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    DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING POST IS CLASSIFIED AND NOT TO BE TAKEN IN-ROLEPLAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION You are accessing Bevan's Computer. INPUT PASSWORD: one_eighty_worst Welcome, Bevan. Opening File Explorer... Accessing File: "My life (in a nutshell) [SUPER SECRET]" FILE SECURED - ENTER PASSWORD: Deltaspacito ACCESS GRANTED Overview: Bevan is an Imperial TIE Pilot from Coruscant, born in the middle of the Clone Wars. Bevan attended Skystrike Academy, where he trained under Squadron Leader Finch. At some point, Bevan was promoted to Squadron Leader and given control of Nashtah Squadron after Finch's transition into the Army, where he became a demolitions expert. Bevan was considered one of the Empire's finest pilots. Early life: Bevan's parents died when he was only 2 years old, so if he ever had a first or last name, they were long forgotten. Bevan was raised by smugglers, who started teaching him how to fly at age 6. When he was 11, after going everywhere with these smugglers, they were planning on stealing a luxury airspeeder. The attempt spelt disaster when the Imperial Garrison stationed there were notified by none other than Bevan himself, resulting in the deaths of all of the smugglers and a higher cut for Bevan. Bevan had impressed an Imperial Officer after he had evaded the fighters chasing his new stolen speeder in a record time. The Imperial Officer said he could secure him a place in the best flight academy in the galaxy, but only if he returned the stolen speeder. Bevan accepted the deal. Time in the Empire: Bevan graduated from Skystrike with surprising difficulty, however Bevan believed this was the case because of his criminal background. But what Bevan knew deep down was that he was too open-minded and not obedient enough. Bevan would be placed in to Nashtah Squadron with his instructor, aboard the Chimaera. Bevan was also placed into the previously terrible, and now great 181st Wing. Bevan rose through the ranks quite quickly and was well known around the ship. Finch would soon transition in to the Army, leaving the Squadron Leader role unfilled. Bevan was more than happy to accept this promotion. [NEW INFORMATION UPLOADED] Departure: Bevan is now a Naval Engineer. As an engineer, Bevan joined the Coding Department (Under Engineer Delta) and is now Delta's secretary. Bevan performs normal engineering duties as well as his Coding Department work. Bevan is working on many projects, many classified. Bevan left his squadron because he was wanting to try something new, and also wanted to be closer to his secret lover, Delta. CURRENT STATUS: MIA Logging out...
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    Hi, my name is Perri. I have been banned from this server since late last year, please unban me, I am very sorry for breaking the rules and RDM'ing and I promise never to break another rule again.
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    Hey guys, im Frostiey but my rp name is Foxtrot. I am as of now apart of Jump troopers and it's pretty groovy. I enjoy long walks on the beach, jumping outta ships, shootin shit, booking MH1 and talking about how much I love pinejack I really do love pinejack, seriously I do. From his beautiful hair, to his sand covered shoes. He's just so perfect. I just wish he'd reciprocate my feelings
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    Please Follow The Ban Appeal Listed Below @Whitey Lock And Move Please
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    /me coughs /me has three backstories /me is a nerd
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    Delta's logs (most of this isn't RP use your better judgement to decide what parts are valid and you can ask me in game about or discuss and criticism is wanted tell my your thoughts down below) Logging in..... Username: D_3lta Password: lil bev Official logs: As a young boy Delta grew up in the harsh our lands of naboo with his sister "deltra", but during a raid upon the small settlement he lived in his parents lost their lives they were killed in cross fire..... Fortunately director krennic has "standards" when it comes to killing so he left Delta and his sister live and instead recruited them into the death trooper program. Delta and deltra were the top troopers for the death trooper program, unfortunately Delta was 1cm too short and krennic is really fussy, so instead krennic gave Delta a job in shore and deltra a nice transfer to somewhere away from Delta. Shore was lead by commander wiles whom would spend most of his time at scarif. Delta's equal 2IC "bacon" was deltas best mate at the time. Together shore recruited over 16 New recruits who used shore to get to a higher rank and then would leave. This was obvious due to the fact that well at the time shore was nothing. But then director krennic was like "you know you can go to scarif and shit" *boom* scarif trips were born. On these certain trips deltra would fill in for Delta also being a shore trooper HC but they would never meet in person. It was during this time of bliss Delta, woods and bacon recruited some Mad lads. Havoc and sudo. But sooner or later Delta platoon were moved to a ship where shore weren't a thing. Transferred? More like demotion Leaving all his friends behind Chef, emerald, puppy, kix, Anthony, Ramirez,every regiment commander that respected Dela as one, hornet, wombat and many more When he transferred, wilesdjoined isb on the new ship, bacon discovered he had force powers and well Delta joined the med Corps this decision was great for Delta. He saw and did amazing things helping others when needed. But he flaming wreck that was the Empireus Galatian ship. It crashed and all troopers were mia, some of the other went back to the Imperialist Galatian but not Delta. He and his sand powers were presumably dead. BUT until MKT long ago Delta snuck aboard a ship going to the ship, he must put back on active duty as an St Turns out sudo his old little private was shore Co Delta wanted to join but he was influenced by vector company's BURNING advertising, but then he left vector and joined engineers serene is currently still working and is having fun. But one problem was that krennic tried to clone Delta and deltra but intended to make the clones taller Unfortunately the clones escaped the cloning facility "they were weapons to surpass metal gear"- lead researcher Galen Erso So that's why you see clones of Delta everywhere. They are following him and one day they'll all meet up and become sand benders and destroy the rebels and then they will mere into a planet of pure sand a sand weapon. But in order for that to happen he'll need to find his other 50+ clones krennic tried to make Is the story over? Not by a long shot *buzzing sounds*
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    Not trying to derail this application at all, but if I was your commander, you’d’ve been set to ST Private quicker than it took the population of alderaan to die after being hit by the Death Star.
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    Then don't treat me like someone who doesn't know the rules and hasn't played G-mod at all to not know how things work. Also I just scolded for RP by Storm commando 2ndl Niner because everyone at debrief saw him as a zombie and he changed his skin back to a storm commando to which I saw with 2 other ST's and I told him we need to escort you because he could've been still infected so I told the other 2 Diamond formation and he threatened us to point our guns away otherwise he'll shoot he started counting to 3 and I got Galle an Shock/Riot trooper who asked to arrest niner to which he replied no and then as I walk out of debrief Niner said "This doesn't look good for a person who's trying to become shadow/commander" something along those lines to which I came back and said follow the RP rules. Also when he was a zombie he shot me with his DC-17s Fail RP
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    I've never understood the point of shadow. We have enough recon regiments (Not that recon is ever done). And SW are out classed by scar.
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    @Cryo Pinejack is not bullying at all and it was you who said "How do I prove myself" for this role.
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    You also don’t get given a Commander role because you “suggest” to start the regiment again, that just isn’t how it works.
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    +1 PAC Examples Are Very Basic, Please Make Some More Complex Ones. Active And Good Player. Trustworthy And Won't Abuse PAC. Goodluck! -Auzii
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    @Crunchy You didnt +1/-1/Neutral?
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    Pros: Nice Guy Fun to be around Well known Has a good Idea of what PAC is Cons: Dont really have any cons about you Overall +1
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    Neutral, HEAVILY leaning towards +1 because the examples are quite basic.
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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oGsuLnNOtKsON_5iyBIon0BRWbL8MOlu46mYJ-qnKzQ/edit?usp=sharing Updated
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    @Delta Are you offended? If so i apologise
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    I just dont understand. Honestly I have been trying to get somwhere with this, and this is really not what i need. @pinejack(I have kicked Abraham from Nova)
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    I challenge you I will make a back story for each of my many clones
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    Pretty litty also i got here because he said in ooc "Just finished my edgy backstory" and its not that edgy lol :3 but nice work either way Sorry for exposing you Delta.
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    @Abraham @Billy Abraham... You know that down voting every negative reply will not just get you a bad reputation but it will give Billy one too because he is your commander. Even though hes trying to repair his. Also even though the down votes do nothing I believe you should definitely refrain from placing them on replies.
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    Hello everyone, I'm going to teach you how to go into a move selective type first person. So you can see all that you have on. Open up PAC3, and create a group. Right click on the group, make the group parent name "viewmodel" and create an event. Credits to Mauler for the parent name. Now, go down to the event section, and click the 3 dots (...) next to event. A menu should pop up and select Command. Right click on the event in the PAC3 List on the side, and select Camera which is located in the entity list. Position the Camera infront of your head. Make sure the bone is head. You will feel a bobbing feel when you walk, but I will get to changing that later. Now go to the Commmand and select find, at the bottom. Type in firstperson, or anything you'd like (make sure you don't use numbers!) As you can see, it works! I'm in an immerisve first person, where I can see my Badge upon many other creations. Now we will open up the Command Console in order to bind the creation. This will let us toggle inbetween whichever mode we prefer. Type in bind (KEY) "pac_event firstperson 2" (2 makes the bind toggable.) As you can see, it works! Sometimes it doesn't work, if it stays in the same mode, go into thirdperson and out again. If you'd like easy access to third person here's a bind. bind (KEY) "stp" (it will toggle between modes.) If you don't like the movement feel and bobbing effect when you walk, there is an easy fix! Select Camera, and go next to bone under orientation. Remove the text and keep it empty. Now you won't have the bobbing feel but the normal that you're used too. In the Immersive First Person, you will see all other PAC3 Creations you've made, I have this Christmas Hot Chocolate with me. If I wasn't in this mode, I wouldn't be able to see it, only in Third Person. Save it, and wear it.
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    Im will be speaking to management about this thanks for voiceing your concern
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    Its all in how you just want your character to be.
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    Your behaviour is actually disgusting. First, you start downvoting everyone who doesn't +1 the application. This achieves the exact opposite of what you had hoped for. And then when you are called out for doing so, you say that you couldn't give a shit about your reputation, and that it's "Showing your thoughts" (Also, you do realise that this is a community, where general reputation DOES matter, right?) Downvoting everyone who doesn't +1 and facepalming everyone who gives a neutral is against the rules. You also downvoted someone mid-argument, making you look like an idiot. YOU ARE COMPLETELY RUINING THE PERSON WHO IS APPLYING'S REPUTATION. ESPECIALLY SINCE HE IS TRYING TO EARN IT BACK AFTER BEING IMMATURE. ARE YOU NOT TRYING TO SUPPORT HIM? Edit: And now you downvote me? *SIGH*
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    Hmm. It seems they have failed to remove your tags from the Discord. Interesting. Based off new information, Neutral.
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    -1 You are currently in line for the Advertisement Team and previously a (senior/trial) Moderator on Uncanny Servers but resigned the Moderator role to my knowledge. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone, I was recently looking through some star wars concept art and I found a video and concept art for an elite squad of troopers. I think it would be a great addition to the server and would help in a lot of ways. Since the Player Model's haven't been created yet but i would be more than happy to create them ONLY for Imperial Gaming and could be an Amazing addon and boost our player count a lot (With visitors checking out our new Regiments). Also please comment down below if you believe this would be an interesting addon to our server (Especially @Whitey and @Wolf )! So I've gone ahead and created a concept down below which we can use for our server. Enjoy! Name: To Be Decided (Suggestions are welcome) Commanding Officer: Preferably me Slots: 8 in total Demolitionist, Sniper, Tech, Leader, Heavy, Medic, Scout, Saber Lore: (Since these are just concepts I've come up with some of my own lore) These troopers were all apart of different imperial divisions, they were the most elite out of their regiments and were chosen for a special squad. The Troopers have been genetically altered to be faster, Stronger and more versatile. These troops are ordered on missions by IHC or Lord Vader/Emperor Palpatine. Once they receive a mission they will receive all the resources necessary to complete these tasks. Examples: Assassinating Corrupt Governors, Taking down rebel Symphasisers or Hunting down Imperial Defectors. Weapons / Equipment: Demolitionist: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Thermal Detonators, Police Shield Sniper: Pulse Canon, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Grapple Tech: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Elastic Restraints, Flash Bang, Grapple Leader: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Jetpack, Flash Bang, Grapple, Elastic Restraints Heavy: Z6 Rotary Blaster, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Police Shield Medic: Bacta Injector, Stim, Bacta Grenade, Defibulators, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Scout: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Grapple, Binoculars Saber: LightSaber, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Please Note these are by no means finished and are subject to change, I will also be creating more concept art if this receives positive support! Video: Concept Art: - SNOW
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