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    For the past couple of days now I've been in a few conversations regarding the saber dueling, most people I talk to about this subject are not happy with the current state saber dueling, a few people have suggested making forum post about this subject so here I am. I'm not sure if some of the server devs have already looked into alternated addons for sabers, but after doing some research and also a few people suggesting this addon on addon: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/wiltoslightsabers from what I can see this addon add a lot more to the table in regards to dueling, it looks interesting and could add something fresh to the server that some sith are looking for. there are multiple servers that run this addon that is doing well such as reborn gaming and derivative gaming, keeping in mind this addon does cost $300 so it would be a big decision for the server to consider adding this addon. if you have any questions regarding this addon or the post feel free to contact me in game. there is also a youtube video showcasing some of the additions that this addon has to offer so I would also suggest checking out this video :
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    -1: He's already a staff member, smh
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    It's not that we're idiots we just don't see the point in having to disable taunts. Like someone said we have event jobs, civ jobs and personally I don't see the point in disabling "act dance" because one or two people dance in the mess hall. It instills discipline on our server giving our players a sense of freedom but enforcing rules that we have in place. Admin outlines have something to do with PAC 3 and their scuffed rendering doesn't happen all the time usually just required someone to cloak and uncloak again. It's not at the top of my list for things to do at it probably never will be. The IG logo in the recruit room has nothing to do with development of the server, its part of the addons rendering so it doesn't double render when placed on a surface. We are also looking for developers and I've accepted you application for an interview, I suggest you change your tone in the interview.
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    Now that whitey is Palpatine, if he doesn't get an award, the price for failure is even higher
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    I was not aware of this thank you for informing me
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    +1 Mature as they come Active Well known
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    +1 Great roleplayer Trusted & Longtime member Achieved rank of Admin on DefconNations SantosRP and SlaveRP which is stupidly hard to do. Have seen your activity improving I trust you will not abuse the position Good luck ✌️
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    ty my dude and the floating thing i made is based off DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droid that is what it looks like it's from the phantom menace darth maul has one
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    Accepted. (jk I cant do that anymore) +1 from me, gl pablo
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    Hello IG community. Where do I start. Unfortunately this will not be the best post I have made. I have made a lot of mistakes lately heaps to many to count. Sadly this has lead me to doubt myself alot and question why I play. There has been some things that have happened lately within IG and I do not wish to be apart of these issues anymore. I have had fun on IG however the RP and some staff have caused to much issues lately which I some how get involved in and do not wish to assist in. I still have friends on IG but I don’t wish to staff IG anymore. This may cause issues but TBH I don’t give a fuck anymore… Thank you all so much Little5avage
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    Hello, you may know me, Or may not know me, But my name is Allucious. I will be taking a break for a week or more, I've been facing a lot of issues recently. Some of the real-life issues and some of in-game issues, Which almost leads me to have "depression". I would like to thanks to Frank, Carnifex and Zaspan for helping me and talked to me with the current situation. I really appreciate it, Thank you. A lot of stuff has been tough for me recently, I've been depressed for a while now, I'm sorry to whoever I've been a dick with recently. The reasons stated above makes me think that I should take a break from the server. I would like to thank those people I listed below. @Emerald Thanks for being a really nice friend, I really appreciate it. @Azura Thanks for helping me when I was depressed, You're a really great friend. @Rickle Thanks for helping me with stuff in Sith, I really appreciate it. Everyone in Shock/Riot for helping me with everything, You all have been really kind to me. @Adam Thanks for being a great lad, Such meme. @Joel Good old lad, Thanks for everything. Have been with me for a really long time. @Peguin Great Commander, Thanks for being a good friend(meme). And everyone I forgot to list, Thank you for everything. See you all in like 1-2 weeks or so.
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    Pablo, as always trying to redirect this to someone you hate. Not needed. As are you, not needed here.
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