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    Alright, pretty much like the last time, put in your name, rank, regiment, what regiment you want to apply for, answer the questions and submit. The current regiments up for commander-ship are VF, 442nd, SCAR and Jump troopers. Make sure you read the paragraph at the top, and read everything else, if the instructions are not followed you will be disqualified from eligibility. Also only apply if you want to become a commander of a regiment. Applying then messaging a general saying you don't want it anymore may cause you to be blacklisted from future commander applications. If it is deemed that no applicant meets the criteria, then another round of applications will be sent out. Applications close at 6pm AEST on July the 14th. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScIRgwM0VD6yqqXhSaGgi5JALXkkzCw-mnjgi0P5QPLaDDoGA/viewform Cheers Stevo.
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    Steam Name: [IG] Sambell Age: 22 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62514838 In Game Name and Rank: [MT] "Van Helsing" - Warrior (Marauders) Time Played (Server Time): 1 week, 4 days, 20 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): Nope, never Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): No Why are you applying to be an event master: Ever since joining the server and participating in my first event, I promised myself that i would one day be one of those people, that runs events for the server, creating so many opportunities for roleplay and having fun. I strongly believe that i can bring fun and creative events to the server that everyone can participate in and enjoy. I want to be a part of the team that really brings to life the roleplaying aspects the server has to offer through the exciting and fun events they run. What can you bring to the event master team: I believe that i am dedicated, friendly, hard working, trustworthy and reliable. I can bring my love for creating activities/events that everyone can participate in and enjoy. I am always on the lookout to satisfy people's cravings for things to do in Roleplay, and it gives me a level of accomplishment when i can help do so. I quite often build courses that i can get people to test because i love being able to make the server more fun and enjoyable any chance i get, and i believe being given the opportunity to do it on a much grander scale would benefit everyone involved. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: My aim is to bring a new and exciting twist to our events. I aim to try and make events less linear and obvious and try to put a fun spin on them which makes people think outside the box and consider things they might usually not have to. I want to make people eagerly await the next event, not *sigh* at the realisation that one is starting. Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: Yes i have played with ULX commands on single player servers to familiarise myself with them. Anything else you would like to add: If my event ideas don't manage to peak enough of an interest, i still strongly believe i would be an asset to the EM team, i am always bouncing ideas around for new events to make or things to alter on current ones we run to possibly better them, and i would put 110% of my time and effort into every aspect of the role. Both my Event 1 and Event 2 are located in this Google document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t_Pb4_Ahpw9ONw4U4L4tVEJcJPXDIukhVx91efPt4-g/edit?usp=sharing ALL feedback is wanted and welcome! - Helsing
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    +1 Joel is great dude and is definitely deserving of PAC 3
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    Evening All This post contains basic information for anyone who is interested in becoming involved with the Imperial Gaming MILSIM community. New players may join the server on any of our main event nights (Wednesday and Friday beginning at 7:30PM AEST) with the rank of CDT (Cadet) before their name and select an unassigned slot located at the bottom of the lobby. They will then be slotted into a section and experience what it is like to play on our server. After approximately 4 mission nights (This may vary depending on player performance) the CDT may submit a Section application located on these forums. Please ensure you have the mods fully downloaded as well as Teamspeak functioning (TS IP ts3.imperialgaming.net ) , the links for the mods can be found below, additionally, if you have any difficulty in setting up the mods you can join the MILSIM help room on our Teamspeak and a staff member will assist you. THE SERVER CAN BE FOUND BE FILTERING "IMPERIAL" AND IT SHOULD APPEAR TITLED IMPERIAL SWRP. The PASSWORD can be obtained by entering the MILSIM helpdesk on our Teamspeak in which a member will assist you. Mod Links - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408136639 << Steam Workshop Collection -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZj2MfiPnt1ujDKN4RwWV1nYTr40zptQ/view << Star Wars Main Mod Please direct any questions to Teamspeak or simply reply below. Cheers Isaiah
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    +1 In the short time i've known you. You have always been willing to help. Your are Extremely Mature. Doesnt Minge. Overall Lad. (Not eshay tho)
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    A very nice thing to do.. and with our CO gone I reckon Planz could do with some assistance in this.
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    +1 Lucifer is very active, good at RP, and is helpful in the community. Good Luck!
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    +1 Has experience in being staff and has been solid with not going out of RP when he doesn't need to. Good luck pal ❤️
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    +1. Never seen you minge, your always in character. Don’t know you too well because you can’t talk. I think you’d be a great choice for a Trial Moderator
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    I understand that, and I encourage learning. I myself haven't spent much time with PAC so I wouldn't be of much help, but I'm sure if you ask some other members who have applied or have T-1 PAC they would be able to teach you some more about it and how it works. After all, we're all here to learn and to have fun. I don't think that simply not having spent much time with PAC means that you should get a -1. Again, I'll happily change to a +1 if you spend some more time messing around with it and simply learning, and update your examples / playtime. Good luck :3 ✌️
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    +1 Bevan is a lovely Human being, and his PACs are glorious. Good luck.
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    +1 Bevan, although new to the community, has shown that he is a capable and mature pilot. But i would love to see some more examples. Twinkie
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    Greetings everybody, I can say it has been quite an eventful Friday afternoon for everyone and I just want to put my 2 cents into the situation at hand. Firstly I want to address @Qteks issue with myself that caused this report in the first place. Myself being one of the two General's of the Army decided to go on the catwalk just outside of MHC, I simply sat there was in shift tab dealing with another issue when your Navy Officer Marv approached me stating that I am not authorised to be here and kept ordering me to leave and kept saying "I will report this to Tarkin". Myself having All Access made me think that I had All Access as the name says. Me standing on a catwalk literally 5 meters from MHC was not changing anyone's RP in a negative effect. I not wanting to argue with the Navy Officer told my guard at the time to tell the Navy to mind his own business and stuff along those lines. I do not remember this part exactly but it goes along the lines of either one of us leaving but in the end, I ended up sitting in a chair from any of the main controls AFK dealing with a few Sergeant Tests that started to pile up. As I am doing that on my desktop my guards then tell me that a lot of high ranks (that are lower than me) ended up in the room ordering me to leave. My guards then get killed/arrested and me getting sick of them telling me, I stand up sick of this happening leave saying "Shutup Baldy". I then went back into MHC and did not jump off any railings whatsoever. The issues I have with this situation is: 1. ALL ACCESS I believe should mean I have all access to anywhere on the ship excluding a few classified places such as AWR. 2. You being a Vice Admiral is below me, it being "your" ship should mean nothing as I was the highest rank on and you can not directly order me. The only way you could is if you were the same rank as me or higher. @Kendrick was there also, he has no power to do anything to me unless @Little5avage or the Emperor ordered him to do so. These rules have been in place since he first got the rule and they were put there by the management team. I don't understand why an Officer Cadet can order me around the ship and show minimal respect while doing so, also ignoring my orders to leave my presence. I was the highest ranking on the ship at the time so I don't see why I can't sit in the control room doing Sergeant Tests. In this situation nowhere did I do anything to overrule them with my OOC rank, it was all role play. I don't understand why you are saying I bring my Senior Admin role into things like this. I cannot be stepped on by many because I am a General of the Army, not because I am a Senior Admin. I never say anything along the lines that "You can't touch me I am a Senior Admin". I roleplay as an arrogant General who has been here a long time and does not take crap from many people. I still listen to people higher than me, I still take orders from people who are higher than me. This is not an abuse of my powers, it is just me simply not listening to people who are below me and trying to order me around. @Cody. I do not RP very much, no. I have in my past, I've roleplayed a lot when I was DT Brigadier and I enjoyed doing that. At the time of that though I was just a User playing the server, no responsibilities other than running my regiment. Now, I am a Senior Admin doing a lot more stuff than a User normally does. I do stuff behind the scenes, constantly answering people's messages, I dare to say I can get up to 40+ messages a single day! General is also challenging as I am having to talk to certain people about different things. When I first recruited new Major Generals and Secretaries to MHC the thing I always said is "This is not a normal regiment, this is an administration regiment that does a lot of stuff OOC and runs 80% of the regiments on this server." These two things get quite heavy sometimes and I do not have the energy to constantly roleplay like some lucky others. Your other point I explained above. Nowhere does it say Qteks is higher than me since we are on a Star Destroyer. It does say though I am higher than Qteks in the recruiting room, clearance level document and other places on the ship. The Royal Representative also has no power over me unless the Emperor orders him or Lord Vader does. This was explained to me by Little (Darth Vader). I am not disrespecting RP, I am simply doing other things at the time and I shouldn't have to take orders from people below my rank. I didn't jump off the railings. The American accent thing is just a little meme we had the other night with yourself. It was late and we decided to have some fun and throughout the whole time, the whole server was laughing about it including yourself. @Keta Me ignoring those 2 is not FailRP at all or using my OOC rank to do so. In the end, I am the General, they are both below me. Also ignoring roleplay is not a warnable offense when I am busy doing something OOC, such as marking Sergeant Tests to help benefit the server. @Marv Imagine being a General who roleplays being arrogant and a Navy Officer Cadet, who is such a low rank compared to you tells you to leave. In my RP I would ignore you and continue on with my business. My men being cocky is because they find it funny an Officer Cadet is telling a General what to do. Also, the TIE Fighter situation was under 20 people or extremely close to and you just called for an admin to get another one, not that big of an issue. @Haz I admit it was a bit dumb of me to kill you guys. At the time the server's population was just joking around since it was under 20 people. I wasn't aware you were showing the Storm Trooper around but it was all just a joke and the other people there were laughing about it afterward. @Kix The Lenny bind is quite innocent, to be honest. I have a bind where I shrug people off when they constantly ask the same question or ask me something not related to me whatsoever. Many people have things like these as their binds, including high ranks. They have funny salutes it's not a big issue. What do you also consider spamming because I do not remember abusing the grapple hook in a public area with an event going on and spamming a Lenny shrug bind? If you could provide some backstory or preferably screenshots that would be fantastic. I'll just put these here also. Line 67610: [19:15:34] Kix: /me Salutes With Honour, Pride, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Optimism, And Much Much More! Line 67496: [19:12:55] Kix: /me Chucks a fat salute towards his lord and saviour, Brigadier Plutonic! Line 16077: [12:45:10] Kix: /me Shows ID: | Name: Kix | Regiment: Sith | Rank: Emperor| Clearance: All Access| Joke: I am meming| @LePaul Why bring up situations that have been dealt with? I will not go into the exact explanation as there is a video somewhere I believe. But during the whole time I was talking not one person said anything about it. Again, I don't understand why solved situations are being brought up when you never made any objection at the time. @Mauler Who in the management team puts people in a state of fear to not make posts like this? Posts like these have been done in internal affairs for staff and it has been dealt with accordingly there. Also saying "Corrupt Staff Have No Place" I question this of how this is corrupt. You've had multiple issues on this staff team of abuse, but we decided to give you chances, so you saying this makes you like a massive hypocrite. @goliath You comment on things that you have no idea about the work that happens behind the scenes? The Secretaries and Generals have put lot's of work into the database, hours of code and organizing each sergeant and showing them how to work it. We also make sure Sergeants do their job and train recruits. I am quite insulted that you make comments about the whole of MHC not doing their job when you have no idea what happens. @Shekelburg Again you were there also and you did not raise any points during that? You be quiet for so long and don't mention anything about it after it has been solved until now? Waiting for a rainy day I guess... @Mauler Every community member can put input on this thread. Just because he disagrees with you you don't say he is not welcome to comment. Respect his opinion and don't make nasty comments like that. @LePaul You're making comments of things you have no idea about. You're a support team member, that is not considered a staff member. There are things that happen behind the scenes a lot that you don't know about. Do not just make assumptions nothing get's done, because trust me, it does. We have notes and strikes for any staff member, management included, if they mess up at all and once they get three strikes they're off the staff team. We have a system currently and it works. @LePaul Him saying he has been my friend for a long time does not mean he will be biased against this? You're just making assumptions of which again, you have no idea about. You could say all the staff members I've told off in the past are commenting on here and +1ing this, you could say that is being biased. @Barron You say you've witnessed questionable things, please provide scenarios or screenshots/videos of these, you saying this means nothing without any background to what you're saying. Also, the reason why you left is because you were too busy in real life to pay attention to the server. Not because of "corruption". That is what you told the management team at least. It isn't corrupt if I don't get removed of staff, Wolf has his own opinion of the situation. @Kumo You being banned is a reason to remove your PAC. You were constantly messaging Little who had to pass on the messages to me, if you want to talk to me you message me not someone else. By the end of it, you knew why it was removed as I explained it to Little and he passed on the message, I was busy and had to move onto something else so I replied with "k". Me removing off the Trello is my job to, I have also removed other ex-staff in the past. You say I am biased against you is completely wrong. I removed you because you're an easy name to remember, people have other game tags as their Trello name or even their real name so I do not who is who. @[IG] Mainz We were in a private spot away from everyone just having a mess around, as most users do. We did this in the back of MHC where no one has to be. You saying we ruined the RP of others makes me question it because you can just go to the front secretary office or just go away. You also didn't say anything once, if you would've, we would've stopped. You have direct communication to us through team chat, you should've used that. Also, who said we can do whatever we want, we're admins? @Marlin I was granted access by Darth Revan to be allowed in the Sith Temple. I was in there before with him but he then went AFK while I was on the other side of the teleporter so I just went through and said Darth Revan allows me to be in here. I did not loiter at all I immediately walked out. I then ran as you started shooting me, did not shoot back at all, and simply repeated Darth Revan authorized me to be in there, but instead, you just killed me. @Kestoren That situation was dealt with and in the end, you were banned for the disrespect you showed to myself while I was talking to you about slandering the staff. @FrenchyFries I went into Vader's chambers and was executed by everyone, that was when @Carnifex set me as a joke, I simply took a step in and you all killed me fair enough, I wouldn't consider that minging though. Overall, I've talked to Wolf and we both agreed we can work on some things in the staff and management team. I will be staying with the management team for now and I will be sure to keep in mind what some people said. In the end this is a community I've put my heart and soul into. Many days of me coming home from school and playing 8 hours straight then going to bed. I do not want to see this community die in anyway as I am attached to it and I treat some people on here like family, I don't want to see that go away. Regards, Ridge.
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    Normally I would not post on something like this, but the hypocrisy coming out of some people is baffling, I wonder what would happen, Cody if TRUE justice was served in cases like these. https://plays.tv/video/5a7bf06967758fec07/events-attack-on-isb-arrest-grand-admiral-octavian-grant- The fact of the matter is that ridge is an asshole in game, and you guys got butthurt, you all minge, abuse, failrp at one point or another, the only way to really see this issue solved is harsher punishments( but i don't see that happening) so in the meantime have fun with your witch hunt.
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    Military Regiment Normal Support Heavy Total 212th Battalion 10 1 1 12 442nd Battalion 10 1 1 12 996th Imperial Guard 8 1 1 10 Chimaera Squad 8 1 1 10 Tank Troopers 4 0 0 4 224th Troopers 10 1 1 12 Inferno Squad 5 0 0 5 Medical Trooper 14 0 0 14 Shock Trooper 14 0 0 14 Riot Trooper 10 0 0 10 Death Trooper 8 1 1 10 Imperial Commandos 8 1 1 10 Rancor Battalion 8 1 1 10 SCAR 8 1 1 10 Storm Commandos 8 1 1 10 31st Demolitions 8 1 1 10 Jump Trooper 10 1 1 12 Shore Trooper 10 1 1 12 Nova Trooper 10 1 1 12 RST 8 1 1 10 Shadow Trooper 10 1 1 12 Vader’s Fist 10 1 1 12 Storm Trooper Infinite 1 1 Infinite Widow Squad 10 1 1 12 Cinder Squad 4 0 0 4 Sith Regiment Total Royal Guard 6 Shadow Guard 4 Marauders 6 Inquisitors 6 Sith 4 Navy Regiment Total Navy 14 Navy Engineers 10 Nashtah Squadron 7 Banshee Squadron 7 Regional Government Regiment Total Regional Government 8 ISB Regiment Total ISB 10 This is the current size that commanders can fill your regiments to, the support and heavy jobs have a maximum slot amount of 1 and they count toward your maximum regiment slots. Keep in mind anything in this thread can be changed in the future. Updated by Carnifex 2/08/18
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