Being one of the bestest friends I've ever had on this server, she is really good at her RP and she is amazing at RPing at specifically a Gov member <3 (Memes aside, Emerald is a really cool dude, great person to have fun with and has the MOST ADORABLE screams. My Em <3 @Jman1308 : Ahhh Jman, the only person who could abuse me in the span of 30 seconds. Good luck Gayman ("It's Peg") @Sudo: Giving me a hand with events and being a cool person to talk to and to meme with. @Brass: Brass, Brass, Brass, thank you so much with the advise if I need anymore I'll be sure to come back to you. Also I better than you at CAH @Basil: It's been a long ride. I hope I gave you the help you needed man. Thanks for all your help too. Means a lot. @ANiX: Thanks Anix for the laughs and the small banter goodluck Govner @Denzham: It's been cool getting to know you Iris. Goodluck with the frog boys. @Carnifex: My ownly trainer and mentor, the only EggHead. It's been a long road, good luck with Royal Rep and thanks for teaching me in Inquis (I'll always be the best inquis you ever had ) @SCHEFF: It's finally my turn to leave, thanks for all the help with PAC. really increased and broadened my perspective with it. @Keta: Hey Kets, looks like you're commander of navy... Again.. best of luck to you. @Welshy: Hey Welsh, sorry I let you down all those times, it was a good 4 and a half months as jnr and working in the EM team. Showing me how to work as a team and communicate effectiviely. Best of luck to you and running the EM team. @Wolf: "Who's Peguin?" That still hurts wolf, but thanks for being the only owner IG deserves and needs. Keep up the good work. @Whitey: Hey Whitey, thanks for all the good times, thanks for teaching me more about Gmod and how the game works. Pegoon out. @Martibo: Heil Martibo! The one and only Dev who makes the physics wacky with 1 punch, the "Inter-dimentional portals" and the OP ass E-11Ds. @Mauler: Thanks Mauly for the laughs and the mingery. Goodluck staying as a Mod XD @Born: Exposing me to Em -_-. Good dueler and is awesome at his RP (especially as a physcotic female child). Good luck @Uncle_BobbyB: Hey Babbbbbb, good luck with MT and for the good times Still don't like that you left Katie -_-. @MajorLeWasted: Hey Ice, good luck with Mjr Gen and thanks for being a cool dude. @pinejack: Hey Pine, thanks for being an awesome commander and one that makes all the memes. Good luck with CIC. @zaspan: Lord Vader.... Sorry Zas good luck with the 501st and thanks for being an awesome Vader @Corvo: Hey Corv thanks for the good times @Guskywalker: Thanks for being a cool Lemon and showing us the new DS map, +1 Lemon. @Lincoln: Good luck Linc, I miss the ISB bureau Chief <3 @Gunjies: Hey Gun, thanks for always going AFK...... and for being an awesome CS commander, it was fun being in the reg with you. @Rickle: Awesome Vanquisher and now an awesome guard good to have met you @Jalex: Hey dude, thanks for the fun in CS. Good times @EpicEzale: Hey Kamelion, good luck. It's been a long ride. Hehe I still remember you in Incinerators. @Crunchy Hey Crunch, best 442nd ever @Eclipse: Always crashing in events, tisk tisk. SpICEiest Chewy mints. @Anthony Hey Ant <3 Good luck and thanks for the good times @Vort: Hey Vort, you're one my the greatest friends I've met on my server and without you I wouldn't of gotten to were I was, thank you so much. P.S Sorry to anyone I missed just comment and I'll probably add you.
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