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    Hello everyone, So I thought I would write this as I have officially returned. I never planned on coming back to SWRP or really Gmod at all, but I realised how much I missed it. I have been a Pilot over the past 2 weeks and really enjoyed it, but now you’ll see me as Greedo so please say Hi and please give me work/jobs to do. Alright that’s it from me!
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    https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-community/152-327176/get-for-honor-starter-edition-free-on-uplay-console-versions-on-sale-during-e3 The Starter Pack is currently free at the moment, Feel free to give it a try.
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    It's been a while but I'm back-ish with some more map news. Currently, King Pommes is working on a new death star map. Similarly to his venator map, the death star will be very extensive with lots of rooms and interactive features. Here are some screenshots of the map so far. If those screenshots weren't enough, you can check King Pommes profile for some more screenshots (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032764397/).
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    +1 Really nice, easygoing and helpful player. Would not abuse PAC3. I like the look you're going for my guy, will make you stand out even more than your personality already does!
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    +1, You're a great guy overall and you won't abuse PAC. Your application looks great! The examples are well made and they also have a story behind them which i believe is a god point to make!
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    +1, You're a great guy overall and you won't abuse PAC. But, You need to add more PAC3 Examples, Like Hologram and stuff to actually show that you have some knowledge about PAC3. Good luck, Allucious
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    I think that adding Kessel would be really nice for a wide variety of reasons. Can put prisoners out there for punishment, bounty hunters can take jobs from drug lords, things like that.
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    Should add a miniature Rishi Moon.
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    +1 Great Roleplayer Respected by myself and others Can definitely be trusted with tier 2 Unique and interesting PAC creations that can drastically help to enrich RolePlay.
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    How the hell did I get a mention in the no smile award? 90% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is jokes and verbal shitposting RIP
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    bad taste in music tho. I mean good.
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    Did you really apply for pac tier 2 for the salute? Absolute Madlad, +1
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    +1 has shown himself to be good with pac and using it for the right reasons
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    +1 Great PAC Creations Great guy Trusted within the Community
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    Greetings everyone, Feels like I am making these posts every second day, yikes. It has come to my attention a lot of people are creating new applications when they already have a PAC3 application up, this is no longer going to happen. If you have an application up you're not to delete the contents of your application then post a new one, just because it is old, or you don't like the replies from other people. Now, if you have an application up and you no longer want to have it up anymore you're not going to delete it you're going to @ myself and request it to be locked. If you wish to re-apply you need to wait 2 weeks before applying and you must message me on the forums asking if you can apply again. If it is a good enough reason I'll, of course, let you, if it isn't and I think you're just removing your old application as it has bad responses I will deny you. Have a wonderful day, Ridge
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    What zeta said explains my opinion stop playing chess +1
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