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  1. ISB is looking for new personnel to enlist in the Imperial Security Bureau. We are looking for capable members who are up to the challenge of navigating potentially dangerous RP situations, have a great mind for problem solving, and detective skills to follow. ISB is an RP heavy branch, so ensure you have thought over your decision thoroughly before applying. Also, if you apply, you are expected to be ready to enlist upon demand, no "I've changed my mind" business unless you have come to us to cancel your application before hand. If you have any questions regarding what would be expe
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  2. Your wife is trans?
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  4. \- A C C E S S R E Q U E S T E D -/ -------------------------------------------------- \- A C C E S S G R A N T E D -/ -Loading Storage Device, Do not turn off- console (^Press on link above ^) Hello, This is going to be a bit of a running story, as the person I am is still alive. Hope you guys enjoy, Twinkie
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  5. jesus christ twinkie, u had put alot of effort into this would +1 if i can >.>
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  6. Doesn’t matter now that Mr. Fel was left outside the ship when it went into hyperspace. RIP Soontir Fel 2018-2018
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