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    Name In-game: Kumo Teamspeak Name: Kumo Playtime on the server: 7 hours (like 4 weeks before utime reset) Age: 15 Programming languages you know: Lua (GLua) Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev? By receiving this role, I will be able to better the server in its current state and in the future, I will be able to suggest new ideas and implement current ones. I believe I would make a good developer because of my knowledge and the ideas I have that I can implement into the server. Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about? DEFCON Hud - I made a DEFCON Hud using a simple draw function, it looks pretty ass but its perfectly functional and I would go back and remake it but it will probably never be used. DEFCON Hud Controller - Probably one of the best scripts I have made so far in my opinion, its an entity that can be perm propped with buttons to change the defcon (functions with defcon hud) Automatic ID Script - Gets your rank, name etc and checks it on a table which returns the persons clearance and prints an ID. Sub-Regiment Chooser - Basically when you get promoted from recruit, a menu opens letting you choose from 3 subregiments of stormtrooper corps, ST, Snow and Scout - Was made for a different server so it is a different concept. The following 3 are menus with the same draw function, all are functional and look like ass (cbf redoing them for no reason) RFA Menu - Menu for shock etc to call an RFA on someone, arrester fills in the name, offense and cell and then a RFA is called in comms and a 5 minute timer starts, upon 5 ending bell sound plays. Pilot Menu - Menu for pilots to quickly request permission to takeoff/land, pretty functional Engineering Console - Menu for engineers to run diagnostics on consoles, there is about a 30% chance for something to go wrong and then the engineers make passiverp DISCLAIMER: You are probably extremely skeptical but I can't really change your mind that much other than reminding you of the fact that I gain no power from this role, the only thing I can do with this role is better help the server. Another thing people might think I am doing is applying to steal ideas/scripts however the only server I play now is Imperial and I have resigned from my positions on other servers and have no affiliation with them. Also I have been doing Lua for 6 months now and I think I have done a very good job in learning the language.
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    Actions speak much louder than words. Not committing to the regiment that you chose, shows me that you are still trying to find your place here in Imperial Gaming. Once you settle down and commit, that shows me you are loyal and trustworthy enough to receive the privilege of PAC3.
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    You will need to wait much longer. You were in pilots for one day before attempting to reg hop to engineers. Thats really disapointing, and Id hoped you would prove your commitment but you havent. Changing to -1.
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    Look at your ban reason...
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    GUYS ITS BEEN *Checks watch* holy shit hello everyone its me im back from the dead I just wanted to say hi before I rejoin the server now I know what ya'll might be thinking "you left for {Redacted}" "who is this loser?" fair enough but I've made a return because I've missed this community regardless and I hope you guys can welcome me back so see ya around -Delta
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    Except you have been released for the second time... You got caught for the third time Your a repeat offender now
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    +1 Rickle is super active and has shown in his answers he is capible of being able to moderate the server.
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    Big +1 Rickle has always helped people out whenever they ask him without hesitation, in my opinion, would make a great mod. Best of luck to you my friend. - Gunjies
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    +1 In the short time I have known Rickle he has shown he is a trustworthy, reliable leader that is more than capable of becoming a Trial Moderator.
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    Thank you for your support. Thank you for your feedback. Thanks wombat, appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks Crispin. Thank you for your honest feedback. Thank you for your feedback.
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    +1 Definitely, because Rickle is always on the Server helping people including myself when I had a question about PAC, he is very friendly and approachable, and never breaks the rules. Rickle would fit the Staff Team perfectly. (Possibly get a microphone though)
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    +1 *Great Guy *Super Helpful *Super friendly *Mature *Super Active
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    +1 Rickle is loyal Super Friendly Also Active Willing to help whenever Super well-known Works hard for everything
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    +1, would be a great choice for a Trial Moderator. He is definitely mature enough and won't abuse. The Application is well written and has lots of detail. Your responses to the scenarios are great and I think correct. Best of Luck!
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    That was on gamma’s stream and how did I harass members of the community by giving my opinion in a stream since moose has bullied me in the past. I only see 1 piece of evidence, you said members?
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    -1. Was a troll when he wasn't banned and also attacked IG community members during the IG split.
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    Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
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    Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
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    Considering last time we spoke was well over a year ago really means something. Your judging me over text and when I am offering to speak to you and talk about things you don’t wish to do that? You seem to have a grudge on me and I want to resolve that but obviously you don’t. I don’t understand where this deep emotion comes from but I feel as you need a hug ?. Yes I am a proud staff member of another community but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be unbanned. Besides this time I am just asking for a reduction not a full unban. This was ages ago, how am I suppose to remember what wrong doings I did? I did wrong doings and now I am here to apologise and get given a chance. I would love to speak to you, @Marlin and @SCHEFF In a teamspeak like mature people to discuss your -1’s. I understand if you don’t want to but I am offering you a chance to see the new me but if not then that’s fine.
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    Yes I understand I was given a chance before and I botched it up but no one is perfect and all humans make mistakes
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    Shit can someone move this to the ban appeal section not accepted section @Wolf
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    Long story short, I'm going to take some time off. The main reason for this is because one of my good friends passed away, who also happens to be my girl's brother, so time off is a must have and I'm going to take a week off to get into the right head space. And to be brutally honest, either way, I was probably going to take a break anyway because I feel as if I'm doing the same workload as I did in early January with the absence of the other generals at the time, and I'm also not happy with the current state of IHC. So I'm going to add another 3-4 days to try and get over that as well. I'll still be doing my shitty YouTube videos to give me something to focus on whilst I'm down south and will still be present for the commanders meeting tomorrow, however I will be gone until about the 3rd or 4th just to get over shit and rest up. Tomorrow's commander meeting will be held at about 8pm AEST instead of 7pm AEST. Do not contact me whilst I'm away on steam, as my nephew and housemate have access to my steam account and they will be playing other shit. If you really need something from me or need to let me know something, contact a Widow Squad member as they know how to directly contact me if a massive shit storm occurs or message me on the forums (I will read these messages when I return). Also I'll beat up ya nan if you try to message me on steam. Cheers 2727 - Stevo. P.S. Result from the poll above doesn't matter (had to put a joke in the post some how to lighten the mood, because I don't like other people feeling sad feels).
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    Can you stop spamming my ban appeal up, if you have a problem private message me
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    Caught what for the third time??
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    Scheff explains it well. I saw first hand the intention you and your group had whilst on the server.
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    Come on TS now and have a chat
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    -1 I agree with the points of @SCHEFF. Multiple times you have been given 1 more chance, and multiple times you have blown it. Enough is enough.
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